Things that came to mind while watching Beware the Dandelions Apr 19, 2015

by Erica Bower Reich

Things that came to mind while watching Beware the Dandelions:

*Space is vital. Space is where we form committed communities, where listening and relating and empathy has real room to breathe and have life. Beware the Dandelions has it's audience experience it's world from within a space-age pod full of whirring visuals and flashing lights, taking a journey that ends with sitting in a dim-lit room, and talking about the world of the audience. Our world that we live in day in and day out. Because the world of the pod is the same as ours, and we need to TALK about it. Not just fear it.
*"The Solution is in the Problem." Quoted from Complex Movements, something so obvious it is rarely considered and deserves to be so plainly stated again, and again, and again...
*Surviving. The tension between the Haves and Have Nots has risen to dangerous levels. We are no longer fighting just for equality or fairness, we...

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Join the Current Apr 18, 2015

by Hatlo

You arrive, you prepare and you enter the pod. 

The pod is just one part of a brilliant swirling energy that started long before and will blow long past. The pod is an invitation to join the current, join the movement. 

In my pod were children, activists, people of color, white folks - people who danced, laughed, cried. I don't know how well we would face the dystopia of the parable, but we were introduced to our collective power and invited to connect to face this future together as a continuation of a legacy of resistance. The parable of the pod is an invitation to fortify and become a fertile dangerous dandelion seed. The invitation of the dialogue is to situate yourself in your identity in Seattle in our larger world and to cluster with others to find solidarity and make change. The invitation is to wage love and move in these movements. It is only when we move within the movement that we might be transformed. 

Beware the Dandelions and their...

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by Kristen Kosmas

this is an emergency broadcast
a multi-sensory experience
for our well-being.

i literally felt it
in my bones.

i encourage you to dance.


if you need me, i'll be in the back of the pod.

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A Cross between a clubbing experience and a deeply immersive recolonization of the mind Apr 17, 2015

by Michaela Hutfles

Beware of Dandelions takes you into a post-apolyptic lifepod and confronts you with a cross between a clubbing experience and a deeply immersive recolonization of the mind. Are we the survivors? Are we the control or the experimental group? Was the price of survival worth it? What should we, the community of survivors, carry forward, leave behind, or just change going into the future?

A visual blitzkrieg supports an equally mind altering audio gift basket. Full of layers of science, art, community building, intersectionality and community conflict I was hanging on every word in the lifepod. Thinking of connections to the stories we all carry forward with us and those perhaps we should leave behind to not just survive, but thrive.

As if the experience wasn't enough a thoughtful discussion about activism follows and an opportunity to share stories with story seed keepers from near & far. Bring your Evergreen class workshopping skills to get the most out of...

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Inspirations Behind Complex Movements: Grace Lee Boggs Apr 14, 2015

by Erin

“We urgently need to bring to our communities the limitless capacity to love, serve, and create for and with each other. We urgently need to bring the neighbor back into our hoods, not only in our inner cities but also in our suburbs, our gated communities, on Main Street and Wall Street, and on Ivy League campuses.” – Grace Lee Boggs

Author, social activist, philosopher, and feminist (among other things) Grace Lee Boggs is a major inspiration and mentor for the Complex Movements team and the Beware of the Dandelions project. Boggs has been a prominent activist her entire life, beginning with philosophical studies and work in the Workers Party before moving to Detroit in 1953,...

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Emergence Media Apr 14, 2015

by Erin

From the Emergence Media website:

Founded by Invincible, Wesley Taylor, and Mike Medow, Emergence Media explores the power of creative expression in order to activate social transformation. Based in Detroit, Michigan, they work with a core group of artists and projects and a wide network of collaborative partners to produce music, multimedia, installations, tours, workshops, and special events. 

Their current focus is in supporting artist collective Complex Movements.
Read more about the founders, focus, artists, projects, stay up-to-date on news, and shop their store for gear at their website.

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People of Complex Movements: L05 (Carlos Garcia) Apr 14, 2015

by Erin

Creative technologist/multi-media artist Carlos (L05) Garcia specializes in projection mapping. He supervises the GroundWorks Media Lab at the University of Michigan, where he received an undergraduate degree in Performing Arts Technology and currently acts as a member of the Emerging Technology Group. 

Get lost in videos, music, visuals, consulting & engineering projects and more at his website. 

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People of Complex Movements: Invincible Apr 10, 2015

by Erin

From the Emergence Media website:

Lyricist/organizer Invincible (ill Weaver) is a versatile lyricist with the heart of a healer and the mind of a physicist. In addition to their work as a performing artist, they spent over a decade organizing with Detroit Summer, a multi-racial, inter-generational collective in Detroit that is transforming communities through youth facilitative leadership, creativity, and collective action. Invincible also co-coordinated and co-founded the Detroit Future Youth network to support social justice and media-based youth projects throughout the city. Invincible has produced events, organized actions, designed curriculum, facilitated workshops, woven participatory community media projects, and more, while simultaneously creating music, media, and touring internationally....

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