Kiley on Jandek Oct 28, 2006

by Tania Kupczak

Here's what Brendan Kiley had to say about last night's Jandek show over at Line Out, the Stranger's music blog:
It was both haunting and boring—long, melancholy songs with a ghost of a folk-blues structure languishing at the bottom of an ocean of weird... [click to read more]

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Jandek review: Let me tell you a story...<font size=2> by Dustin Haug</font> Oct 28, 2006

by Tania Kupczak

3 years ago, I was on tour in Nashville, TN. On Halloween, I performed 3 sets of improvisational dance with some local musicians in the attic of an abandoned maple syrup warehouse. There was an art gallery opening downstairs, and when I wasn’t dancing, I was drinking beer from a gigantic metal keg out of a plastic cup. A few days later, I found myself at a bar that one of the local musicians suggested I check out. The bar was called "The Bleeding Pig" or "The Skewered Hog" or something equally southern and disturbing. The bar was behind the parking lot of a sketchy McDonald’s at the back of a nondescript dead-end road. The bar was coldly lit with fluorescent lights and had a beat up, uneven concrete floor. You could order only 2 different drinks from the bar: Budweiser and Bud Light. They were all out of Budweiser. A band was playing in a side room, which was little more than an extension of the roof with a few tables and chairs underneath. The side room had no walls,...

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locust: mockumentary Oct 24, 2006

by Tania Kupczak

Welcome to our blog reviews for locust! Leave a comment and give us your thoughts on the show or rate the existing reviews by clicking on the stars to register your opinion.

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locust's "mockumentary" review on Artdish Oct 24, 2006

by Tania Kupczak

Here's a review by Jim Demetre on Artdish

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OtB is a forever thing... Oct 24, 2006

by Tania Kupczak

as displayed by Erin, our intrepid Box Office Associate.
erin's arm

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Dapper pics from Stranger Genius Award Celebration at the Henry Oct 23, 2006

by Sara E

We had a great time at the Stranger Genius Award Celebration this weekend. Thank you Stranger!


here's the party


sheila, lane, sarah and nick


keri, sara, lane, sarah, jess, sean (everyone else was at OtB for locust's closing night)


lane, paul, alice and allen


sean and sarah drinking from genius chalice.

Posted by Sara

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locust review on Oct 20, 2006

by Tania Kupczak

Here's what the fine folks over at had to say about mockumentary: An Excellent Evening at the Zombie Disco

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locust's "Mockumentary" Rocks <font size=2>by Anne</font> Oct 20, 2006

by Tania Kupczak

Choreographer Amy O'Neal and costume designer Macks Leger share an artistic credo: Both seemingly will try anything as long as the result looks fabulous. In "mockumentary," O'Neal, composer/co-director Zeke Keeble, and a talented ensemble of dancers and collaborators create a work that is eclectic, funky, and occasionally incomprehensible, but that invariably looks fabulous. If you care about modern dance, you shouldn't miss it.

"Mockumentary" lacks the high concept of O'Neal's and Keeble's previous work, "convenience," but in many ways is the more enjoyable for it. In "mockumentary," O'Neal seems relaxed, as though she had nothing to prove. Consequently, "mockumentary" often feels more like a dance party at a private club than a conventional performance, right down to the front-row sofas on which the dancers recline and relax when not performing. And O'Neal and Keeble do know how to throw a great party.

"Mockumentary" opens two weeks after Constanza Macras' "Back to...

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