Devotion Mar 10, 2011

by Tania Kupczak

Did you come see Sarah Michelson's performance Devotion? We want to know what you thought. You can post your comments below.

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Discounted tickets ARE available online Mar 9, 2011

by Charles Smith

Wondering where our discounts went when buying online? They're still there! Choose the number of tickets on the first page (even though the only choice you'll see is full price general admission). On the SECOND PAGE, you will see our regular discounts and can choose which ever (if any) apply at that point. We're not sure why this extra step suddenly showed up. But we've contacted our online ticket provider ( to help resolve this issue.

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Beginner's Guide to Sarah Michelson and Richard Maxwell Mar 3, 2011

by Jessica

Next week's Seattle premiere of Devotion features two heavy hitters from NYC: choreographer Sarah Michelson and playwright Richard Maxwell. Read on below for more insight into both of these artists!

Sarah Michelson
When Michelson first visited OtB in 2005, she spent an extra week in the city prepping the building for the premiere of Daylight (Seattle). This involved incredible amounts of paint, new seating bleachers and tons of detailing around our space. Check out this short photo essay to see what she did last time she was here.

Michelson is famously sensitive to theatrical spaces and uses carefully crafted set and lighting design to redesign the theaters she performs in. As seen in Daylight (Seattle) and some of her earliest works at PS122...

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Revisiting Daylight (Seattle) Mar 3, 2011

by Jessica

When Sarah Michelson first came to OtB in 2005 she redesigned both the exterior and interior of On the Boards and brought in a slew of community dancers to fill all of our spaces, from the parking lot across the street to the admin offices. Before we open Devotion, take a peek at these photos to get a sense of how she transformed OtB the first time:

No space was left untouched by her white paint and stencils, as seen in this shot of the OtB staircase and lobby windows.

Daylight (Seattle) began well before audiences walked into the theater, with performers located all around OtB, including by the box office, in the admin offices (look for the silhouettes in the 3rd floor windows...

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kudos to on the boards... Mar 2, 2011

from Carie Esquenazi

I just saw the 12 Minutes Max last night and after the great combination of good old country music, an incredibly touching and heartfelt monologue, stewed tomato madness, guys and girls dancing in little black dresses and a man talking to (and then beating up) his little stuffed piggie, I had a revelation: On the Boards is my artistic defibrillator.

It doesn't matter how many days it's been raining outside or if I've been stuck in my apartment sick for a week, when I come to see a show, it revives me. Just knowing I'm coming to watch a performance(s) makes me happy instantaneously. The combination of amazing art, being a part of the active and invested audience, the incredible crew that makes it all happen behind the scenes whom I love and means so very much to me.

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New reviews of Devotion Feb 24, 2011

by Jessica

As Sarah's tour of Devotion continues on, more and more reviews are coming out:

"near transcendent experience" - Dance Magazine

"viscerally gripping and overwhelmingly intelligent" - Huffington Post

"Sarah Michelson pushes her dancers to heroic limits in a work about faith and belief." -  Minneapolis Star Tribune

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Audition for tEEth Feb 20, 2011

by Jessica

tEEth, the winner of the 2011 The A.W.A.R.D. Show!, are holding auditions for the upcoming season. Here's what they're looking for:

tEEth is seeking one male and 2-3 female highly professional, technically advanced dancers for their upcoming 2011-2012 season. Commitment consists of the creation of a new work, 2-4 weekly rehearsals at 3 hours each beginning in May 2011 (with summer and holiday breaks TBD), a premiere performance January 26-28, 2012 at Lincoln Hall as part of White Bird’s Uncaged Series (Portland, OR), and a national tour in 2012 (tour dates and cities TBD). All rehearsals and performances will be paid. Serious inquiries only, please. Applicants must be 22 or over, have strong modern/ballet technique, be proficient in improvisation practices, and open to vocalization.

Thursday, March 3rd 6:30-9:30 PM
The mOuth (In...

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Kidd Pivot took me to Heaven Feb 18, 2011

by Ben Rapson

There are some shows that don't need a story, don't need an explanation, don't need a meaning. Kidd Pivot's Dark Matter was just that show. I was in pure Heaven for well over 75% of this performance. After their incredible tour-de-force Lost Action last year, I was willing to watch literally anything they wanted to show me. What I got was a divine mix of puppetry, explosive modern dance, and the vague storytelling of dreams. I was with it, then I was lost. I got it, then I didn't. After only a few minutes I stopped caring: just give me more Kidd Pivot. The finale of this performance is the most beautiful thing I've ever witnessed on a stage, and it's not just because they chose one of my favorite pieces of music for it. After the show I met all the performers and the choreographer, but I could not put into words the amazing ecstasy I felt watching Dark Matters. I still cannot. I wept for about 10 minutes after the...

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