H3 reviews around Seattle Jan 29, 2010

by Jessica

Here are some of the reviews that have come in so far of Bruno Beltrao | Grupo de Rua at On the Boards: "The show then explodes into a form of controlled kinetic madness ”¦and never really lets up." - Seattlest "...the whirling scuttles, glancing catches in midair, twinings and near collisions feel like a new kind of a movement vocabulary in the making." - Seattle Times "It explores the power of connection and the power of the body. It’s all about BEAUTY, TENDERNESS, DELICACY and REFLECTION and it is an unbelievable show. I’d go back every night if I could (seats are very scarce at this point)." -...

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A psychedelic remix of this dance genre we thought we knew. Jan 29, 2010

by Shango Los

You know that moment when you hear a song playing and think you recognize it? You listen closer, searching for something to help identify it. Then it hits you all at once that the song you are listening to is a cover of a song you love. Such joyful relief! That is the same experience to sit and enjoy Groupa de Rua performing this weekend at On the Boards. Viewers can very easily spot the street hip-hop influence at its core, but what seduces is the genre bending, contemplative and near psychedelic remix of this dance genre we thought we knew. To say the performance H3 is hip-hop and leaving it at that, is akin to calling Francis Bacon a portrait painter and leaving it at that. What Bruno Beltrao accomplishes to create is an engaging study of intimacy within a genre that is traditionally battling bravado. Yes, the strength and physical challenging and breakneck pace of street dancing are there but what is also there is subtle physical...

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Bruno Beltrao blog Jan 28, 2010

by Danny Herter

With Bruno Beltrao's H3 you don't get the large group unisons choreographed to rhythm-heavy rap as you would with a traditional hip hop dance piece, or a plethora of head spins, windmills, and air flares you may see in a breakdance exhibition.   Instead what you get is sketches of the street and a taste of the jungle.   Seven dancers clad in comfortable attire of jeans and polo or T-shirts enter a dim arena, the borders of which begin as clearly defined and eventually are thrown into disarray.   There seems to be a hesitancy, a survey of the environment before the small groups of dancers start moving arms and feet through gently flowing or sharply angular, sinuous pathways.   Those not dancing sit randomly around the sides as if watching a street demonstration or waiting their turn.   We hear the sounds of cars in the street, the squeak of basketball shoes and chatter of Portugese...

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Share your Valentines story, win some Break a Heart tickets Jan 28, 2010

by Jessica

Valentines tends to bring back some of the most pleasurable and painful memories. We're looking for people willing to share their Valentines Day stories - the good, the bad and the ugly.

Leave your story below in the comments (200 words or less, please) and you'll be entered to win a pair of tickets to OtB's Break a Heart, in which 9 local contemporary dance all stars get together to take on the theme of love. There will be some singing of the Violent Femmes, a little Greek myth, a "Bloody Valentine" cocktail and more.

A winner will be drawn at random on the morning of Thu, Feb 4, so make sure to submit before then!

ETA - we're extending the contest through Feb 8!

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Warming up with Grupo de Rua Jan 28, 2010

by Jessica

Grupo de Rua just arrived at OtB and begin warming up for tonight's performance by playing some soccer:

[photo by Jess Massart]

ETA - This is the second time that we've had some kind of sports happening on our Mainstage. Can't remember the first time? Head on back to the Badminton Royale blog archives.

ETA x2 - Commenter Sara E points out that this is only the second time this season that sports have entered onto the Mainstage. See her great examples of...

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Editing THE SHIPMENT Jan 27, 2010

by Jessica

Here's a snapshot of the process of editing THE SHIPMENT for OntheBoards.tv that comes courtesy of Matt Daniels at Thinklab, Inc: 7/365 [Photo by Matt Daniels]

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Nine Men! Grupo de Rua's H3 Opens tomorrow Jan 27, 2010

by Mike P

It's been quite a season at On the Boards this year, and this month has been jam packed so far with some awesome dance. Starting with Olivier Wevers' Whim W'him and the group's sold-out showings of 3 Seasons a couple weeks ago, this week brings dance from the other end of the dance spectrum (and also, other end of the world) with Brazilian chorographer Bruno Beltrão and Grupo de Rua's H3. With stellar reviews pouring in from all over the globe, this fast-paced and aggressive work brings nine men (I repeat, NINE men) to the stage to battle it out on the floor, abstracting hip-hop theatrics and intense physicality into "a minimalist, almost meditative interpretation of hip-hop in which the movement itself becomes its own pulsating rhythm." Q. What happens in the space between hip hop and contemporary dance? A: This show. Did I mention there will be nine men onstage? From the short clip of H3 on the YouTubes, Vancouve BC's Kidd Pivot and the 605 Collective...

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OntheBoards.tv on ArtZone Jan 26, 2010

by Jessica

Check out this OntheBoards.tv mention, Friday the 22nd of January on Art Zone with Nancy Guppy.   She skyps with Brangien Davis about the latest art news – the first one being OntheBoards.tv.   The conversation begins about 7.5 minutes in.

Watch it!

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