Tea in Damascus Oct 2, 2015

by Yonnas T Getahun

Tea in Damascus

At certain times of the day
The men weep while the women laugh.

A chargin of porcelain cover the streets
Where then fathers shuddering
Send sons to sew cups of medicine.

And daughters and aunts and mothers
Shrine the beginning and end of history.

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by Betsey Brock

Come rage with us, Saturday afternoon of Pat Graney.

This event is meant to create a space for members of the community and audience to more deeply engage with female rage through writing exercises led by Pat Graney with the support of the Girl Gods performers, drawing on prompts used within the artistic processes and development of Girl Gods

Featuring Shelby Handler of Youth Speaks and other Seattle artists dealing with the issue of female rage. 

Details: SAT, OCT 3 at 3:00 PM
More details on event page


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by Erin

Learn all about Seattle iconoclast/choreographer/visual artist Pat Graney at our tumblr page. 

Photos, interviews, videos, and more. 

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Small Wonder: The Seattle Star reviews La Mélancolie des dragons Sep 14, 2015

by Erin

The Seattle Star's Omar Willey reviews La Mélancolie des dragons:

According to some developmental psychologists, children of a certain age do not distinguish between internal fantasy and external reality. Adults find this quaint. As adults, it is their duty to distinguish such things. This is fantasy. This is reality. You’re being unrealistic. It’s only a dream. When are you going to grow up and see?

This is why adults are insufferable. They think they are so knowledgeable, so wise, so certain. But this certainty is bunk. Every single moment of their lives tells them so. Adults can hardly predict what they themselves are going to do in any given human situation, yet claim they can be “realistic” about human psychology. They spend a third of their lives sleeping and no one has the faintest idea why. All the advances of science and technology about which...

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The Coming-Soon Park - Memeteria reviews La Mélancolie des dragons Sep 14, 2015

by Erin

Thomas May reviews La Mélancolie des dragons at Memeteria:

What a delightful way to launch the new season: over the weekend, On the Boards presented La mélancolie des dragons, a visual-theatrical tone poem by the Paris-based theater artist Philippe Quesne featuring his Vivarium Studio.

I’d only read about Quesnes before, having missed his previous appearance at On the Boards over four years ago in L’Effet de Serge. Once you’ve experienced his work live, en personne, it’s even more obvious that, like music, it really can’t be captured by the proxy of words.

The mise en scène ...

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The Amazing Play Sep 13, 2015

by Nora J

by Nora J., 2nd grader

Last night I went to see La Mélancolie des dragons. Most of the time they were just doing stuff like walking around with big bags of air or reading books or just doing stuff. I can do that. I can walk around. I can read a book, too. They’re doing stuff that almost anyone can do. It’s not “Here’s a new ice cream flavor!” You can do a lot of that stuff, too. But it made it really funny.

I really liked the snow machine. The windshield wipers had to keep wiping the snow off, so I don’t know how it looked just on there, but it was pretty cool.

They used the bubble machine twice. The first time, it was just a bubble machine. The second time it was “a mix of water and air.”

The last part was one of my favorites. There were wigs hanging in the trailer, but when they came out to do their bows, the men all took off their wigs...

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Couldn't Find Parking Saturday? Please Attend Sunday Sep 13, 2015

by Erin

Parking was very difficult on Saturday evening and we realize some of our ticketholders were unable to attend the performance. We will honor these tickets for the Sept 13 Sunday 5pm performance. Bring your tickets to the box office before the show and they will help you exchange your tickets. 

Parking in lower Queen Anne can be extremely difficult at times due to events at the nearby Key Arena. We recommend checking this calendar to gage parking difficulty and consider the possibility of other travel options. 



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A Brilliant Dreamscape at On the Boards - The Seattle PI reviews La Mélancolie des dragons Sep 13, 2015

by Erin

Alice Kaderlan reviews La Mélancolie des dragons at the Seattle PI:

Philippe Queens’s brilliant “La Mélancolie des dragons” starts out at an excruciatingly slow pace. Four unkempt guys in a VW Rabbit are stranded in a snowstorm. They while away the time drinking beer, eating chips and constantly changing music CD’s.

After what seems like hours, a woman on a bicycle (Isabelle, the only character whose name we learn) shows up; they seem to know her and it appears she has arrived to fix the car. Silently and hilariously she opens the hood, then pulls out wires, coils and pipes from under the hood, before climbing into the engine area and disappearing. When she reappears, she calls a local repair shop and discovers it will be a week before they can fix the car.

To pass the time, the group, joined by three companions riding in the trailer...

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