Read about Gloria's Cause in the Seattle Times and Seattle Mag Nov 30, 2010

by Jessica

Learn more about the process of bringing Gloria's Cause to the stage in this Seattle Times preview, "Gloria's Cause looks at the forgotten figures of 1776."

And don't miss hearing from Dayna directly in Seattle Magazine's new feature, Meet your Maker.

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Ralph Lemon review roundup Nov 29, 2010

by Jessica

A few more reviews for How Can You Stay In The House All Day And Not Go Anywhere?:

"The Beautiful and Baffling Ralph Lemon" - The Stranger

Review: "Ralph Lemon makes his NW debut with fascinating, moving work" - Seattle Times

REVIEW: "Ralph Lemon's How Can You Stay... at On The Boards is both maddening and magical and he's ok with that." - Seattle...

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Behind the stories of Gloria's Cause Nov 23, 2010

by Jessica

Gloria's Cause weaves and warps untold stories and people from the American Revolution. Here's a glimpse at a few of the things you can expect to see during next weeks' world premiere:

Deborah Sampson
"The first known American woman to impersonate a man in order to join the army and take part in combat."

Albany Congress
This gathering in 1754 united members of the colonies for the first time to discuss their relationship with the Native Americans. During the conference Benjamin Franklin presented his Albany Plan of Union, a...

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Beginner's Guide to Dayna Hanson Nov 23, 2010

by Jessica

Here's a pre-Thanksgiving, pre-opening of Gloria's Cause guide to Dayna Hanson! Watch for more information about Dayna, her company and this brand new work early next week.

1. From 1994 to 2006, Dayna Hanson was the co-director of Seattle dance company 33 Fainting Spells. Along with Gaelen Hanson, the company created performances that toured internationally and helped solidify Seattle as a center for dance. Read the Seattle Times requiem for the company to get more background info on the work that made them iconic.

2. While many people know Dayna for her work in dance and film, she actually got her start in creative writing while at the...

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Dancing Something Undanceable Nov 19, 2010

by SJ

Ralph Lemon’s new work, HOW CAN YOU STAY IN THE HOUSE ALL DAY AND NOT GO ANYWHERE? is an example of why I love live theater. Or live dance. Or live theatrical dance. His work is difficult to categorize which makes me enjoy it even more. He does not take anything for granted and is forever questioning and exploring.

The first part of this piece, The Sunshine Room, finds Lemon sitting in front of a microphone on one side and a huge screen on the other. As he reads a personal narrative, clips from Ozu’s Late Spring and Tarkovsky’s Solaris intermingle with clips of Lemon’s inspirational “teacher and playmate”, 102-year-old former sharecropper, Walter Carter. Lemon speaks of losing his beloved partner, Asako, after an illness that was so exhausting she would fall asleep only minutes into watching a film. This kept her from seeing all of Solaris, for example.  She was asleep by the time Kris Kelvin arrived on Solaris only to find a...

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Preview Gloria's Cause Nov 19, 2010

by Jessica

This week's edition of ArtZone with Nancy Guppy features a preview of Gloria's Cause. Check out this sneak peek that was directed by Dayna Hanson and shot by Ben Kasulke:

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Ralph Lemon - Fri & Sat Nov 19, 2010

by Charles Smith

The Friday, and Saturday performances of Ralph Lemon's How Can You Stay in the House All Day and Not Go Anywhere? are SOLD OUT. We will be doing a small waiting list for any sold out shows. The waiting list will be started when the box office opens each day for that evening's performance only. You can call or come by in person, but the waiting list is not available online. We will take care of the transaction when you contact us (so have your Visa or Master Card ready!). This way, we will not hold up the show's start trying to do all the transactions right at show time (thanks for making this go smoother!). Please check in with the box office by 7:45pm so that we do not skip you when calling names from the list. We try to take only the number of people on the list we feel we will be able to seat. If we do not get you seated from the waiting list, we will do a refund at show...

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Making Sense Of What I Saw Last Night Nov 19, 2010

by Paige

I highly recommend reading the program notes and the writings provided by Ralph Lemon before watching the piece. It helps to provide context and abstractly/subconsciously make sense of the autobiographical puzzle. I view the work as an individual's journey to understand and be at peace with love and nothingness through the act of creation.  How Can You Stay In The House All Day And Not Go Anywhere is a peacemaking effort by Ralph Lemon with knowledge and 'love, and its ghosts;' it is a search for grace, a place that Ralph states as 'the suspension... of contemplation.' 

The work is quiet and contemplative, with a simple/direct visual skin and complex nuanced interpersonal content. In the first half Ralph tells us a layered and multi-dimensional story accompanied by a film, which is inspired by the loss of his partner. He identifies his experience of loss with Tarkovsky' film Solaris, 'a sci-fi love rage.' He informs us about his interests as a...

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