SuttonBeresCuller's Discerning Democracy Sep 17, 2011

by Greg

To Be Determined by SuttonBeresCuller at On the Boards certainly delivers an unconventional performance experience. From the moment you're waiting in line, one is pushed into a zone of discomfort not so much from the number of performances that are sprinkled throughout the evening but more in that nervous laughter area where you're not quite sure what to make of what you're witnessing. Immersive, quirky and unabashedly shameless, To Be Determined is like watching America's Got Talent gone awry but with a much better set.

Sourcing performers from CraigsList, SuttonBeresCuller present a vision of a discerning democracy where curatorial purview is left to chance, the participants' ambition and the consumer's consumption. Mind you the social aspect of the experience is half of the fun. Meandering through the spaces, running into people you may know, sharing thoughts about the night contribute to a social interaction...

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Advice on how to experience To Be Determined Sep 16, 2011

by Jessica

We've spent a fair amount of time talking through how best to frame To Be Determined and to guide people through the experience once they get here. But it was 11/12 artist Trimpin who we thought nailed it in this excerpt from Jen Graves' post on Slog today (emphasis ours):

"...At which point I ran into Trimpin. Trimpin is the Macarthur "Genius" Award winner who builds instruments as sculptures. He believes that all music is live, and that recorded music is not music. (It is something more like sculpture or architecture.) I love Trimpin.

I told him I was having a hard time getting my To Be Determined to be either determined or indeterminate, that it was sort of sliding by in unpleasant ways, that it felt too much like the rush of my regular life. (Maybe this is what I was supposed to feel. Life is just life, lemonade is just lemonade...

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Photos from To Be Determined - night 1 Sep 16, 2011

by Jessica

Here's a glimpse at some of what was seen last night at SuttonBeresCuller's To Be Determined:

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Opening night reviews of To Be Determined Sep 16, 2011

by Jessica

Check out the reviews so far from the opening night of To Be Determined:

"When A Work of Art Is To Be Determined: SBC at On the Boards Last Night" - The Stranger

"SuttonBeresCuller at OtB: fun scene, mixed bag" - Seattle Times

"SuttonBeresCuller Sources New Performance Event from...

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SuttonBeresCuller/To Be Determined. A Constellation of Open-ended Concerns and Possibilities Sep 16, 2011

by Gretchen

Last night my partner Steve Zielke and I attended SuttonBeresCuller/To Be Determined. From the start, the experience was engaging, and just disorienting enough to allow us to construct our own unique experience. The greeters/bouncers, (one of these was gallerist Scott Lawrimore), standing behind a red rope, seemed welcoming and acted as a small barrier at the same time. The low-slung rope recalled a work SBC realized as out-going students at Cornish College of the Arts, in which they constructed a low brick wall across the entrance to the faculty parking lot.  

Once inside the OTB space, we encountered a bank of chandeliers that made us feel at home (but whose home?). As we entered what is normally the seating/stage area, the architecture opened up into an installation on a large scale. The atmosphere was relaxed and we were able to chat. Steve noted that the spatial openness of the installation also...

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To Be Determined… needed More Determination Sep 16, 2011

by Catherine Cabeen

Last night SuttonBeresCuller’s “To Be Determined…” opened at OtB.  As a season kickoff; a mash-up of party, site-specific artwork and unpredictable performances, the event was totally successful.  I was surprised and delighted by many of the visual elements the team had constructed.  Fellow audience members were drinking and smiling, which was what we had been invited to do, so in that way SuttonBeresCuller realized their vision.

The visual elements held their ground in a striking manner against which the “unconventional” performances were situated. However, I was disappointed by the inconsistency of the evening’s promised, “detailed craftsmanship.” The performances weren’t strong enough, unconventional enough, or well enough framed to create a powerful juxtaposition against one another, or the visual artwork that dominated the space. The haphazard environment was fun, but it did not move me, entertain me,...

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To Be Determined? Sep 16, 2011

by Eric Pitsenbarger


A big ball of Americana. Our globe of a world rendered in the telling articles, the products that are aggressively advertised, voraciously consumed and then carelessly discarded trash. Here it is: flotsam of the culture magnetized and fitted snugly, suspended over what has been the main stage of OTB. The busy, random chaos of the everyday, the taken for granted 'stuff' that floats through our hands or by us on the grocery shelves, in our living-rooms, on the road. The overwhelming glut of information and sensation that lodges itself on your consciousness for a while only to be passed over for the next and then the next...all produced and real, taking up space (noticed or not), transformed in a season from iconic or invaluable, delightful, a a pile of junk; still here, now gathered together as 'art'. Representing the growing pile of a world: Black and white video of a soap opera. The yule log crackling on the hearth. Gumby and Pokey. A printed burlap bag of...

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Badminton Royale III Official Info Sep 16, 2011

by Monique

BADMINTON ROYALE III Tuesday, September 27

We pulled the bracket and are ready to play!  We will play on our 2 INSIDE COURTS, same as last year. Our beer garden and food will also be inside.


Tournament Bracket and Schedule

Our courts will be available at 12:00 for warm-up on Tuesday, Sept 27th. Games will begin at 1:00pm. 


We currently have 32 teams and have a bracket of 5 rounds (similar to the NCAA).   Check back Monday for more bracket updates!


Round 1 (1:00pm – 5:00pm): Teams will play 1 game to 21

Round 2: (5:...

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