16/17 Seaon Artist Markeith Wiley on Psychic Radio Star Nov 5, 2016

by Erin

Artist Markeith Wiley was kind enough to let us post his post-Psychic Radio Star thoughts:

Psychic Radio Star or why my left brain had to separate itself from my right brain.

Left brain was like, where did you get that ladder, I know that shadow is a projection, I know this breathing is going to evolve into something that will collapse in on itself in such a beautiful way.

Right brain was left dreaming, watching EZ's (Ezra) body extend from this highest point to his mouth. Making his movements bigger than I've ever seen.

It's sexy when dancers can be still AF!
Gave me time to laugh when no one else was because magic.
Gave me time to see how the rest of the audience members were receiving this gift.

A giant surprise that I won't speak of. No spoilers. Light leaking, mirror images I think? Vanish thru the glistening cracks.

And then I woke up.


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Psychic Radio Star: The Self Is Born Nov 4, 2016

by Natalie Singer-Velush

To witness Ezra Dickinson’s newest performance is to be invited into the birthing room, to be led by the hand behind the white curtain to witness raw emergence and then, after one birth, a rebirth, and another, and another.

If you have never participated in a birth, that’s okay, and if you have, this will be nothing like it anyway. You will not be playing the role of mother, or father, or well-meaning relative standing out in the hallway with a crumpled gift bag filled with Babies R Us crap so much as you’ll be playing the role of midwife, helping usher the journey of one earnest soul along with the whole evolution of humankind.

Put on your psychic scrubs.

Like all of ours, this soul must navigate a struggle to emerge. Yet unlike many birth stories this one turns our attention to the child’s labor instead of the mother’s — though the tension of Dickinson’s mother’s efforts hovers slightly out of our frame, like a ghost in her own story, not entirely dismissed....

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The Physical and the Psychic Nov 4, 2016

by NKO Rey

Dudes, there are some heavy themes in Ezra Dickinson’s Psychic Radio Star - mental illness, police violence, alienation, the struggle that defines life, reincarnation. Instead of discussing these, I’ll talk about the themes of revealing and concealing, and the unseen unsettling forces that shape our actions - namely, the people included by choice or circumstance in our lives.

Dickinson makes every effort to acknowledge and develop his relationship with his family thru his work. Family are our unchosen collaborators, with whom relationships are always complicated. Dickinson states that Psychic Radio Star is a gift for his mother, whose mental illness has shaped their relationship, and we can see Dickinson struggling to reconcile her visions with his own. Perhaps her relationship with reality is what has allowed Dickinson to so clearly articulate his own. But she is not the only ghost in the room - included are voice tapes of his father’s 6 year practice of...

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"...a celestial, post-mortem ascendance" - The Seattle Times previews Psychic Radio Star Nov 4, 2016

by Erin

Brendan Kiley at the Seattle Times on Ezra Dickinson's Psychic Radio Star:

Ezra Dickinson makes gifts for his mother — gifts she’s never seen, and maybe never will.

Dickinson grew up in Bellingham, where he was a sometime caretaker for his mother who, he later learned, is schizophrenic. (He calls it “her imbalance.”) At 18, he left home to study dance at Seattle’s Cornish College of the Arts — he’d already been taking the bus to Pacific Northwest Ballet for classes on scholarship.

 At Cornish, Dickinson started making dance solos as “gifts” for his mother, who was committed to a psychiatric hospital almost six years ago. In 2013, he performed some of those solos on downtown Seattle sidewalks — including one in front of the now-boarded-up Greyhound station he frequented on his way to ballet class — titled “...

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Psychic Radio Star Drink Specials Nov 3, 2016

by Erin

Chase away your election blues with these drink specials:

Nasty Woman - bubbles with a sugar cube and bitters
Russian Connection - vodka, kaluha, chocolate almond milk
Bad Hombre - tequila, topo chico, lime

Ask for yours at the Fubar!


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Ezra Dickinson Collaborators: Paurl Walsh Nov 2, 2016

by Erin

Paurl Walsh is a composer of electronic music, modern classical chamber music, music for dance and theatre, and experimental rock.  Writing and performing throughout the US, Canada, and Europe, he has been a core member of the hyper-experimental performance art/music groups Degenerate Art Ensemble, Implied Violence, and St Genet. He founded experimental hardcore band X-Ray Press, electronic pop group Rainbows, electroacoustic duo Medina/Walsh, and solo electronic act Trying. 

He has scored many stage works for choreographers and theater artists such as Kyle Loven, Ezra Dickinson, Paige Barnes, Paris Hurley, PE|Mo, and Maya Soto. He also runs ExEx Audio, a creative recording studio centered around working collaboratively with artists to help them better express themselves through sound...

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by Erin

You've probably seen some of the beautiful photorealistic artwork around Seattle by the local artist Jeff Jacobson, more commonly known as "Weirdo." He created the Seattle seascape mural "Emerge" on 2nd and Yesler Way (google it!) and created an integral, unmissable work of art for Psychic Radio Star.

Learn more about/check out some of his work here, ...

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See an OtB Show Free When You Try Childcare! Nov 1, 2016

by Erin

Hey parents and other child caretakers! Do you have a child age 2 - 6? Want to see a show at OtB but having trouble finding a babysitter? We want you to experience the joy of OtB/Sweet Pea childcare collaboration. For a limited time, we'll set you up with a pair of tickets to a Sunday night performance when you purchase childcare. It doesn't get any easier than this.

Interested? Read more about our childcare program and contact Clare Strasser for details on how to claim this special offer. 

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