Lane Czaplinski on the 11/12 Inter/National Series May 10, 2011

Angélica Liddell was the toast of the 2010 Avignon Festival. Her featured  show was 5 hours long and it took 2 nights for me to muster enough energy and sobriety to see it. Funny thing is that Angelica has a difficult time staying sober during her performance too. When negotiating for her to bring this solo show to Seattle, we learned that she has to take a day off and skip Saturday to let the alcohol escape her body. Angelica’s work is difficult. She has said, “Theatre’s place is on the world’s periphery, which asserts its conflicting otherness as it struggles for existence. Audiences are consequently divided: some spectators will boo, others will not. And I have to put up with that: contempt on the one hand, and strong complicity on the other.” While she calls her work theater – and it is theater – this project will mark the first of several projects in 11/12 that blurs the lines of the genre.

About at the same time we filmed Temporary...

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Lane Czaplinski on the 11/12 Northwest Series May 10, 2011

OtB has enjoyed a dynamic relationship with these zoe|juniper for the past 6 years or so. During this time, Zoe Scofield and Juniper Shuey have created 3 evening length works and garnered critical praise, grant support and touring opportunities nationally and internationally. OtB has used our relationship with Zoe and Juniper as a case study for how we help artists develop and grow. A Crack in Everything (ACIE) will be the artists’ most conceptually challenging work to-date as it is being created simultaneously as a live performance, installation and video work for ACIE attempts to place the viewer into the perspective of the dancer/performer and is deploying a variety of techniques to tweak space and time, and pervert the usual matrix that defines how dance is made and how people watch it.

I remember watching Erin Jorgensen perform 8 years ago and thinking that I wanted to see her make an evening length song cycle...

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Moms to the Max May 6, 2011

by Jessica

In honor of Mother's Day we're offering $1 beers to any mothers who come to check out the show. It runs Sun - Mon, May 8 - 9, at 7pm. Tickets only available at the door! 

Check out the lineup here.

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Sat, 4-30 Catherine Cabeen & Co. is sold out Apr 30, 2011

by Charles Smith

The Saturday performance of Catherine Cabeen and Co.'s Into the Void is SOLD OUT. We do a waiting list for any sold out shows. The waiting list will be started when the box office opens each day for that evening's performance only. You can call or come by in person, but the waiting list is not available online. We will take care of the transaction when you contact us (so have your Visa or Master Card ready!). This way, we will not hold up the show's start trying to do all the transactions right at show time (thanks for making this go smoother!). Please check in with the box office by 7:45pm so that we do not skip you when calling names from the list. We try to take only the number of people on the list we feel we will be able to seat. If we do not get you seated from the waiting list, we will do a refund at show time. We will...

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Into the Void reviews Apr 29, 2011

by Jessica

Here's what's been written about Into the Void so far:

"Seattle dancer-choreographer Catherine Cabeen explores a dreamlike Void" - Seattle Times

"Catherine Cabeen on the Yves of Creation" - The SunBreak

"Into the Void—Catherine Cabeen’s newest work explores the art of Yves Klein" - Seattle Dances

"Cabeen Straight Up With a Twist of Klein" -...

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When art speaks well about art Apr 29, 2011

by Josef Vascovitz

As a commissioned work, Catherine Cabeen's Into the Void is a smart choice for OtB, especially as the theatre season winds down.  First it's a beautiful blend of music and stagecraft, with exquisite (ly performed) dance gracefully stepping through a narrative about art.  When art speaks well about art , it finds a way to reexamine even your most steadfast assumptions.  Coupled with Catherine and her troop's remarkable dance movement- at times she seemed to float through the air like Klein's famous leap- held motionless against gravity.  Last night's performance was indeed worthy of conclusion to OtB's season, with only one more show to go, this presentation makes you sad that the drama, dance and "art" can't continue year round.  Luckily we have to fill in the gaps and relive Catherine's vibrant performance.

As a complement of limited use... I'd almost recommend seeing Into the Void a second...

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Conversation with the Divine Apr 29, 2011

by Eric Pitsenbarger

There was a narrative, it emerged in certain passages: with boy meets girl, is confronted by a rival, fights and looses but is nevertheless the winner anyway; but the bigger story of freedom, of beautiful, unrestrained euphoric freedom that in it's-self, reaches to an epiphany of spiritual awakening and expression became the flying carpet ride I took. Piggybacked upon the predictable story of meeting, analogous of base human interaction and how being changed by the emergence of a new, better truth is the giddy thrill. The excitement of being free beyond the known world, of striking out 'Into The Void' and trusting the process of creation and of empowering yourself along the way and further...of illustrating the impossible electric connection that is a spark of an idea and it's ultimate depiction. An Olympian achievement for any artist and one that could be depicted in terms of conversing with the divine. The collaborative process of marshaling learned craft, body and soul, of...

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Carried Along by the Joie de Vive Apr 28, 2011

by Shango

Tonight’s opening of Catherine Cabeen’s Into the Void is her first opportunity to showcase her own ideas in an evening length performance.  Don’t assume though that what you will see is a freshman effort.  Her resume is long and varied and some would say crowned with her time with Martha Graham Dance Company.  She is very much a multi-disciplinary producer with dance being only a part of her of vision.

The performance tonight very much felt like a celebration by a performer who has spent a good deal of time learning the choreography of others.  The show was jam packed with hooks and ideas that suggested to me that Cabeen was finally able to do all the cool things on her list that she always wanted to try.  Many of them succeed and some of them rang hollow but Cabeen herself carried them all off with such joie de vive that it was easy to just be carried along towards the next engaging visual idea.


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