And Another Thing: KUOW's Marcie Sillman on Clear & Sweet Oct 24, 2016

by Erin

KUOW's Marcie Sillman writes on Clear & Sweet performance at her blog, And Another Thing...

More than a year ago, Zoe Scofield and I sat down at her kitchen table to talk about the power of art. I’d been chasing an ephemeral scrap of an idea for months; how art functions as a conduit to the divine, to a state of grace, if you will. I thought Scofield might have some insights.

During our long conversation, Scofield, one of the smartest artists I’ve met, remarked that she and her husband/artistic partner Juniper Shuey, were hard at work on a new piece inspired by a musical tradition known as shape note, or sacred harp, singing.The project goes back to 2014. Scofield was visiting her mother’s home in northern Georgia and happened upon a television broadcast that featured shape note singers. She felt an immediate emotional connection with the music.


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Places of Common Oct 22, 2016

by Petra Zanki

Response from Petra Zanki, OtB Writers Corps Ambassador

It was a rainy February night, we were sitting in the back of our old white Mercedes with Zoe and Juniper after Pina Bausch’s movie at the Cinerama, smoking cigarettes, talking about sex, and laughing, laughing, laughing. I am biased, I admit: Zoe and Juniper are my friends, and they always will be. I love them as people and artists. They were at our engagement party. I was living in their home when I was homeless, twice. Juniper, and another dear friend, Lane, (a first one to ever mention Zoe & Juniper to me), shared whiskey after whiskey with me when I was broken speechless, at the Bait shop when my husband died, while Zoe was checking on me, at the same time, being on tour. They were holding me. These kind of experiences might not be the ones you put in a review, but f*** it, I am going to do it nevertheless, because in the midst of constant changes in which...

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Clear & Sweet: Pre-order the Album Oct 21, 2016

by Erin

Loved the music from zoe | juniper's Clear & Sweet? You're in luck. You can now pre-order a gorgeous clear vinyl album with artwork by zoe | juniper, or pre-order a digital copy.

Learn more and place your order on Bandcamp!

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Stand in the Middle Oct 21, 2016

by Natalie Singer-Velush

Response from Natalie Singer-Velush, OtB Writers Corps Ambassador


In the beginning I do not want it. I am afraid. The possibility of overwhelming-ness, of four-sided religiosity. The loud of it. Will they make me sing? I cannot recognize a note, shape or otherwise. I do not come from … notes. I want the dance but not the sing, I think. I think I want to sit the sing out. Song that comes from all sides, a boxing in. I saw it on YouTube, a form of music beyond me. I am afraid of the overt divine, of … facing each other. I am lonely, I text. Then time is up and I am alongside the square.


Once when...

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Zoe | Juniper Ekphrasis: Strength and Grace But Why // Studies in Vulnerability by Michelle Peñaloza Oct 21, 2016

by Michelle Peñaloza

Response from Michelle Peñaloza, OtB Writers Corps Ambassador

Place your feet upon my chest                       leap forward blind

Stop stop stop              get it right, her therapist’s here


let’s begin again

            the fourth border: a cylinder refracted in fringe

we are a church of sorts:      
    stand in the middle
            worship with awkward talk                 gather surround


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zoe | juniper: Front Row Center with Marcie Sillman Oct 17, 2016

by Erin

FRI | OCT 21 | post-show
Join us after the zoe | juniper Clear & Sweet performance on Friday night for a conversation with Zoe Scofield, Juniper Shuey, and KUOW 94.9's Marcie Sillman in our downstairs studio theater. Free! 

Learn more about Front Row Center here. 

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OPEN STUDIO - 10/15/16 CANCELLED Oct 14, 2016

by Betsey Brock

The Open Studio scheduled for Saturday 10/15/16 is cancelled for inclement weather. 
The performers will be rescheduled for future Open Studios.
Keep dry. Stay safe.

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zoe | juniper at BeginAgain Oct 14, 2016

by Erin

Revisit zoe | juniper's BeginAgain (2014) now at With multiple camera angles in stunning HD, this dance work  features gorgeous, large-scale set design from paper artist Celeste Cooning, andmusic from Morgan Henderson (Blood Brothers, Fleet Foxes) and sound designer Julian Martlew.


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