Community Partners of Complex Movements: Hillman City Collaboratory May 5, 2015

by Erin

Part of the work of the Complex Movements team involves identifying and building ties with local organizations. The Hillman City Collaboratory is a shared, rentable space founded by communites and individuals in Hillman City. Among many other things, the Collaboratory functions as an affordable place for groups and individuals, a shared office space for non-profits, a common room for various activites, a learning annex, a community kitchen, and much, much more. 

Learn more about the Hillman City Collaboratory, their history, and their many activities at their website. 

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15/16 SEASON IS HERE! May 4, 2015

by Monique

Read all about the new 15/16 Season line up and check out our latest subscription offerings to make sure you get the best deal for you. Don't forget the Early Bird discount when you subscribe before June 30.

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15/16 SEASON SNEAK PEEK #2 Apr 27, 2015

by Monique

A head of hair, a blanket of snow, a familial tale, physicality, community, intellect, dances and songs...all this and more coming up in 15/16. 

So close - just 4 days until Monday when we announce some of the amazing artists coming up next season! 



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15/16 SEASON SNEAK PEEK #1 Apr 27, 2015

by Monique

Monday, May 4 we announce our 15/16 Season! We have a ton of amazing artists headed to OtB soon. Familiar faces, new artists, locak, national, and international work...these artists are defining contemporary performance worldwide and YOU will have the opportunity to see them up-close and personal. Here's something to pique your curiosity - check back for more throughout the week.

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Proaction Apr 20, 2015

by Rachael Ferguson

I attended Beware of the Dandelions this past Thursday evening and I will make sure that I attend another show before it ends. The piece done by Complex Movementsdynamically links art and social activism. The journey of Beware of the Dandelions engages the audience in dialogue and helps them address the core challenges within their communities. It's something to think about how creativity and innovation are birthed from the most harrowing circumstances. In this case- the decline of the once mighty Motor City, Detroit, and how it's citizens must fight for the right of water.

The allegory that was constructed by Complex Movements - musically, performatively and physically acts as a warning to those who wander the streets with rose colored glasses. Convenience and classism (and more "isms" intersectionally) have created a damaged and biased system. But from my observation the tale is true and not science fiction. It's happening. And now this...

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Comments on the OtB Blog Apr 19, 2015

by admin

Dear OtB Friends - 

We encourage dialogue on our blog posts! Please make comments and explore what other people have to say. We welcome all sides of discussion but we don't allow comments from anonymous users.

Thanks - 
OtB Team

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Things that came to mind while watching Beware the Dandelions Apr 19, 2015

by Erica Bower Reich

Things that came to mind while watching Beware the Dandelions:

*Space is vital. Space is where we form committed communities, where listening and relating and empathy has real room to breathe and have life. Beware the Dandelions has it's audience experience it's world from within a space-age pod full of whirring visuals and flashing lights, taking a journey that ends with sitting in a dim-lit room, and talking about the world of the audience. Our world that we live in day in and day out. Because the world of the pod is the same as ours, and we need to TALK about it. Not just fear it.
*"The Solution is in the Problem." Quoted from Complex Movements, something so obvious it is rarely considered and deserves to be so plainly stated again, and again, and again...
*Surviving. The tension between the Haves and Have Nots has risen to dangerous levels. We are no longer fighting just for equality or fairness, we...

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Join the Current Apr 18, 2015

by Hatlo

You arrive, you prepare and you enter the pod. 

The pod is just one part of a brilliant swirling energy that started long before and will blow long past. The pod is an invitation to join the current, join the movement. 

In my pod were children, activists, people of color, white folks - people who danced, laughed, cried. I don't know how well we would face the dystopia of the parable, but we were introduced to our collective power and invited to connect to face this future together as a continuation of a legacy of resistance. The parable of the pod is an invitation to fortify and become a fertile dangerous dandelion seed. The invitation of the dialogue is to situate yourself in your identity in Seattle in our larger world and to cluster with others to find solidarity and make change. The invitation is to wage love and move in these movements. It is only when we move within the movement that we might be transformed. 

Beware the Dandelions and their...

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