Donate now to our Visa Cost Emergency Campaign - and get your gift matched! Apr 14, 2011

by Jessica

On the Boards needs to raise over $5,000 to cover the costs of our unexpected struggle to obtain visas to bring Obie Award-winning French theater company Vivarium Studio to OtB.  As of this morning, we've raised $475 towards this goal. OtB board member Josef Vascovitz has generously offered a $1,000 matching gift challenge - $500 to match the first $500 donations we receive, and $500 more if we can raise the same amount from new, first-time donors.

As of 5 pm on April 14, the first day of the campaign, OtB needs just $25 more to complete the first matching gift challenge and bring our total up to $1,100; and $375 more in donations from new donors to complete the second matching challenge.

Especially if you've never given to On the Boards before, can you help us receive the full...

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Beginner's Guide to Vivarium Studio Apr 12, 2011

by Jessica

We're prepping Serge's apartment on OtB's Mainstage Theater right now, so here's a little info on Vivarium Studio to help prep you for the performance this weekend:

1. Vivarium Studio is lead by director Philippe Quesne. In the past few years he has become reknowned for his combination of set design and storytelling.

2. The name Vivarium Studio is a reference to the kinds of terrarium-like sets that the company creates. In L’Effet de Serge this is seen in the apartment that’s recreated on stage, but in other pieces this has even involved snowy outdoor scenes. Visit to see more of their work.

3. One trademark of the company is that they begin each performance with the end of the piece that was created before it. L’Effet de Serge will give a glimpse at D’Apres Nature, giving the audience a little peek...

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Reviews of L'Effet de Serge Apr 12, 2011

by Jessica

Here's what's been said about L'Effet de Serge in other cities so far:

" of the most poignant theatrical works I've witnessed. Though there's almost nothing in it that Aristotle and his ilk would recognize as a play, L'Effet de Serge somehow communicates the essence of theater itself." - Village Voice

"A delicate balance" - Twin Cities Daily Planet

"This is one of the most French pieces of theatre ever created. Even if Ionesco wrote a play about a...

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Master Class with Vivarium Studio @ On the Boards Apr 11, 2011

by Jessica

With director Philippe Quesne and performer Gaetan Vourc'h
Sat | Apr 16 | noon @ OtB

Philippe will explain his way of working, starting from not a text but from a title which opens a field for experimentations. They will show pictures and videos of previous works, and will also propose the participants to make practical tries / exercises on stage, in the set of L’Effet de Serge. It is encouraged, but not mandatory that the participants see the show prior to the master class – by doing so it will give the participants a better idea of the work, which is always a good starting point. This class is open to all artists that are interested in participating.


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Vivarium Studio and their visas Apr 11, 2011

by Sarah

This is what zombie visas look like - they were truly resurrected from the dead....

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Vivarium Studio: it's official Apr 6, 2011

by Jessica

We are thrilled to announce that Vivarium Studio received their official visas this morning and will be arriving in Seattle to perform next week! 

We are sorry for the cancellation scare and are so thankful for the outpouring of support and advice that we received over the past few days. It is always hard work to bring artists through the border, but this was the first time in organizational history that a visa was denied. Although the reasons for the denial were clearly unfounded, we were continually told by immigration officers, lawyers and government officials that it would be truly impossible to reverse the visa denial for the artists. Our continued dedication to bringing artists of this profile kept us fighting and somehow we navigated what appeared to be a hopeless situation. (if you missed this all, read about our...

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PodFest applications are now available! Apr 6, 2011

by Tania Kupczak

PodFest is back in 2011. PodFest promotes and responds to new modes of creativity and performance throughout the Pacific Northwest by featuring six new digital performative works in dance, theater and music made through the lens of a camera or computer and viewed through the frame of a monitor. These six podcasts will be rolled out and available for viewing our website,, and in the lobby before performances each day of the Northwest New Works Festival, June 10 – 12 & 17 – 19, 2011.

Download the PodFest application HERE [Word doc]

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Visa watch 2011: Vivarium Studio Apr 5, 2011

by Jessica

One hour ago we received a miracle call: the visas for Vivarium Studio have been approved. We are not, however, out of the woods yet.

This message came after a long weekend in which we received news that the visas had been denied. After many hours, many phone calls and some incredible help, we were able to successfully get this decision overturned. Special thanks to the offices of Jim McDermott and Patty Murray!

Because this news has come so late, it’s only the first step of many to getting these artists into the country. The show remains on cancellation watch as we continue to pursue all efforts to ensure that they are here for next week’s scheduled performance.

We will have further updates on the status of the production by Friday, April 8.

Many thanks for the support and help – we’ll keep fighting!

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