Dapper pics from Stranger Genius Award Celebration at the Henry Oct 23, 2006

by Sara E

We had a great time at the Stranger Genius Award Celebration this weekend. Thank you Stranger!


here's the party


sheila, lane, sarah and nick


keri, sara, lane, sarah, jess, sean (everyone else was at OtB for locust's closing night)


lane, paul, alice and allen


sean and sarah drinking from genius chalice.

Posted by Sara

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locust review on Seattlest.com Oct 20, 2006

by Tania Kupczak

Here's what the fine folks over at Seattlest.com had to say about mockumentary: An Excellent Evening at the Zombie Disco

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locust's "Mockumentary" Rocks <font size=2>by Anne</font> Oct 20, 2006

by Tania Kupczak

Choreographer Amy O'Neal and costume designer Macks Leger share an artistic credo: Both seemingly will try anything as long as the result looks fabulous. In "mockumentary," O'Neal, composer/co-director Zeke Keeble, and a talented ensemble of dancers and collaborators create a work that is eclectic, funky, and occasionally incomprehensible, but that invariably looks fabulous. If you care about modern dance, you shouldn't miss it.

"Mockumentary" lacks the high concept of O'Neal's and Keeble's previous work, "convenience," but in many ways is the more enjoyable for it. In "mockumentary," O'Neal seems relaxed, as though she had nothing to prove. Consequently, "mockumentary" often feels more like a dance party at a private club than a conventional performance, right down to the front-row sofas on which the dancers recline and relax when not performing. And O'Neal and Keeble do know how to throw a great party.

"Mockumentary" opens two weeks after Constanza Macras' "Back to...

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locust / mockumentary: New Friends In Different Mediums <font size=2>by Adam Sekuler</font> Oct 20, 2006

by Adam

In respect of full disclosure, I thought I should start by letting you know that I know Amy O'Neal. Not well necessarily, but I've worked with her on a small project earlier in the year. That might not mean much for some, but for a guy who's been in Seattle a mere eight months, knowing anyone at all means that they're a friend.

Now that I have that out of the way, I'll let you know what I witnessed, or rather experienced last night. locust's mockumentary is nothing short of expansive. That is, it's a show on the verge of overload. An attack on your senses; visually, aurally, and viscerally. That might be part of the idea behind this piece, but it is a difficult part of it. I'll set the stage.

Imagine before you three screens, three sets of colored lights, a drum kit, and seven performers who have nearly as many costume changes throughout the show. On the screen stage right discover Zeke Kebble hammering away at his drum kit, in the center, witness a narrative that...

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Pas par pas &ndash; Growth and growing pains for locust <font size=2>by Mike Keim</font> Oct 20, 2006

by Tania Kupczak

Mockumentary, the new show by locust, has excellent dancing and music hampered by video that does little to enhance the show. The dancing is good in solos and full cast sections, and sublime during the partner dancing. I went last night remembering part of their last show, convenience, in which Ellie Sandstrom did the craziest awesome foot-pattycake (is that the technical term?) with another dancer lying on her back, and I was excited to see more of this partner work. I was not disappointed. I think locust’s partner choreography is incredible; I could watch it all night. I feel like I’m constantly seeing new movements and new ways for two people to inhabit each other’s space. My favorite was probably the partnering of the street ninja and his prey. Really, I could go on and on ”¦

Sadly, this show had a lot of other distractions, including a short video during the opening that played for cheap laughs, followed by an ongoing drama that I...

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locust review Oct 20, 2006

by Tania Kupczak

I always appreciate when artists put themselves out on a limb. Locust’s opening night performance of  “Mockumentary ” multi-tasked several elements with dance, live sound, video, a story with characters, and the technical nightmare of syncing up 3 video screens and light cues. Amy O’Neal’s choreography is by far a strength. Her unique movement vocabulary, which blends modern and hip hop, is completely interesting an unpredictable. I love the contradiction that it is both grounded and light and beautiful and ugly. Her use of space, repetition, phrasing and timing, and especially the partnering had an intelligent intricacy that made me feel smart as an audience member. The dancing was mostly fantastic, although I think a couple of weeks of rehearsal could have cleaned up some sloppy group moments. Dancer Ellie Sandstrom-WOW! Zeke Keeble, also WOW! Keeble’s layered beats, quirky sounds, and vibe-a-lish-ish-ness are also a strength for the...

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Genius Awards Oct 18, 2006

by Jessica

Come join The Stranger, OtB staff and friends, and the other 2006 Genius Award winners for a night of music, drinks and celebration at the Henry Art Gallery! The fete is this Saturday, Oct 21st and starts at 9pm, but don’t be afraid to check out the locust performance that evening and be fashionably late to the party ”¦

Also be sure to pick up the new issue of The Stranger and read about all of this year's award recipients. And to see a fabulous photo of Lane and Sarah...


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Constanza Macras/Dorky Park: Back to the Present Oct 9, 2006

by Tania Kupczak

Welcome to our blog reviews for Constanza Macras/Dorky Park! Leave a comment and give us your thoughts on the show or rate the existing reviews by clicking on the stars to register your opinion.

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