Kidd Pivot took me to Heaven Feb 18, 2011

by Ben Rapson

There are some shows that don't need a story, don't need an explanation, don't need a meaning. Kidd Pivot's Dark Matter was just that show. I was in pure Heaven for well over 75% of this performance. After their incredible tour-de-force Lost Action last year, I was willing to watch literally anything they wanted to show me. What I got was a divine mix of puppetry, explosive modern dance, and the vague storytelling of dreams. I was with it, then I was lost. I got it, then I didn't. After only a few minutes I stopped caring: just give me more Kidd Pivot. The finale of this performance is the most beautiful thing I've ever witnessed on a stage, and it's not just because they chose one of my favorite pieces of music for it. After the show I met all the performers and the choreographer, but I could not put into words the amazing ecstasy I felt watching Dark Matters. I still cannot. I wept for about 10 minutes after the...

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Dark Matters: Spectacular and Good Feb 18, 2011

by Josh

Take away any gender connotations from the term Patriarchal Power, and it seems like the best term to describe Kidd Pivot Frankfurt RM's "Dark Matters." Can an artist’s creation take such a hold, that it can literally take over their creator's lives? Crystal Pite's creation has that certain quality to it, generating the type of ambiguity that begs to be analyzed further. The performance was the one of the most memorable things I have seen this season, both in terms of the energy and the creativity presented by the piece. 

Take for example the performance's first scene, which presents a room fit for only those comfortable with the most dark and uninhabitable existence. The walls are made of paper, ax's made of cardboard and the world appears only to be lightly sketched, removed from reality and taken into a realm fit for the tallest fantasy. The lighting is low, lit almost exclusively by a lone searching spotlight and a hanging ceiling lamp; the perfect setting for a...

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Kidd Pivot Frankfurt RM reviews Feb 18, 2011

by Jessica

"This is, in short, art of the highest caliber. And it's spellbinding." - Seattle Times

"Kidd Pivot Frankfurt RM’s Dark Matter Sparks Electricity" - Seattle Dances

"3 Perspectives on Crystal Pite/Kidd Pivot" - ArtDish

"In the Master Class With Crystal Pite's Company" -...

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Rebuking One's Creator with Crystal Pite Feb 18, 2011

by Shango

Tonight, “Dark Matters” performed by Kidd Pivot and choreographed by Crystal Pite opened to a sold out audience at On the Boards.  Pite’s work has been seen at OtB two other times as well.  It is amazing when any artist can live up to the hype and judging by the standing ovation and the howling love at the end of the first movement, Ms. Pite has lived up to her reputation yet again.

I will not reveal any spoilers but suffice it to say that the first act is more narrative than I have ever seen in contemporary dance.  Indeed, I am usually the person who is insisting that the narrative for a work need not even be delineated and an audience member should be free to enjoy the visual stimulation without having to bring logic into agreement with what is taking place.  Nonetheless, the first act is downright dance theatre and it was magnificent.  The narrative is chock full of curiosity, horror, humor and moves at an edge of your seat pace....

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Kidd Pivot Frankfurt RM's Dark Matters Feb 17, 2011

by Tania Kupczak

Did you come see the Kidd Pivot show? Did you see their last show here or is this the first time you've witnessed Crystal Pite's choreography? Give us your thoughts on the performance!

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Kidd Pivot - All performances SOLD OUT Feb 17, 2011

by Charles Smith

All performances of Kidd Pivot's Dark Matters are SOLD OUT. We will be doing a waiting list for each sold out show. The waiting list will be started when the box office opens each day for that evening's performance only. You can call or come by in person, but the waiting list is not available online. We will take care of the transaction when you contact us (so have your Visa or Master Card ready!). This way, we will not hold up the show's start trying to do all the transactions right at show time (thanks for making this go smoother!). Please check in with the box office by 7:45pm so that we do not skip you when calling names from the list. We try to take only the number of people on the list we feel we will be able to seat. If we do not get you seated from the waiting list, we will do a refund at show time. We will not be able to tell you...

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Bill Forsythe - Make your own work! Feb 16, 2011

by Maureen Whiting, Choreographer

In 1995 I got the chance to hang out with Bill Forsythe pretty solidly for three days at a mutual friend’s downtown NY apartment where we were both staying. He opened the door for me and it went on from there…

I never got over being star struck but rather got constantly distracted from that fact because I was compelled by the fiery quality of his mind, an amazing combination of the imaginative and the logical, and the absorbing engaging consuming quality of his spirit. It was fun!   We would talk about math and dance and then… “Let me show you this…” and it was a self-made video of him under a plastic green tarp tying his own body into different shapes over and over.  He also told me that one evening while waiting for his wife he climbed a street lamp and lashed himself to the pole…with tape.

In the dance world we think of him as a technical dance master because of his artistic contributions to ballet (his own...

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Kidd Pivot Frankfurt RM previews Feb 16, 2011

by Jessica

"You'd have to go back all the way to Mark Morris to find a choreographer from our corner of the world who's had as much of an impact on the international dance scene as British Columbia's Crystal Pite." - Seattle Times

"...dancing that is almost unbelievable." - Seattle Weekly

"The dancers are ridiculously talented." - City Arts Blog

"A Frankenstein Story by Crystal Pite" -...

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