The Square is the World. Jan 19, 2016

by Shin Yu Pai

At the apex of The Life Model, Henry – one of the piece’s key characters – takes himself though an internalized and aesthetic mandala of his sense of the artistic sacred which shocks him into the realization that what’s absent in his portraiture work is the animating force of the revolution out there. “The square is the world” with revolution at its center.

Outside of the square, I map some  of the symbols presented in this play.

Prior to Henry’s epiphany, Gabriella picks glass from the wound of a young protestor. Sews up his leg with a needle and thread, while the audience looks on in a live enactment of an operating theatre. Later, the portrait artist paints the exhausted doctor who overlooks her charge, in an absurd moment of artistic detachment and disengagement.

Substitute your choice revolution – Taiwan’s Sunflower Movement, Hong Kong’s...

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Forest Forever Blossom Jan 19, 2016

by Yonnas T Getahun

Forest forever blossom!

lean into the foil.
The tariff of cultures extolling
screams at vanilla skies.

                       We were screaming at Vanilla skies
against the denigration
                 of order & justice.

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The Will to Life – and Art Jan 15, 2016

by Sean Ryan

If, one day, the people wills to live
Then fate must obey
Darkness must dissipate
And must the chain give way
And he who is not embraced by life’s longing
Evaporates into its air and fades away
Woe to one whom life does not rip
from the slap of victorious nothingness
Thus told me the beings
And thus spoke their hidden spirit.
 Abu Al-Qasim Al-Shabbi


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<3 Jan 15, 2016

by Dylan Ward

Here I gush on Jeffrey Fracé, whom I will not burden with sainthood, but whom I like the same.  The performance this evening is a collaboration between many artists; this blog entry hopes not to do them disservice but it comes from the heart to Jeffrey Fracé, from a person. 

As much as it might drive him crazy to hear it, I still want to be Jeffrey Fracé when I grow up.

Jeffrey was a professor of mine (kind of; I kind of kept sneaking into his classes) and I doggedly (maybe creepily) pursued him throughout college because I thought his work was (being recently introduced to new types of performance) the weirdest fucking shit and I just adored it. 

Honestly, I could have been a much better student in many regards, but I feel, in retrospect, that emerging from being a crusty punk ass stoner kid into a fledgling under his (maybe and rightly reluctant) leadership was probably a better story than perfect...

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Deeper into The Life Model: Zeina Barakeh Jan 8, 2016

by Erin

Zeina Barakeh is a Lebanese-Palestinian artist based in San Francisco. Her work examines how people and spaces become polarized during binary divisions. Through animation, digital media, and archival installations, she interrogates constructions of identity, history, memory, and territory.

Learn more and see artworks at her website.

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Deeper into The Life Model: Christian Frederickson Jan 8, 2016

by Erin

Violist, composer, and sound designer Christian Frederickson received his MM in viola from The Juilliard School. He is a founding member (with pianist Rachel Grimes and guitarist/bassist Jason Noble) of the critically acclaimed alternative indie-rock band Rachel’s, a collective known for utilizing a broad range of compositional styles, interfacing classical with indie/punk rock. Frederickson is also a founder of The Young Scamels with Jason Noble and Greg King; their 2010 release "Tempest" was one of WNYC New Sounds host John Schaefer's top 5 releases of the year. Frederickson has collaborated with a number of theater directors and choreographers, developing a signature style as a musical improviser and composer for the stage with SITI Company, using their technique of Viewpoints,...

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Deeper into The Life Model: Pavel Zuštiak Jan 8, 2016

by Erin

Photo by Robert Flynt

Choreographer Pavel Zuštiak is the founder and artistic director of NY-based company Palissimo, an interdisciplinary platform for research, production, and development of live arts. Palissimo's work merges the non-linear qualities of theater with the abstraction of dance, creating new performances that are rich in visual imagery and powerfully emotional, multi-sensory experiences.

Learn more at the Palissimo website. 

Bonus: watch Palissimo's work Amidst (The Painted Bird III) at On the 

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Deeper into The Life Model: Pirronne Yousefzadeh Jan 8, 2016

by Erin


Photo by Christine Jean Chambers

Director Pirronne Yousefzadeh Pirronne Yousefzadeh is a Brooklyn based director. Recent projects include That High Lonesome Sound (Actors Theatre of Louisville; 2015 Humana Festival) and We Are Proud To Present A Presentation... by Jackie Sibblies Drury (InterAct Theatre Company). Her productions of The Dangerous House of Pretty Mbane by Jen Silverman (InterAct Theater Company) and In The Blood (Theatre Horizon) together received a total of fifteen Barrymore Award nominations, including Outstanding Direction and Outstanding Overall Production for both. And If You Lose Your Way, or A Food Odyssey (Invisible Dog) received nominations for Outstanding Ensemble and Outstanding Performance Art...

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