GERMINAL | OtB Builds the Set with the Germinal Crew Sep 26, 2014

by Monique

OtB's production crew gets busy with the French tech team as they put together the intricate and multi-layered set for GERMINAL. 

Sep 25 - 28, 2014 | BUY TICKETS

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Review of Germinal Sep 26, 2014

by Julia Fryett

As GERMINAL began last night, the woman behind me alarmingly whispered to her date, “What is that man doing?!”

I wasn’t sure which man she was referring to - the one crumpled in a lump on the side of the stage or the one distractedly directing a psychedelic light with an oversized remote control. Eventually, all four performers stood up and began to silently communicate via text messages projected on a large wall. Texting? Yeah, we do that too. The nervous audience laughter slowly melted away.

Once you accept the reality of the GERMINAL universe, the internal logic of the play makes perfect sense. They are you. If “you", for example, were a digital native who spontaneously combusted on Mars.

For the next ninety minutes, we observed characters who had found themselves in a claustrophobic nano-universe, compressed within four theatrical walls. 

Halory, Antoine, Arnaud and Ondine exist in a surreal, post big bang, dream. Remarkably, they learn to...

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Silly Putty becomes a Thing! Sep 26, 2014

by Eric Pitsenbarger

Four errant spirits becoming self aware within the vastness of space, extend their newly discovered powers of creation, test the limits of cause and effect, take a few wrong turns and finally reach the commonwealth of harmony, literally; all enacted with the blithe nonchalance and wry, mater-of-fact composure reserved for a very french epiphany. Adult in the delivery while steeped in childlike wonder.


Germinal gives us the fairy tale rendition of the Big Bang, composing a dreamlike document of just how it is that WE come to be and just what exactly WE can do with the these seemingly autonomous gifts of sentience. Poking, reaching, experimenting with and crashing (again, literally), through the designs of Universal truths, skipping over heady questions that fell mere mortals, these glib proto-gods make silly putty of the matter WE have come to exist within.


This is delicious mind candy that feeds and tickles the...

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What you'll hear in our lobby during GERMINAL Sep 25, 2014

by Monique

Ambassador Theresa Crim partnered with Seattle-based creative director Strath Shepard to pull together a playlist for the OtB lobby during GERMINAL. The list consists of 52 songs - a song for each week of a calendar year, "each song represents a different aspect of building or destroying or transcending a civilization."

 Check out the playlist below and buy your tickets now to experience the magic yourself.

More about Strath Shepard at

1    Junya Watanabe    Fall/Winter 2014 runway show music    iPhone recording
2    Rotary Connection    "I am the Black Gold of the Sun"    Hey, Love
3    Shabazz Palaces    "Are you… Can you… Were you? (Felt)"    Black Up
4    Micachu...

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"...we wanted to break the stage, literally break it" – an interview with Defoort and Goerger Sep 24, 2014

by Erin


It was a crazy gamble. We imagined starting all over from scratch, organizing a finite universe consisting of only four people on an 8m by 10m stage. Those four people would grow and mature according to a somewhat Darwinian logic, like a theory of evolution pushed to the limit.

We did not proceed by elimination or by positive selection. Instead we asked ourselves what we would like to see, then we determined what we were going to put onstage.

For example, we wanted to break the stage, literally break it – abuse it, destroy it.

We were looking for a somewhat brutal violence of form, of materiality. That came about right at the beginning, even before we began writing the piece.

Onstage we...

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OtB Interviews Halory and Antoine Sep 24, 2014

by Monique

OtB's Erin Jorgensen talks with French artists Antoine Defoort and Halory Goerger about their work GERMINAL. How they talk about their piece, how they started working together, interview strategies, and most importantly - what's in their suitcase.

BUY TICKETS | SEP 25 - 28, 2014

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Germinal - "This is why live performance exists." Sep 22, 2014

by Erin

"Over the course of 75 minutes, four performers create a world—thoughts, language, the laws of physics—from scratch. Forget however self-indulgent or aloof that might sound: By taking us along on their process of discovery and definition, Germinal's performers obliterate the need for us to suspend our disbelief. They redefine the contract between artist and audience. It's a brilliant subversion of traditional theater, and utterly devoid of moralizing or hubris. This is why live performance exists."

Read the rest of the glowing review at Willamette Weekly.

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Germinal is " exceptionally inventive exploration of creativity, curiosity, and joy" Sep 22, 2014

by Erin

"High Note: It’s hard to say much without giving away the discoveries of the show, but suffice it to say there’s singing, a conversation with a universal operator (that is, an operator who can install things into their confined universe like the law of thermodynamics), the destruction of the stage with a pick axe, and the most amazing use of Windows you’ve ever seen.
Bottom Line: At heart, the show is an exceptionally inventive exploration of creativity, curiosity, and joy—all the things that make living in this universe worthwhile. This is the can’t miss show of the festival—and possibly the year. Beat someone up and steal their ticket."

Read the rest at...

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