November 12MM Nov 23, 2009

by Tania Kupczak

One of the most enjoyable things for me about this 12 Minutes Max showcase was the progression of pieces throughout the evening. Even though the five out of seven of the pieces are essentially solos, it doesn't feel like a solo-heavy show because three out of five solos involve video, a musical instrument and two puppeteers for the solo puppet. Another thing that caught my eye were the costumes. Jose Amador and Tamer Abdo were both modestly dressed, but each had their own powerful message. Karin Stevens's dancers subtle costumes matched beautifully and supported the sharp ensemble choreography. Gabriel Bruya's costumes helped create the 50s period-appropriate atmosphere along with matching retro pyrex containers. Heidi Pendergast/Twig Theater's two puppeteers' eastern tunics augmented (the puppet) Little Man Monk's robe. Charles Smith had a perfect collared shirt, tie, and button up V-neck sweater for his 12-Minutes-of-fame valedictorian speech.

- curator Danny Herter...

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Last night at Speak & Sing... Nov 19, 2009

by Tania Kupczak

Amy O with back-up dancers

Amy O'Neal belts out "Everything She Wants" with support from some very enthusiastic back-up dancers. Click on the photo for more images from the event on our Flickr page.

If you missed it, don't be sad! Eric will be hosting a second evening in March.

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Singer to Critic to Curator to Karaoke Host Nov 18, 2009

by Jessica

Regina Hackett lays out Eric Fredericksen's track from singing in the shower to becoming a karaoke host extraordinaire.

Read up on it at Another Bouncing Ball.

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Upcoming 12 Minutes Max Nov 18, 2009

by Tania Kupczak

Curating this 12 Minutes Max was truly a pleasure, and I think we selected a knock-out line up. The best part about this 12 Minutes Max is the variety of performances.   Not only do we have a variety of styles, like dance, theater, puppetry, and video/performance art, but also a contrast in mood and tone. Some pieces are hilarious, some eerie, while others are touching, beautiful, bizarre, and nostalgic.   Tell yourself and tell your friends, don't miss it!

- $12 for 12 Minutes Max Guest Curator Danny Herter

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OtB artists in the community Nov 13, 2009

by Jessica

A couple OtB alumni are doing good things around Seattle in the coming weeks. Here are a couple events to add to your calendar:

Paul Taub - Paul is a member of Seattle Chamber Players (coming in Feb 2010) and is currently celebrating 30 years of being a musician in Seattle. His concert on Sat, Nov 14, features a well rounded selection of pieces for the evening, including works by Reza Vali, Toshio Hosokawa, Jovino Santos Neto, Bun-Ching Lam, Wayne Horvitz, Franghiz Ali-Zadeh, Julie Mandel, and Henry Brant’s  “Ghosts and Gargoyles. ” Read more and buy tickets

Wynne Greenwood - This 08/09 alum is pairing up with K8 Hardy to present a series of film works titled ...

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Nights in White Satin, or Eric Fredericksen + You Will Speak and Sing this Wednesday! Nov 13, 2009

by Mike P

After performing and then working at On the Boards, I have to say that the amount of karaoke I have done has increased about 600%. Which is why I am so excited for Speak and Sing on Wednesday!

Some fond OtB memories for me include jamming into Seattle's Best Karaoke (SBK) with Hand2Mouth Theatre, then with Linas Phillips and Co. (I think we broke a couch?), or the many nights at Ozzie's - most notably with Elevator Repair Service and Nature Theater of Oklahoma, also the site of a legendary chair dance to Darling Nikki, not to mention the rockin' karaoke parties at OtB the past two seasons.

Eric Fredericksen, director at Western Bridge, is hosting Speak & Sing Contemporary Karaoke Practice in the Studio theater at OtB on Wednesday. I think I've gone to karaoke with Eric about 100 times! Highlights include a dark and rainy night in a Filipino restaurant...

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More ALASKA reviews Nov 11, 2009

by Jessica

Check them out:

"Man oh man! Last night I was fortunate enough to see the last performance of Diane Szeinblum’s piece "Alaska" at On the Boards. At it’s most fervent moments, the piece cast a hypnotic spell over the audience."

- Seattle MetBlogs

"This is pretty heady stuff, and Szeinblum’s conceptual Alaska is rather more dark, desolate and austere than our majestic, cruise-ship friendly, oil-rich, eccentric, and ruggedly individualistic neighbors many have in their minds."

- Cross Cut

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ArtDish reviews ALASKA Nov 9, 2009

by Jessica

Jim Demetre reviews Alaska:

When we use the word "contemporary" to describe a work of dance we are usually talking about two things. First are the formal elements of movement employed in conveying the meaning; elements that are of the moment and constitute a kind of recognizable global vernacular. Second is the vaguer realm of mood, tone, and sensibility. Does it define something particular about the era in which we live? Argentinean choreographer Diana Szeinblum’s Alaska, which opened Thursday at On the Boards and runs through Sunday, can clearly lay claim to the former properties. When it comes to the latter, however, the piece is as traditional and familiar as that other product of Argentina, the tango.

Read the full review

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