Seattle Times reviews West Apr 23, 2010

by Jessica

Michael Upchurch at Seattle Times reviews West:

In "West," their epic-scale and near-epic-length new show at On the Boards, the video wizardry of "Awesome" (always in quotes) has taken a quantum leap. The white silhouette of a galloping horse ripples across a rugged backdrop. A night-sky is unveiled inside a packing crate. Trickles of blood drip down from where you least expect them.

These fancy flourishes are all part of a dreamlike meditation on the myths and transformations of the American West that's both ambitious and ambiguous. It's served up with music, movement and a whole array of stage trickery that keeps things lively, or at least trance-inducing, even when the show is nonlinear to the point of being cryptic.

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"Awesome" at On the Boards Apr 23, 2010

by Jeffery Fracé

I far prefer a show that dreams big and doesn't always get what it wants to those shows that are content to show only what they know. The show "West", just like the pioneers that went there, is surely in the first category. At times the performers seemed dwarfed by their own concept -- not to mention the overwhelming set -- and somehow, that seemed to work. The relativity of size was reflected on several levels, which led me to think this was not all accidental: a miniature model of the set within the set, for example, as well as a tiny diorama of the night sky. What is it about the image of stars that gets me every time? Well, perhaps all the packages didn't get delivered, but I was granted a lot of space and freedom in this "West" to ponder, to wonder and to dream. That's definitely worth the sacrifice of a sometimes bumpy journey.

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feral musical Apr 23, 2010

by Anne Blackburn

West is a magic realism of baggage. West is all places and no place at all, inhabited by ghosts and mirages, fever dreams and deep thirst, outsized characters for expansive spaces. West has limpid harmonies, broken surfaces, collisions of rustic myths and digital manifestations, spaces that defy themselves. West is what a musical might be if it were allowed to go feral. About time.

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"Awesome" | <i>West</i> Apr 22, 2010

by Tania Kupczak

Did you come see  West? Leave us a comment below if you were wowed, annoyed, moved to drinking, or otherwise affected by the show.

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Previews and more for "Awesome" Apr 22, 2010

by Jessica

Here's what some publications around Seattle are saying about West:

"Prepare yourself for seductive tunes with rich harmonies (you can sample three on On the Boards' Web site) and a healthy dose of frontier surrealism." - Seattle Times

""Awesome," the seven-piece theater/art-rock/garage band that, over the past five years, has threatened to redefine the American musical as a place of moods and textures instead of high jinks and wocka-wocka-wocka." - The Stranger

"...these are some crazy-talented musicians who aren't making your standard musical theatre-fare." -...

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"Awesome"'s set arrives Apr 19, 2010

by Jessica

set load in
[OtB technical director Rich gets ready to go up in the genie amidst the "Awesome" set]

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Teen Tix speed dates with "Awesome" Apr 15, 2010

by Jessica

Teen Tix, Seattle's amazing arts access program for teenagers, met 6 of the 7 members of "Awesome last week for a round of speed dating style interviews. We'll link to the interview here when it's posted later today, but in the meantime enjoy their teaser trailer.

Part 1 - the teens ask "which band member is most deserving of 'crush of the month' status?"
Part 2 - a day in the life of an "Awesome" member
Part 3 - "What is your best piece of advice for surviving high school?"...

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APPLY NOW: The A.W.A.R.D. Show! 2010-2011 Apr 14, 2010

by Jessica

It’s back! The competition which gives 12 contemporary dance makers the chance to showcase their work to win $10,000 and still has people talking about dance months after the curtain went down will return to OtB in the 10/11 season. The special event, presented with NYC’s The Joyce and generously sponsored by Boeing, was a sold out success in 2009, bringing in new audiences for dance, sending $12,000 into the local dance community and inspiring ongoing dialogue about the performances and the format of the event. Applications are open now through May 11. Get applications on The A.W.A.R.D. Show! page. After taking in feedback from participants, patrons and the wider community we are pleased to announce 2 Seattle-specific changes to The A.W.A.R.D Show! in 10/11: *Applicants will be allowed to submit proposals for new work to be considered by the panel. Innovation...

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