Truth and Reconciliation Oct 7, 2011

by Zoe Scofield


I am not sure what to say- or how to say anything in a coherent way, so I won't try.
I'll just write.
A friend told me that he is more interested in work in which his first response is "huh" and later thinks "wow", as opposed to work that does the opposite.  I agree and Angélica Liddell's piece falls into that category.  While watching it last night I felt slightly removed, aware of being in an audience with other people, aware of the inherent artifice created by theater and a bit wary of all of the talk of blood, razor blades, etc. However the piece hasn't left my conscious or subconscious mind- as I am drawing correlations between it and other work, experiences, etc. And as I think more and more about the piece, it gets better and better. Maybe thats my mind and my memory rearranging the work as I want and need it to be- or maybe it is one of those works that I need time to shift through, digest in the larger context of my life,...

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Pain Made Beautiful Oct 7, 2011

by Erin

Well, I don’t really know where to start with this, so please bear with my stream of consciousness reviewing style. I never really understood or had an affinity to performance art of the blood and guts variety. I just completely did not comprehend how the body could be a medium or material for something. Plus I didn’t understand why people were so mad. I was just like, wow! Doesn’t that hurt? Hey, lighten up girlfriend! It’s not so bad! And then one day I realized, holy shit…it actually IS that bad. It’s so bad that I can’t even fucking believe it. Like you’re just walking along, tra la la, and suddenly someone hits you in the head with a bat and after that you are just fucked and can’t forget it. The monumental stupidity and unfairness of life, the unbelievable beauty and the grotesque pain of it. And you just want to scream, what the fuck? Fuck you! Who’s running this goddamn ship? Of course I knew the story of Jacqueline du Pré but last night I was forced to really...

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Fear, Pain, Rage Oct 7, 2011

by Sara K


When I read the interview with Angelica Liddell, one of her remarks struck a chord with me. She describes how her life "blew up" at age 42: "the age in which I entered true adult life, alone, in which I couldn’t bear the idea of growing old, the idea of losing my youth, in which my body triumphed over my will, my body drew me away from love and pleasure, and towards a terrible anxiety, towards panic." In this fear she finds a foil in Jacqueline du Pre, the gifted cellist who died at 42 after a long decline caused by multiple sclerosis. Jacqueline was at the height of her artistic career much earlier, in her 20s before the disease denigrated her creativity, her skills and talent. Liddell shares a deeply personal fear that she is losing a battle to hold onto her own creative powers. I feel sympathy with this struggle. I am 41 years old. I worry...

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I will make you invincible with my defeat Oct 7, 2011

by Marissa


This show is what my last Saturday night looked like.  I am kidding of course, but also I am not,  I cannot experience art without projecting myself onto it.  Which I won't apologize for because I feel it is the very best way to experience art.  It allows us to trespass the boundaries between ourselves and others and also the fortresses we build to bury parts of ourselves away.  Luckily for us Angélica Liddell also projects.  She has projected her time of crisis onto the tragedy of Jacqueline du Pré and then projects it out for all of us.  

This is the sort of work that is difficult for some people.  Even I,  someone who loves my drama fever-pitched, unrelenting, and unresolved (because really, does life ever resolve itself? Why should art?), even I had a moment where I caught myself pulling back, distancing myself.  I stopped living in it onstage with Angélica  and started feeling frustrated and...

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Tell us what you thought about Te hare invencible con mi derrota Oct 6, 2011

by Jessica

An essential part of the mission of On the Boards is introducing international innovators to audiences, so we’re particularly proud to bring this artist here. The show has already prompted a lot of conversation.

But we want to know what you think about Te haré invencible con mi derrota. How did you react to the intensity of the performance? Did you take anything away from the show (images, sound, meaning, etc)? What did you think of the connection to the cellist Jacqueline du Pré?

Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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A note from OtB about Angelica Liddell Oct 6, 2011

by Jessica

Angélica Liddell is a warrior artist. She sees the stage as a battlefield and employs any means necessary to make something beautiful out of difficult subjects, things most people would rather leave unsaid or unexamined. She describes personal pain and summons the spirit of a famous dead cellist for answers. A ritual unfolds – what she considers to be a séance of sorts – as she dialogues with Jacqueline du Pré.

She inflicts pain on herself so she can feel something since pleasure is too difficult to achieve. While her predecessors – Carolee Schneemann, Yoko Ono, Marina Abramović and Chris Burden – channeled their disenchantment with society and life into similarly intense statements of protest and differentiation from the status quo, one cannot dismiss Angélica’s investigation because other artists mined similar territory. Hers is a personal statement that could not have possibly been made before. Obviously there isn’t much that is fashionable about putting oneself through...

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The Stranger and Seattle Weekly preview Angelica Liddell Oct 6, 2011

by Jessica

Both weeklies have previews/recommendations for Angélica Liddell this weekend. Check it out:

"...she has the fury and intensity of Diamanda Galás" - The Stranger

"The intensity of Angélica Liddell's first performance in the U.S. will likely knock you flat out." - Seattle Weekly

UPDATE: see the comments for a note from Diamanda herself!

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by Monique


Join On the Boards for a movie night as we screen Americana Kamikaze by NYC's Temporary Distortion as part of Arts Crush. The genre-bending company mines the worlds of Japanese ghost stories and J-Horror in an East-meets-West psychological horror story that unspools, complete with vengeful spirits, impossible physical manipulations, elliptical storylines, nightmarish cinematography and stunning visuals.

Come experience a full hi-def recording of this performance in OtB’s Studio Theater, October 11, 2011 at 7pm,  by one of the most talked about young experimental theater ensembles before they appear live on the stage with the US premiere of ...

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