Seattle Times on "Cotton Fields" Jan 14, 2011

by Jessica

From the Seattle Times:

"...the show begins with a truly hot, techno-rock band, Natural Born Chillers, playing while a couple of front men in punk rock's standard-issue black suit, white shirt and skinny black tie dance up a storm.

The Chillers' feverish, rave vibe is instantly mesmerizing. The dancing punks (Tomasz Nosinski and Wojciech Niemczyk), surrounded by pillars of light cutting through thick fog, become rock shamans. "

Read the full review.

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"It is loud. It is oblique. It is incisive. It is elusive. And it is absolutely beautiful." Jan 14, 2011

by Jessica

More from Seattlest's Omar Willey on last night's performance of In the Solitude of Cotton Fields here.

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"there's no question "Solitude" is one of the most original productions Seattle has seen in a long time" Jan 14, 2011

by Jessica

Hear what else's Alice Kaderlan has to say about In the Solitude of Cotton Fields on the Feet First blog.

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Notes about "Cotton Fields" in my inbox Jan 14, 2011

by Jessica

Here's another sampler of what we're hearing from last night's audiences:

Loved it.  I left the theater needing a rest after "dancing" throughout the performance.  Can't listen to techno without moving.  Noticed that a lot of the audience felt the same.  The big screen didn't do much for me and could have been eliminated as far as I was concerned... but the rest - spot on.  I hope the other performances sell out.  Outstanding music.  Outstanding actors.

I enjoyed the show, overall. The yelly guy…had I realized, I would have sat on the other side of the stage, or brought ear plugs? But I would have hated to miss his facial expressions; he puts a lot of effort into them all, they both did. The music really worked well; I wish you guys sold audio recordings of the show =p.

I went to the show with 2 friends.  We all agree that the kiss was rather awkward and made us cringe.  Overall, though, we loved the show and the...

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Gorgon Jan 14, 2011

by Eric Pitsenbarger

I've been looking forward to my exposure to the Polish group for months!

Observed in shadows as they skulked past our camp fire at The Works in Portland last September, they were like a single unit with many heads, all smoking, glaring at us with red rimmed haunted eyes. A punk Gorgon in dark suits.

Lucky me that my group dove to the front row seats for thursday night's opening of Radoslaw Rychick's: "In The Solitude of Cotton Fields"! Primed for a battery of noise and attitude, I'm ready to be educated through the maze of foreign language (what are supra-titles?), to confront my perceived danger of a brutish, nihilistic manifesto; I also want to get past the cartoon Sprockets / Blues Brothers reference. Punks in suits on this stage might be something altogether different.

I do feel safe in the knowledge that what's presented here consistently has the nutritious effect of causing my mind to grow, but in remembering Portland, there is also that tiny dread that...

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tired wasted hungry euphoric Jan 14, 2011

by Marissa

Please note this is written after a long night hanging out with the infamous Poles.  I am tired, I am wasted, I am hungry, I am euphoric.

   It  is a challenge to write about this show.   I am unable to summon up criticism.  I was so pulled along by the ride.  This show is right up my alley.  Loud, live music.  A dark twilit street. Ballsy, aware poetry.  Desperate mania carefully abstracted  into tight conscientious caricatures of choreography.  Everyday gestures tightened and practiced.  The desperation of powerlessness, the ecstasy of desperation, the comfort of entanglement, the relentless drive of human need.  

I have heard that a show is ultimately good if it makes you want to be a part of it.  I will argue that a show is better when it gives you more courage in being a part of yourself.  

This show didn't make me want to be on stage, instead it reminded me of the...

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We want your thoughts on In the Solitude of Cotton Fields Jan 13, 2011

by Tania Kupczak

Did you come see Radosław Rychcik | Stefan Zeromski Theatre? What'd you think of the performance? Leave a comment with your thoughts!

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Vodka Gummies - the deliciously infused bar snack of Radosław Rychcik Jan 12, 2011

by Monique

Check out our featured bar snack for this weekend - vodka infused gummies, perfect for a Polish-punk-rock-theater performance!

Vodka Gummies

See you there!

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