Complex Movements | Beware of the Dandelions | Community Events Mar 19, 2015

by Monique

Saturday April 11, 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Location: Hillman City Collaboratory, 5623 Rainier Avenue South Seattle, WA 98118 | FREE
An interactive workshop and dialogue about the connections between complex science and social movements, with a particular focus on the application in local community organizing efforts in Detroit and Settle. Complex Movements will share insights into their project: Beware of the Dandelions.  The discussion will also include how creative and organizing processes can be demonstrated through a hip-hop and multimedia installation based performance. Community participants will explore concepts of complex science in nature and technology...

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Michelle Ellsworth Blog Mar 16, 2015

by Joshua Kohl

At a career training workshop I attended with Michelle Ellsworth a year ago she was questioning the need for publicity in general, stating that she really might prefer a bovine audience to a human one, and why can't she just make an arrangement with a farmer, have him bring the cows, and do it in a field.  She seemed serious.  Really.  After last night's performance I have to say, I am deeply grateful that she didn't take that approach - I was grateful to have been allowed to be there.  It was one of the most enjoyable, hilarious, exciting and engaging shows I have seen.  Michelle is a master of fucking with form; form of dance, form of performance art, form of comedy, form of installation.  It is a play in the purest sense of the word play - she is playing with all of the tools of the performance experience, creating a space of wonder.  Somehow her work uses many of the usual expected cliches of performance art, but they just feel fresh, real,...

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CLYTIGATION #3 Mar 14, 2015

by Kyle Loven

Ok. I'm typing this on my phone, which seems appropriate in some technological invasion spewing of words sort of way. I've also decided to not delete anything that I've already typed. The errors will remain. I'm just in the door from Michelle's world of boxes and constructed realities and disembodied commanding voice. I'm thinking about the man trapped in the box, being told what to do. When to snap, when to eat, when to hang yourself. It's funny when your the viewer but how frightening if you're the man. Is someone laughing at me now? He exists in a void which is presented as some concrete shifting reality to those of us on the outside. I asked the man on the phone when the world would end. He asked me if I really wanted to know. I said I didn't. We exchanged farewells and then my voice, or the voice guiding me was gone. I don't really want to know when the world will end. His answer made me think that he really did know though! He just didn't want to tell me. It put me in a box...

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by Ella Mahler

So remember when Michelle Ellsworth essentially built her own Internet in her last OtB performance, Phone Homer? Well now, she has created an Arcade. And yes, you can play in it.

Michelle has transformed the studio theatre into a participant-friendly arena of buttons to press, levers to pull, bikes to ride, and 2 phones with live operators ready to talk to you (who may or may not be in same time zone – you should ask them who they are). Grab a quarter, drop it in the slot, and see what happens.

Meanwhile there is a live performer in a large wooden box who continues to follow instructions from a hidden voice (Michelle) to complete tasks that become more and more absurd, challenging, and futile at times. Not only is he performing live, but also with the help of technology, we see him superimposed in ever-changing environments and scenarios (even Nintendo’s Mario at one point). And you, the player/observer, have some control in this too. Go press the 2 red buttons behind...

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Clytigation #3 Blog Review Mar 13, 2015

by Michaela Hutfles

I love Michelle Ellsworth's previous OtB performance Phone Homer and I've watched the version a number of times since and recommend it as a good way to get your art feet wet, so I had high expectations going into Clytigation #3.

I did art go-er homework as a slight obsessive of Hellenic culture: read the Wikipedia entries about Clytemnestra and the Oresteia; used it as an excuse to reread Eric Shanower’s Age of Bronze, an excellent graphic novel retelling of the Trojan War, the second volume Sacrifice being particularly relevant. Also Theoi’s entries on the Erinyes; which tells you all you need to know about ...

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Michelle Ellsworth's Choreography Generator Mar 10, 2015

by Erin

Want to watch some dance but feel like you've seen it all before? Problem solved: create your own dance-in-a-box sequences with Michelle Ellsworth's Choreography Generator. Making a new dance is easy and the possibilities are almost limitless. (Bonus: keep an eye out for choreographer/dancer/OtB alum Zoe Scofield.)

Try it!

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Michelle Ellsworth's Phone Homer at Mar 9, 2015

by Erin

Check out Michelle Ellsworth's glorious take on the sadly under-reported female side of the Iliad, complete with Skype calls, ebay, self-help websites, and of course her signature prop, the hamburger. Phone Homer was filmed live in front of an audience for in 2012 - rent or download now to see this uncomfortably hilarious, super fast-paced show for yourself. 

Watch now at

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Michelle Ellsworth in the NY Times Mar 9, 2015

by Erin

Michelle Ellsworth was singled out by The New York Times as one of the stand-out performers in 2014's American Realness Festival:

If you wanted to spend some time contemplating death — your own, other people’s — Abrons Arts Center on the Lower East Side was a good place to be on Monday night. As part of the American Realness festival, two very different shows — Michelle Ellsworth’s cheerfully wacky “Preparation for the Obsolescence of the Y Chromosome” and a much darker work by Jeremy Wade with an obscenity in its title — grappled with disappearance, decline and the thin line between being here and being gone.

For Ms. Ellsworth, a jittery performer who expertly folds nervousness into her character, the disappearance in...

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