Oddly weird, oddly compelling. Mar 28, 2014

by Lisa Liedgren

How does one find words to describe BeginAgain after just having watched sixty minutes of unbearable lightness of being?

You don't. And that is precisely the beauty. There is quietness about what has been observed. Nothing to be said, nothing to be done or understood. I only need to trust my imminent and natural responses to what I see, hear, smell and feel. What's unfolding in front of me is a series of physical, repetitive, rhythmic and doll-like movements mixed in with heavily symbolic elements: soil, water, smoke and bodily expressions of rituals. The visual language is a mix of cinematic nostalgia, moody nature and symmetrical cutout imagery all presented from multiple angles. Enveloped in this tactical space are bodies moving up, down left and right, through and between large screens on stage.

While these feminine and sculptural creatures are twisting and turning it strikes me that of all the artistic expressions I can think of – writing, music,...

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"Slow-motion reverie" – The Seattle Times reviews BeginAgain Mar 28, 2014

by Erin

"Silhouettes, symmetries and shadow-actions drive the action in zoe ǀ juniper’s new evening-length piece, BeginAgain. That is, if 'action' is the best word to describe this slow-motion reverie.

Conceived, designed and directed by Zoe Scofield and Juniper Shuey, the husband-and-wife co-directors of zoe ǀ juniper, BeginAgain is both a precise and a cryptic affair. It uses dance-moves as constricted and elaborate as calligraphy to create complex connections between the performers."

– Read the review at the Seattle Times

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by Brett Love

A project by Ambassador Team 4, Jaycee Coleman, Ilaria Ghattas and Brett Love.

For each of the shows in our two month term as ambassadors at OtB, we have invited an artist to watch an opening night. After the performance, they are given a 20"x 24" canvas and asked to paint their response to the show. The first was created by Seattle artist Kaillee Coleman in response to the Miguel Gutierrez performance And lose the name of action and the second by Dani Dodge in response to zoe | juniper's BeginAgain, as part of the 1000 Words Project at On The Boards, 


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"No Ideas But In Things" – Jeremy Barker on zoe | juniper Mar 24, 2014

by Erin

Writer and critic Jeremy Barker (Deeply Fascinating, formerly Culturebot) spent much of 2013 working with zoe | juniper in an"embeddded criticism" experiment. He's been closely involved with the ideas, rehearsals and performance behind BeginAgain. Read his 5-part series on the sometimes-boring, sometimes-intriguing process here.

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BeginAgain Spotlight: Celeste Cooning Mar 24, 2014

by Erin

Visual artist Celeste Cooning created the gorgeous backdrop for BeginAgain. Her designs are painstakingly hand-cut from Tyvek with an X-Acto knife, resulting in beautifully intricate large-scale works that can be seen all over Seattle.

Get lost in some of her beautiful work here.

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BeginAgain Spotlight: Ariel Freedman Mar 24, 2014

by Erin

Dancer Ariel Freedman worked closely with Zoe Scofield and Juniper Shuey on BeginAgain. The piece developed through long-distance video rehearsals (Freedman is based in Israel) and NYC studio residencies, culminating in a month-long intensive at OtB.

Freedman is basically a badass. She danced with the Batsheva Ensemble for two seasons and with the Batsheva Dance Company for three. She teaches Gaga and performs with Kidd Pivot, Motley Dance and Keigwin + Company.

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zoe | juniper in Seattle Times Mar 24, 2014

by Erin

"Usually in collaborations between a choreographer and a visual artist, the choreographer calls the shots.

But in Seattle’s zoe | juniper, dancer-choreographer Zoe Scofield and her husband, video artist Juniper Shuey, are equal partners.

The blending of their talents has produced some of the most impressive dance/visual spectacles to come out of Seattle in recent years. Their last full-length show at On the Boards, A Crack in Everything, was a beautiful, fragmented, mysterious affair for five dancers that, thanks to its technical ingenuity, made it nearly impossible to distinguish real presences from masterfully projected illusions.

The pair’s new show at OtB, BeginAgain, will again mix video, dance and music in ways that play with perceptions...

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zoe | juniper in City Arts Mar 24, 2014

by Erin

"Scofield and Shuey’s creative process typically repeats from piece to piece: Scofield starts with choreography, then Shuey adds lighting and set. But their newest, BeginAgain, is different. Scofield’s movement was born as a response to Shuey’s visual space, reversing the usual process.

BeginAgain is the culmination of several years of exploration, including multiple residencies around the world, including the Trafó House of Contemporary Art in Budapest, Hungary, and the Body Festival in Christchurch, New Zealand. The residencies weren’t linked as one overarching work, but Scofield and Shuey say each individual piece influenced BeginAgain.

'It’s analogous to an Old Master’s painting and all the drawings as a study,' Scofield says. 'Taken on their own you wouldn’t see them as...

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