The End Mar 7, 2014

by Eric Pitsenbarger

Apparently it’s not something that anyone professes to think about, or at least talk about in polite dinner conversation: Death; and here we were, instructed to have a soft hearted gab about what you’d do with the last eight hours of your life. Seated across from Wade and beside my female namesake at the long, suspended table for OTB’s Studio Supper, the answer to me was of course, eat! Seriously, I would eat and then find a soft, quiet green place away from everything and everybody. A damp mossy log out in the woods somewhere. The end. A great set-up for this evening’s performance of Miguel Gutierrez (and the Powerful People) which seemed to illustrate the restless mind in the throws of coping with death.


Underneath the benign, glowing jellyfish of a hanging parachute we’re welcomed to an ad hoc seance of sorts, evoking the manifestation of restless ghosts, each determined to find something very important and impossibly lost. Ignited by...

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AMBASSADOR PROJECT: The 1000 Words Project Mar 6, 2014

by Brett Love

A project by Jaycee Coleman, Ilaria Ghattas and Brett Love


Over the years, audience members have contributed thousands, and thousands, of words to the OtB Blog with their reviews. It’s been a wonderful thing. With each one you get a little peak at the performance from a different perspective. It is with that idea of differing perspectives in mind that we are announcing the 1000 Words Project. 

For the next three shows (Miguel Gutierrez And The Powerful People, Zoe | Juniper, and Holcombe Waller) we will be bringing in visual artists to interpret what they see. They will watch the Thursday performance and then be given a canvas on their way out the door.  They will have 48 hours to create their visual response to the work. The resulting paintings will be on display in the lobby after the Saturday and Sunday night shows. 

At the end of the project we will have a set of paintings that...

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by Ilaria Ghattas

An invitation from Jaycee Coleman, Ilaria Ghattas and Brett Love

One of the great things about an On the Boards show is that it always sparks conversation. In the lobby after the show, on social media throughout the run, and around town as you navigate Seattle's performance community, people love to discuss what they saw. You also always have the option of posting your thoughts to the OtB blog. This time, we thought we would add a new wrinkle to these conversations. 

Instant Karma gives the audience the ability to post their thoughts literally on the wall at On the Boards, right after the show. What did you like? How did it make you feel? Did it make you think back to another show you saw? Anything goes. You can even post a question to your fellow audience members, or respond to something that is already on the board. Just attach your note to the corresponding one and keep the conversation going. Think of it...

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AMBASSADOR PROJECT: Specialtea cocktail & mocktail Mar 6, 2014

by Ilaria Ghattas


Taking you out of your element and into my tea-infused world. Experience and enjoy the adventure of tea. Immerse yourself in the flavors just as you do when you're captivated by a performance. Specialtea cocktails will be crafted for each show during the Ambassador Team 4 term to unteather your taste buds!

Featured during Miguel Guiterrez and the Powerful People:

Our twist on teh traditional long island ice tea; smokey tea infusion (vodka, tquila, rum, gin, triple sec). Lemon, Cola.

Liquid wisdom iced tea (hibiscus, chamomile, cassia, honeybush, lavendar, ginger) sweetened with orgeat (an almond syurp)

Featured during ...

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Miguel Gutierrez Curator Note Mar 6, 2014

by Lane

Truth be told, my pulse picks up a bit when I’m around Miguel Gutierrez. He says what’s on his mind and sometimes the words whizz by your head like spinning rocks. It’s part of his charm.

It was rainy on Monday night when I picked him up from the airport. I welcomed Miguel to “sunny Seattle” and he said, “Yeah, it’s going to rain for the next week.”

He was exhausted, having just flown in from Paris from an engagement at Centre Pompidou. Somehow we got onto the subject of the choreographer Alain Buffard, who recently passed away. (His last work Baron Samedi will be performed at OtB, May 8-11) I asked Miguel to tell me about Alain since I had never gotten to meet him, and he explained how he owed a lot to Alain since the first two times he appeared in France were through collaborating with him. He used words like “...

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Powerful People – Hilary Clark Mar 6, 2014

by Erin

Hilary Clark, based in New York, is a dancer and collaborator performing in pivotal experimental dance and theater based work, touring nationally and internationally. She has been involved in curating, teaching, making and discussing dance and the dancer and recently was invited to attend the conference “Dancer as Agent” in Stockholm, Sweden at DOCH. She currently is performing in the work of luciana achugar with whom she has worked since 2005, Miguel Gutierrez and the Powerful People (And lose the name of action), Young Jean Lee’s Theater Company (UNTITLED FEMINIST SHOW), and with Luke George (Not About Face). She danced with Tere O’...

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Powerful People – Ishmael Houston-Jones Mar 6, 2014

by Erin

Ishmael Houston-Jones is a choreographer, author, performer, teacher, and arts activist. His improvised dance and text work has been performed in New York City, across the US, and in Europe, Canada, Australia, and Latin America. Houston-Jones and Fred Holland shared a Bessie Award for their piece Cowboys, Dreams and Ladders.  In 2010 he revived THEM, his 1985 collaboration with writer Dennis Cooper
and composer Chris Cochrane for which he was awarded his second Bessie Award. THEM has been seen at Performance Space 122 and the American Realness Festival in New York City, Springdance in Utrecht, Centre...

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Ambassador PROJECT: OtB Lobby Playlists Mar 6, 2014

by Jaycee Coleman


Throughout the two playlists featured in OtB's lobby during the month of March, Sax [who produces under the moniker, Ultra Love Force] “explores lonely worlds, weaving melancholy synth throughout each passage, dotting songs with sparse lyrics, as if to say maybe there isn't much to say at all. Here, he showcases his abilities as a producer, impressing with a distinctive style he calls "groove", characterized by slowly morphing melodies and minimal rhythm sections that stutter and bounce with purposeful laze.”

I’m compelled to bridge the gap between the various disciplines celebrated at On the Boards. During my tenure I hope to expose OtB patrons to sounds and grooves that they otherwise may have never been exposed to.  When I think of dance, movement, and choreography in relation to music [in particular Nu-Jazz, Funk, and Hip-Hop...

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