Is it real? Is it still a show?: My date with a stranger for Christiane Jatahy's Julia Feb 15, 2016

by Tessa Hulls

If you're going to watch something gut-punchingly devastating, is it better to know ahead of time what you're getting yourself in for? I deliberately go into performances at On the Boards knowing as little as possible about each show, but as I sat with Anna Herby, my date with a stranger for Christiane Jatahy's JULIA, and watched an underage, softly-weeping rich girl get fucked from behind by the servant she forcibly seduced by means of exploiting the power of her position as the boss's daughter, I wondered if perhaps I should have given Anna more of a heads up that we might see something really uncomfortable.


Anna came upon my ongoing social experiment (to quickly summarize: I take a total stranger who has never been to On the Boards to go see a show, and then write about the experience) by way of our mutual friend, Sara Edwards. Sara and Anna are both committed long-distance hikers, and they met last...

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"A Dazzling Contemporary Take on Strindberg" - Seattle PI reviews JULIA Feb 14, 2016

by Erin

photo by Marcelo Lipiani

Alice Kaderlan reviews JULIA at

There is only one problem with Christiane Jatahy’s Julia, her inspired adaptation of Strindberg’s Miss Julie now at On the Boards. Jatahy’s multi-media play has so much to look at – huge video projections, live action and Portuguese subtitles – it’s sometimes hard to decide what to focus on.

Watch the compelling video, much of it projected by a live-action camera, which gets into places the audience can’t see, and the intense interactions...

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Review: JULIA by Christiane Jatahy Feb 12, 2016

by Juniper Shuey

The performance at On the Boards, JULIA by Christiane Jatahy this weekend is a thought provoking, well considered, contemporary work.  It tackles class, race, sex and all the isms you can think of between them all.  It is done masterfully using the mediums of live theater, film and breaking the fourth wall.  It is a journey through emotions and belief systems of each individual audience member. 

The beauty of this work is that shifting dynamic that happens on stage, on film, in real life and in the minds of audience is both obvious and surprising.  I felt I was being asked about right and wrong and how these beliefs feel justified.  But then the power dynamic would shift and my belief of how I would deal with the situation shifted.  All the players in this performance, including the audience, are situated together in this work, we all are right and we all are wrong.  We...

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Christiane Jatahy Audience Reactions Feb 12, 2016

by Erin

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TLOJ Feb 12, 2016

by Yonnas T Getahun




The room we make for beauty

and which it demands.


All of us, culprits, committed.

The impartial order

in dire straits, mute, we look


back at the reckoning

innocent yet murderous.

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More about August Strindberg & Miss Julie Feb 8, 2016

by Erin

Swedish playwright, poet, essayist, novelist, and painter August Strindberg was a multi-faceted author whose work exerted a powerful influence on later artists including Tennessee Williams, Edward Albee, and Ingmar Bergman, among others. His work strived to attain what he called a "greater Naturalism," disdaining the "slice of life" style of literature and playwrighting, which he regarded as boring and mundane.

Miss Julie, written in 1888, is one of his most famous and most-produced works. The play turns an unblinking eye on class, love, sex, and death via the lens of Darwinism, pitting two characters against one another in a...

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Hey Hey It’s VALENTINES DAY! Feb 5, 2016

by Monique

A canary, the drama of a Brazilian love-spat, Strindberg, and hints of violence and death. What better way to spend your February 14th than at On the Boards.

We’ll have a special bubbly pink drink special at the bar. And, since it’s an early night, you still have time to take a romantic sunset walk down to the Sculpture Park or just make out in our parking lot before heading home.

And, of course, it’s the perfect night to take part in OtB’s Sunday night childcare at SweetPea Cottage.

Just another holiday at On the Boards......

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More About Christiane Jatahy Feb 4, 2016

by Erin

Learn more about Brazilian theater/film director Christiane Jatahy's work at her website. 

Watch previews, see photos, and more. In English and Portuguese.

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