The Shit is FRESH Jun 12, 2016

by Jessica Jobaris

How to belong, how to betray, how do we say what we say when we say

Kaktus Kolache
Saturated film reference, angsty jest, and "Can I understand this way of life?"
How much distraction do we need, want, desire, reject?
Community bound by food, families and history are bound by recipes, and Coley gave me a Psychedlia of being-ness.
Her howling made me happy and fed, and connected to. Next time, can we sing a long?

Allie Hankins + Rachhel Dichter
Mucho appreciation for a post modern-postmodernists-modernismists......I hunkered into what I perceived as ultimate feminism.. that is as subtle as it is NOT.  A silent scream in your eyes for an understanding, and developing that continues into a bravery.  The tempted presence in all of do we take them in, and see back to them.  Mysterious, annoying, bewildering, heavy and painful....the politics of the...

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1,2,3,4 - NW New Works Performance Review: Week 1 Studio Theater Jun 11, 2016

by Victoria Jacobs

1.The southwest inspires extremes in a way the pacific northwest tends to mute them. In the high desert the summers scorch, the winters freeze, water is a scarcity until it flash floods, and life seems to hang on by a tenacious and ferocious patience. I remember walking past juniper scrubs that were over a thousand years old. I imagined living there but I felt like the extremes would push me to my edge and then past it. I wondered in the canyons how my European family had traveled there, determined to push into new places and find new homes, tenacious and ferocious enough to endure the edges of their edges and keep going into the void, looking for a place that would be their own.

I have wanted to say everything at once too. I have felt a too-much-ness of myself, an intensity of the world and my response to it, and have felt that no one would understand me unless I gave them all the layers of myself at once. I would make them work, the way I had made myself work, to penetrate...

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A Review in Images - NWNW Weekend One Studio Theater Jun 11, 2016

by Ryan Vinson

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Food Trucks and the Fu-Beer Garden during NW New Works!! Jun 7, 2016

by Monique

Do you find yourself STARVING between performances and don't know where to go for a quick bite? This year we've got you covered! We contacted some of our favorite food trucks to come join in on the festival fun. They'll be parked just outside of OtB and will be available between the Studio and Mainstage showcases on Saturday and Sunday of BOTH weekends. Once you have your food, join us in the OtB mainstage lobby at the Fu-Beer Garden for some beer on tap and our traditional selection of great cocktails and wine.  

Here's the schedule below to make sure you get your tickets on the day your favorite truck will be here!

Saturday, June 11th
Pop Up Popsicles/Full Tilt Paletas...

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Is this love | By Writer in Residence Claudia La Rocco Jun 7, 2016

by Claudia La Rocco

Is this what ____ is, she wondered, this always waiting and never being able to read the instructions. The lights always stay on for too long, go down too quickly. The people do inscrutable things. Is this love is this love is this love she chants to herself, counting the words out on her fingers and stopping when she gets to the pinky on the right word. The hip of the woman next to her is oozing into her own hip. When she twisted her neck down and to the left, it satisfied her with an ominous cracking jolt, something felt more than heard. She couldn’t stay in the past or the present tense. The blond woman kicks the foreign-looking man off the plane, again and again, only with the right wrong words; she is tanned, toned, he is neither. I wanted to love you she tries but it’s no good it already has five words. No possibility of traveling. Now the woman and the man are naked and what they are doing to each other should be sexual but it’s not and her brain goes in...

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by Monique

Seattle's Nancy Guppy will be in the OtB mainstage lobby during the NW New Works Festival this year with a new project Empathic Listening Booth. Grab a beer from our FU-BEER GARDEN and some nosh from the food trucks outside and check out her installation between 7pm and 8pm in the mainstage lobby during both weekends of the festival. Get your NW New Works Festival Tickets today!


The Empathic Listening Booth is born out of an idea I think about a lot: That what most of us want is to be understood, to be recognized, to be seen. Empathic listening “is the capacity to understand or feel what another being is experiencing from within the other being’s frame of reference…”  The Empathic Listening Booth is not...

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NW New Works 2016 Artist: The Three Yells Jun 1, 2016

by Erin

photo by Tim Summers

The Three Yells is a dance company founded by choreographer Veronica Lee-Baik. Her work reflects Western avant-garde styles through the prism of Asian aesthetics and traditions. In her return to the NW New Works Festival, Lee-Baik deconstructs the classic ballet Giselle, distilling it to its central themes of madness, death, spirits, true love, grief, revenge, traditions. She then reinterprets the ballet through the playful and grotesque language of butoh, juxtaposing butoh’s slow hyper-controlled motion with the athleticism of contemporary dance. 

The Three Yells perform on the mainstage in the second week of the...

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NW New Works 2016 Artist: David Harvey Jun 1, 2016

by Erin

photo by Lauren Crew

Dancer/choreographer David Harvey makes his Festival debut with a solo dance piece centered around the idea of a "brake tender" -  the special car on a locomotive, filled with scrap metal to add weight, which aids in braking efficiency. Harvey deals with themes of vulnerability, self-imposed limitations, the weight of responsibility, and one’s attachment to aloneness. 

An accomplished dancer, David Harvey formerly danced with Alonzo King Lines Ballet from 2008-20014. He contributed to the creation of 13 new pieces while working with Alonzo, and danced soloist roles in almost 400 performances worldwide. He is currently a freelance dancer, teacher, and choreographer. 

David Harvey performs on the...

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