Gutierrez and a Hundred Tiny Deaths – Seattle Dances reviews Miguel Gutierrez Mar 10, 2014

by Erin

"And then finally it’s the end of the show full of endings. No one claps. No one bows. The work stumbled through a multitude of potential endings to arrive here with the lights still on and the projection still running. It seems a profound metaphor. The stage is empty and the audience leaves. The space continues in its emptiness without us. In the program notes, Gutierrez talks about life-sustaining medical procedures that fundamentally changed his father on a cognitive level. He became a recognizable body containing a stranger, past a point of no return. End is just another kind of death. Death of a moment, death of an idea, death of what was. Perhaps the death is made of many tiny deaths over a lifetime—that final end not as significant or severe a drop off as we perceive it to be. Really...

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by Vanessa DeWolf

SKY of deluge in the morning and early afternoon
language in view
language in question
language articulated
language created objects, objects as surfaces for language

She enters On the Boards without a backpack, in dry clothes and on time.  She survives her poor reading of the sky and correct garb.  She survives her non-driving travel: madison valley> capitol hill> international district > madison valley > georgetown > queen anne

AND its white space, and nearly in the round, screen hang down, a curtain to one side, four sides

COLORS: gold with off-white, black with diaphanous loop, the naked flesh, wedding colors beige and cream, sparkles of spectacle, subtle downward swoops to the back, bright white underwear, with seams, with netting, exposed above or underneath, loose and baggy, trading identities by being in a dress in...

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Piece Statement: ‘Nothing Is Too Precious’ Mar 10, 2014

by Kaillee Coleman

Summon: meaning. Search for: meaning. Desire: meaning.

Longing, summon.  Search for, summon. Desire, summon.

(Longing for) Language:
Perceptions Compulsions and Ghosts. 

[123 123 123 123- good things and bad things come in groups and symbols, sleep.]

Compulsions to: create. Create meaning, create movement; create anything that breathes- create it while you’re still breathing. You have time while you’re still breathing.  

Compulsions to:                                             keep breathing.

While we are dancing we are moving we are breathing we are summoning.
In our bodies we move and in our bodies we are gods.

In our bodies we are better than gods- we are human.
In our bodies we are human. 

Nothing is too precious a...

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by Caitlin Bennett

Miguel and the powerful people was an intriguing fusion of dance and theater. Not once did I, as an audience member, find myself predicting what would come next. Miguel did a magnificent job creating a story while carrying a deep conceptual meaning throughout the piece. This piece not only mesmerized me as an audience member with its complex deep concepts, but in a way it created a sense of community. Early on in the piece one of the dancers instructs the audience members to take one another’s hands. This encourages to everyone that came to the show to join and be one in a way. This act of holding hands then leads into a spiritual take over from above; dancers release their neighbor’s hands as the spirit takes over them. This point was interesting when observing the audience members in addition to the performers because, even though the performers released their neighbors hands, the audience members remained connected to their neighbors and this lasted for the entire section of the...

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Top 11 Ways People Can Stop Being Stressed Out Freaks (or actions my friends take to dig themselves out of an out of control k-hole) Mar 9, 2014

by Eric Olson

After barely making it to Miguel Gutierrez and the Powerful People’s performance And lose the name of action, it took me a bit to collect myself and settle into the space. The set was beautifully minimal, consisting of clean, yet disorienting, projections and a large parachute hanging delicately from the ceiling, reminiscent of the ones I hid under on field day during grade school. After being instructed to hold on to the clammy hands of my neighbors, I was sucked completely into the performance. We were lead into a religious experience, well balanced with soulful melody, humor and a feeling of genuine devotion.

While the performance tightly wound itself until it burst chaotically, and then repeated the process, I couldn’t keep my eyes off each dancers unique movements and relationships with objects and each other. After being engulfed in these repeating actions, I asked myself how I handle myself in those chaotic moments, what actions do I do to bring myself...

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I have some questions. Mar 8, 2014

by Rosa Vissers

I have some questions.


We hold hands and wait for divine inspiration.


What about language? Do the words we use create clarity, space even, or do we get caught? A famous choreographer said that the body doesn’t lie but people lie all the time.This work is so transparent, nothing is hidden, yet I feel like I am being tricked. There is something lurking just underneath the surface.


What is real? What is planned? What just happened by chance?


Switch. Roll.


Limbs are tossed, tussled, two people create a phrasetogether on the spot, or at least pretend to. They lose interest. A man speaks about emptiness. Two men sit on chairs and create angles with their limbs.


Moments of...

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COMMUNITY Mar 7, 2014

by Brett Love

There is a lot to talk about where And Lose The Name Of Action is concerned. The seance, the ghosts, how we deal with death, and what's in the box? But I would like to talk about something else entirely from opening night. Community.

Building community is a big part of the Ambassador Project, and it is something that I think On The Boards is particularly suited for. More than any other place in the city, On The Boards brings together the various tribes of Seattle art. There are dancers, painters, writers, actors, choreographers, directors, managers, people with beards... It is an audience unlike any other.  And that lends itself to some fantastic chance meetings. 

Last night, I went to the show with a friend. We were talking with some people we know when a young woman just stepped into the circle and said, "Hi!" Everyone stopped, and introductions were made. It turns out that Lauren is a dance/theatre student at Florida State, visiting Seattle on spring...

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Returning Mar 7, 2014

by Catherine Blake Smith

"The dancers created a spectrum, a cloud, a shifting organism of several cells. They reminded me that as humans, we are more similar than I remember. The body imagery I encounter in my day-to-day media consumption is very much unlike my own physical self. When I am confronted with nudity, it’s often with a sexual bent. In and lose the name of action I was confronted with nudity in a way that spoke to me on a level beneath my skin. It made me happy to see bodies of different shapes, sizes, and ages, but that’s what happens in dance right? Just means I should attend more dance shows.

Another reason to see more dance is because I’m now asking several questions that will inform my practice. What are our senses? How...

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