Sneak Peek: Day 5 Sep 12, 2011

by Jessica

Here's the Monday peek inside To Be Determined. Any guesses as to what you're looking at and where it is?


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To Be Determined Previews Sep 12, 2011

by Jessica

How do you preview a show that's a secret until after opening night? Check out these previews about SuttonBeresCuller - more to be added as they are released!

"Golden Season" - Visual Arts" - City Arts

"SuttonBeresCuller is up to something at On the Boards" - Seattle Times

"Nancy Guppy's Weekend Zone" - King 5's New Day Northwest

"SuttonBeresCuller takes over On the Boards September 15" - Seattle Examiner (also posted at...

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Sneak Peek: Day 4 (double peek!) Sep 11, 2011

by Jessica

Today's sneak peek from SuttonBeresCuller is a twofer! Take a look:

Get tickets or read more about To Be Determined and SuttonBeresCuller.

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Sneak Peek: Day 3 Sep 10, 2011

by Jessica

Here's the latest from SuttonBeresCuller in the sneak peek series:

See the rest of the SuttonBeresCuller sneak peeks or visit SuttonBeresCuller | To Be Determined to get more info and tickets.

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Sneak Peek: Day 2 Sep 9, 2011

by Jessica

Here's image number two in SuttonBeresCuller's photo of the day. Want more info? Visit SuttonBeresCuller | To Be Determined.

Also see the rest of the SuttonBeresCuller sneak peek series.

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Badminton III Official Bracket Sep 8, 2011

by Sarah

On September 27th 32 arts teams will battle to throw Pottery NW from their Badminton Throne.

badminton bracket

[See the Badminton Royale III bracket in full size]

What are your predictions? Leave them in the comments below!

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SuttonBeresCuller: Sneak Peek of the Day Sep 8, 2011

by Jessica

Yesterday SuttonBeresCuller began releasing an image of the day from their installation. You can follow along on the SuttonBeresCuller facebook page or check back everyday on the OtB blog for the latest photo.

Here's the very first image from last night:

Day1 image!

Stay tuned for more! Want more info or need tickets? Visit the SuttonBeresCuller | To Be Determined page.

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Teaser trailer: To Be Determined Aug 30, 2011

by Jessica

TBD from Rodrigo valenzuela on Vimeo.

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