by Erin

#1 | Wed | Apr 13 | 7-8pm
#2 | Sun | Apr 17 | 5-6pm
#3 | Sat | Apr 23 | 5pm

NYC-based artists 600 HIGHWAYMEN are currently in residency at OtB building The Fever, a brand-new show drawing inspiration from the infamous Rite of Spring first performances. This new work looks at people inside different systems of organization - how we act in groups and how we act alone. The company is creating the work with the help of Seattle community members. You are invited to be a part of the integral process of...

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Performance Review: NOWNOWNOW Mar 31, 2016

by Ben Rapson

I do Facebook for a living. Day in, day out, I am almost always plugged into Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more. To say I’m a nerd for the sociology and psychology of social media would be an understatement. So I found NOWNOWNOW to be a fascinating piece of introspection and commentary. In fact, now that I mention it, introspection and commentary are not only the two narrative devices that Sarah Rudinoff uses in her piece. They’re also the two primary themes she uses to playfully skewer our culture’s use of social media.

She vacillates to hilarious effect between criticism of herself and criticism of the general masses who are so hooked on Facebook. She’s got a lot to say about self-consciousness, self-image, procrastination, instant gratification, and judging others. And for every bone she seems to pick with society at large, she takes herself to task in the same way. Her desperation in finding the...

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Have We Met in Real Life? My Date With a Stranger for Sarah Rudinoff's NowNowNow Mar 31, 2016

by Tessa Hulls

When Sarah Rudinoff found herself at the funeral of an acquaintance whom she mostly knew through the internet, she realized she had made a mistake. She had cast sweeping judgments about this person based on their online persona and dismissed them as someone who was not worth the effort of truly getting to know. But as she listened to the eulogies given by their close friends, by the love overflowing from their words, Rudinoff was forced to confront the fact that she had given nothing to someone who had deserved a great deal more.

But in this age of social media, this ceaseless barrage of information about other people's lives, is it really possible to do better? In the scenario of this deceased acquaintance, Rudinoff poses this question, asking, “But what am I going to do? Connect with every single person?” NowNowNow is a solo show that takes a gut-punching look at how social media and technology have altered the relationships we hold with ourselves and with others. ...

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Creating a Sense of Legitimacy - Sarah Rudinoff in The Stranger Mar 28, 2016

by Erin

photo by Truman Buffet

 "...The Self-Portrait is now the selfie. The Landscape is now the self-congratulatory summit pic. The bowl of fruit is the pricey brunch pic. The power of making a painting of an iPhone selfie lies in the pathos of an older form of self-expression seeking legitimacy (by way of relevance) from a younger form of self-expression, and at the same time showing how much more skill and thought and compassion it takes to paint a picture than to feel a *feeling* and snap a corresponding selfie. It's the sadness of radio interviewing the video star.

This artistic quandary points to an existential one: How does a self find a sense of legitimacy in a world where social media has—by simultaneously inflating and democratizing the ego—so diminished the self?

Instead of painting,...

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Sarah Rudinoff in City Arts Magazine Mar 25, 2016

by Erin

City Arts Magazine on Sarah Rudinoff:

Like many great performers, Rudinoff blends professional craft and personal charm in equal measure. But unlike many great performers, the breadth of roles Rudinoff chooses or creates seems limitless. Whether she’s delivering intimate, rapid-fire dialogue in Dayna Hanson’s poignant dance theatre piece The Clay Duke, camping it up in Wes Hurley’s Capitol Hill or wailing in turned-up-to-11 grunge musical These Streets, each role is distinct yet instantly recognizable, imbued with something ineffably Rudinoff.

NowNowNow, her fourth solo show, wades into the murky waters of self-definition, exploring the permeable barrier...

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Thu, Mar 24 | Pre-show Traffic Warning NOWNOWNOW Mar 22, 2016

by admin

Hey all you folks joining us for the 8pm, Thu, March 24th performance of NOWNOWNOW! Bruce Springsteen will be in town at the Key Arena that night. Expect even more traffic and parking delays around Uptown than usual. 

We just wanted to remind you about some of the alternate transportation methods and food options in the area. See you at the show!


Getting here. Our friends at LYFT have set you up! Grab a single ride FREE (up to $20). Just visit www.lyft.com/invited/SEAOTB.


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Tanya Tagaq Community Events Mar 22, 2016

by Erin

OtB is partnering with Seattle Theater Group to bring Tanya Tagaq to Seattle!

BUY TICKETS to Nanook of the North on April 6, 2016 at The Neptune Theater, and don't miss the FREE conversations with Tagaq while she is in Seattle.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016 | 3-4:30pm
Free to University of Washington Students & Faculty*
Peterson Room, Allen Library, University of Washington

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Watch a trailer for Betroffenheit Mar 16, 2016

by Erin

Watch a short preview for Kidd Pivot | Electric Company Theatre's Betroffenheit.

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