by Betsey

Deadline: August 30, 2015

Submit: Between 8 and 10 minutes of finished work (poetry, prose, short story, song, spoken word) related to HOME, PLACE, LAND. This can be interpreted widely. We are looking for work that speaks to our inherent connection to and disconnection from home, place, land, each other. 

How: Please submit finished work as one PDF to Write SHORE SEATTLE READING SUBMISSION in the subject line. Include a cover page with your name and contact information (email, phone) and links (youtube, vimeo,etc) to your performed work, if possible.

Applicants MUST be available to read/perform the submitted work on October 11th in Seattle as part of Emily Johnson/Catalyst’s performance project, SHORE: Seattle. 5 - 6 applicants will be selected and paid a stipend. 

We look...

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New Release: BLEED Jul 15, 2015

by Monique

BLEED by Tere O'Connor

"An expert in compressing and expanding time, Mr. O’Connor allows us to lose track of it. “Bleed” suspends the watcher in its own webs of watching and being watched." - New  York Times


BLEED by Tere O'Connor from OntheBoardsTV on Vimeo.

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Erin Jorgensen | Concert Five Jun 26, 2015

by Erin

The fifth concert in the series happened on Sunday afternoon in the rehearsal room over Memorial Day weekend.
Photos by Chelsea Williams and Nancy Guppy.
Scroll down for piece sources. 

Sources used in piece:

Serge Gainsbourg, My Lady Heroïne; American Shape-Note Hymns, Span of Life; Steve Earle, It Doesn't Get Any Lonelier Than This; JS Bach, ...

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Happy Pride! Jun 24, 2015

by Charles Smith

Did you know that the first show presented at On the Boards, Shelly and the Crustaceans, was a benefit to help fight Anita Bryant’s Save Our Children campaign which was spreading hate across the country in the late seventies? This nine minute KCTS documentary, The History of Gay Rights in Seattle, chronicles the local struggle from 1893 – 1978. The fight against Bryant and Initiative 13 starts around 4 mins!

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A Brief Reflection On Week Two Jun 16, 2015

by James Holt

Lucy Lee Yim: You had me at “looped breakdown drum beats.” Andrew Hallenbeck: An interpretation of Sleeping Beauty that, ironically, Tchaikovsky probably would have loved (or at the very least appreciated). Bianco & Friedman: I think I love the hazmat-guy, too. Dani Tirrell: Poetic. Honest. MascallDance: Beautifully abstract. Adriana Hernandez: More, please. Tim Smith-Stewart: Finally, an existential crisis I can relate to. PE|Mo: Like the dissection of an annotation of the anatomy of a moment.


James Holt is a 14/15 Season OtB Ambassador

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Vanessa goes to 2015 OtB Northwest New Works Festival Jun 16, 2015

by Vanessa DeWolf

Two perspectives of our current times.
One dark and with a sense of disconnection
The other light and full of grand scale hope


Northwest New Works often surprises me in it’s prescience.
Each year the festival rolls around and I wonder how will the work
affect me?  This year I feel threads that pull me in different directions
so profoundly represented in the differences between the two weekends
mainstage shows.  I identify my own inner battle with a deep sense of 
disconnection & isolation alongside waves of bright growing and grand hope.


Weekend Two:
It is in the light the figure and the branches of a tree merge and emerge. The space contains a kind of verisimilitude, the strange image of human bodied tree is clear well-lit though a solo figure not isolated somehow.  Slowness, watching the subtle shifts of solar plexus of gradual waves through the spine and then the...

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Spectacular Performances at NWNW Jun 14, 2015

by Reva Cappitone

I’m not a critic but it suddenly came over to me that I should write something about the show – another spectacular night at On the Boards! I have been a long time fan of this amazing venue, which is no doubt the treasure in our community that has brought us so much freshness and art, apart from the mainstream media. I try to attend at least one or two evenings at NWNW each year, and I’m glad I did! The arts I’ve got from the theatre was definitely, beyond what I can see in any other theatres in Seattle. I would recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen the show.


An aperitif has to be good! And this was the perfect beginning to open up an evening. The dancer walked slowly onto the stage, transforming the space into a live, visual picture. Her big rounded eyes filled with intense focus, perhaps anxiety or a desire to hunt. She bore the bones over her shoulders; they looked light for her....

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Seattle Dances reviews Week One Festival highlights Jun 13, 2015

by Erin

From Seattle Dances:

June marks the return of the NW New Works Festival at On the Boards, where you can catch a variety of dance, theater, and musical performances all in one evening. Weekend one of two (June 5-7) brought eight fresh NW picks to OtB’s two stages, and some very promising pieces of new work. The Mainstage show focused on bigger spaces and bigger movement, while the Studio showcase presented more intimate, theatrical dance pieces, often with the performers telling their story directly to the audience.

One such piece was Markeith Wiley’s 31 and Counting. Highly personal with underlying tension, Wiley portrayed his relationship to his blackness through a shadow character: a figure entirely obscured, including face and hands, in black clothing, danced by Danielle Hammer. The shadow sometimes synced up with Wiley, his movements even and measured,...

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