New dance blog by Alice Kaderlan reviews Heaven Apr 3, 2010

by Jessica

Dance critic Alice Kaderlan has a brand new blog at where she reviews Heaven:

The translucent white lighting and the flowing white costumes immediately convey ritual and sanctity. It's as though we've entered hallowed ground and we are as much a part of the experience as the performers we're watching.

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Heaven Can't Wait! Apr 3, 2010

by Adam

Morgan Thorson's Heaven provides us with a frozen spiritual. Set against a stark white back drop with floating icicle like beads and glistening sheer curtains on the side, the performance opens with the howl of a wind fan, as the dancers glide slowly in formation across the white floor. As the dancers thrashed against the stages back curtain, the ripples echoing through the fabric were reminiscent of evening winds frequently blowing snow across a frozen lake. It comes as no surprise that this hauntingly beautiful performance is the brainchild of a current resident of that icy city I once called home, Minneapolis. Conceptually the piece feels like a spiritual gathering. Its dance vernacular pulled from the common language of religious revivals. Bowing, clasping hands, murmurs of prayers, incantations of names, calls and responses, the piece gradually builds as the movement contracts, separates, and generally becomes more expansive, taking control of larger sections of the...

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Seattle Times reviews Heaven Apr 2, 2010

by Jessica

Michael Upchurch reviews Heaven at On the Boards:

"Thorson's Heaven is better described as ritual-movement theater than dance. It goes for trance-inducing pattern and sound, and only after the trance has been induced does Thorson delve into restless realms that ask for dance prowess from certain members of her company."

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Prairie Grasses Burning with Reverie Apr 2, 2010

by Shango

I was healed and delivered tonight at the Morgan Thorson/ Low performance at On the Boards. It was easily my favorite dance performance of the OTB season. I ended the show with a warm smile and cleansed of my transgressions. Don't miss it. You owe yourself something this good. So much of what usually attracts me to contemporary dance are the engaging synthetics of the modern oeuvre. I love the costumes and video projection and experimental/techno/deconstructed soundtracks. I love the intentional hyperbole of it all. I was really surprised in the very best way by how different this particular performance was in that it was more akin to lying on my back on the ground on a dry summer day and looking into the bright sky. No one on stage looks like a performer yet they perform with voice, song and movement in the most intimate way. The show is gentle and consoling and somehow redemptive. Yes, even though this description will most likely only lead to confusion, the choreography...

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where we belong. Apr 2, 2010

by Marissa

After Thursday night's performance of Heaven I sat with Spencer Moody and a small group of friends at Mecca and we traded thoughts on the collaboration between Low and Thorsen. Everyone agreed that the integration of musicians moving and dancers vocalizing was natural and seamless. More than that I was impressed by how empathetically involved the male musician, Sparhawk, was with the other performers on stage, and how clearly removed and sidelined the female musician, Parker, was- at times even 'taking a break' from the action on stage to catch up on some needlework. Upon writing this it makes me think about the back-seat hidden role women take in many religions as compared to the public leadership roles men often hold. We also all were impressed by Low's sourcing of sound from non-traditional instruments. The show opened with the soft hum of a fan with a mic set in front of it. It was simple and beautiful- a drone created without resorting to cliche spiritual...

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Morgan Thorson | Low | <i>Heaven</i> Apr 1, 2010

by Tania Kupczak

Did you come see Heaven? Leave us a comment below if you were tickled, annoyed, moved to ecstasy, or otherwise affected by the show.

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Previews of Heaven Apr 1, 2010

by Jessica

Here's what people are daying about Heaven as we get ready for opening night:
"Her dancers, dressed in white (are they culty or angelic?), move in two modes—slow/meditative and violent/ecstatic—and will do some singing. Low members Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker will do some dancing. Prepare to be mesmerized." - Stranger's Line Out

"haunting minimalist tunes and... intense choreography" - DailyCandy

"...building to an ecstatic pitch." - Seattle Weekly

"Every now and...

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Theatre Communication Group reviews THE SHIPMENT on Mar 31, 2010

by Jessica

Theatre Communication Group's new blog posted a review of the experience of watching a film on The reviewer chose THE SHIPMENT to view since it was a performance she "intended to see while it was running [at The Kitchen in NYC], and never actually did." Here's a little of what she had to say:

Watching THE SHIPMENT on On the Boards was more like watching a live play in a theatre than like watching a taped show on Hulu. There was something fundamentally more challenging about it. Film and TV, material that is "supposed" to be taped, is usually subject to pressures from advertisers, markets and various agencies concerned with naughty language. All of these things take some of the bite out of the finished production. Theatre isn’t free from outside pressures...

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