NW New Works Festival Artists: MascallDance Jun 11, 2015

by Erin

MascallDance is a creation and production company based in Vancouver, BC. Helmed by choreographer Jennifer Mascall, the company uses experimentation, collaboration, improvisation and somatic practice as central principles to their work. MascallDance presents two short pieces in the festival, both for a solo dancer where the movement is married to an architechtural costume piece, thereby turning the piece into a sort of duet in space.

Read more about MascallDance here. 

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NW New Works Festival Artists: Antoinette Bianco & Spike Friedman Jun 11, 2015

by Erin

Writers and theater artists Antoinette Bianco and Spike Friedman team up to create a slightly nightmarish world where virulent contagious diseases are a given and quarantine is a way of life. The two characters try to unravel their faulty memories to create a personal mythology to make sense of their tiny universe. Quarantine is timely performance with text that is at turns poetic, humorous and grotesque. 

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NW New Works Festival Artists: Tim Smith-Stewart Jun 10, 2015

by Erin

Tim Smith-Stewart is a Seattle based interdisciplinary artist who uses text as his primary medium for creating performances and installations. Awaiting Oblivion...is a theater performance centered around the messages of "A.O.," an anonymous street artist who has tasked Smith-Stewart with creating a performance as a way to share A.O.'s temporary solutions for navigating the dystopian world we find ourselves in at present.

Learn more at timandjeffmakeart.com.


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"...riveting movement, intense emotionality" - The Seattle Times reviews Week One of the Festival Jun 10, 2015

by Erin

Alice Kaderlan shines a light on her Week One festival favorites at The Seattle Times:

For 32 years, On the Boards’ annual two-week spring showcase of new works by Northwest artists has offered a mixed bag of shows. That’s to be expected given that many of the performances are works-in-progress or opportunities to try out new concepts.

Usually, however, there is at least one gem of a fully formed work; this past weekend, that was clearly the case with Lauren Edson’s pure dance “Barbarian Princess.” Appearing on OtB’s Mainstage, “Barbarian Princess” offered a dazzling display of pyrotechnics by Edson and her month-old Boise, Idaho-based dance troupe LED.

A former...

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NW New Works Festival Artists: Lucy Lee Yim Jun 9, 2015

by Erin

Lucy Lee Yim is an artist based in Portland, Oregon. Her work is best summed up in her own words: creates performance work from her interests in body politics, language and the mechanics of memory. For the festival, Yim digs into the Korean concept han, which can be described as a sense of hope and the ability to silently endure suffering. An amalgamation of personal and cultural research, Yim explores how han plays a role in queer notions of failure and success and gender and racial politics.

Learn more about Yim and her work at her website. 

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A brief reflection on week one Jun 9, 2015

by James Holt

Violets on Smoke: First reaction, “oh, clever.” Then: “no, wait, this is great!” Faith Helma: I hate positive thinking, too. You can speak for me anytime. Failing, for the win. Markeith and Nancy: Self-referential, but not self-indulgent. Way to walk the line. LED: Barbarian Princess, indeed. Indeed. Clarke & Kamino: I always love movement in slow-motion. Seattle Irish Dance Company: I did not realize that I needed more Irish fiddle in my life. Now I know. Jessica Jobaris & General Magic: I don’t know what just happened, but I think I like it.


James Holt is a 14/15 Season OtB Ambassador

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A bit of blogging from Vanessa NW New Works Festival Weekend One Jun 9, 2015

by Vanessa DeWolf

I sit in my seat after passing, hugging, encountering so many friends and loved ones.  

I decide to let the program sit in my lap, perusing it only at the intermission. 

The curtain closes, there is a speech, the lights go out.


A ferocity that loses tenderness in momentum and velocity.  

A video screen blank with anticipation.

Sounds in the dark of feet and intricacy.  

Slippery moments that become too raucous.


Hints of a love story lost in a series of conventional dance constructions of solo, trio, duet and ensemble

Rigorous specific dance that has such an abundance of rapidity and momentum as to never quite settle into more then an exhausting ongoingness. 


An evening that skims over the surface without settling.  I LONGED for some focused resting places for my attention, instead I found myself tracking disconnections lost in a sea of horizontal...

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NW New Works Festival Artists: Adriana Hernandez Jun 8, 2015

by Erin

Adriana Hernandez is a choreographer/performer who grew up in Tijuana, Mexico. Mujer Bonita is a dance performed by all Latina women with a live Latina singer. The choreography explores the nature of the truth and lies, and stereotypes existant in Latin American culture relating to women. The choreography encapsulates ideas of machismo, feminism, gender stereotypes, wanting to maintain good appearances. Mujer Bonita is performed by dancers Adriana Hernandez, Carla Maria Negrete Martinez with Nancy Blanco-Hrivnak, and Nico Tower.

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