Swimming Football in a Party Room Apr 11, 2014

by Joyce S.C. Liao

It was probably the lake, and the fog on the water, which made me think of a story I have known in my childhood. In the story a tiny raccoon saw an ever-mind-blowing sight of the Giant Great Mink Mother giving birth to her mink babies in a swimming pool. 


The tiny (4-inch tall) raccoon danced next to a football stood by a bush. The raccoon glorified the witness of the magnificence with its kung-fu practice and continuous dancing, inhaling and exhaling – for three-and-half hours before having its breakfast…………………………….……


I saw in the dim light, a birthday boy danced on his knees with a red bow around his neck. 


In the black-wiped-out film screen, phantom seduced and sang with Christine. His arm around her waste was reflected in the mirror. Her excitement trembled in her tears.


Women with such intense demand stared into the eyes of a totem-like statute, which would grant miracles to those who...

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Musicians of Wayfinders – Leander Star, French Horn Apr 9, 2014

by Erin

Leander Star is a French horn player and an award-winning chamber musician. His quintet, The City of Tomorrow, is the only wind quintet to have won the gold medal at the Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition in over ten years and the only wind quintet to ever be invited to the Shouse Institute at the Great Lakes Chamber Music Festival. Leander has performed with members of the Chicago Symphony in concerts with the Chicago Chamber Musicians and presented new works with Fear No Music and the faculty new music ensemble at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon. Leander...

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Musicians of Wayfinders – flautist Elise Blatchford Apr 9, 2014

by Erin

Flautist Elise Blatchford  is the assistant professor of flute at the University of Memphis Rudi E.Scheidt School of Music and a member of the City of Tomorrow, a contemporary music-focused wind quintet that took first place at the Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition in 2011. Since then, the City of Tomorrow has toured the United States and Canada, making appearances at Old First Performances in San Francisco, the Dame Myra Hess Memorial Series in Chicago, and the DiMenna Center in New York City. The City of Tomorrow collaborated with Schoenberg scholar Henk Guittart and Gruppo Montebello on a group of recordings by Second Viennese School composers at the Banff Centre in Alberta in...

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Musicians of Wayfinders – violinist Ellen McSweeny Apr 9, 2014

by Erin

Ellen McSweeney is a Chicago-based violinist, writer and songwriter. She is the founding violinist of the string trio Chicago Q Ensemble, a co-founder of the record label Parlour Tapes+, and the Chicago regional editor for NewMusicBox.

Read more about Ellen and follow her performance schedule here.

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"A visionary who pushes the boundaries of the genre defiers" Apr 8, 2014

by Erin

"There’s no real point trying to caption Wayfinders with a label—song cycle, music theater, video space opera?—since Waller’s new work maps out a region of its own, synthesizing these elements into a deliriously hypnotic performance experience.

'Ultimately it’s about the evolution of consciousness that we see happening in connection with our technology,' Waller explains. “Wayfinders imagines a distant future where our conscious and technology merge and become interdependent.” In that headspace, how do we navigate a sense of identity? How do we connect with others while our own reality changes as we become increasingly entangled in and dependent on our technology?"


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From Notes Transcribed in the Dark (BeginAgain) Apr 3, 2014

by Eric Olson

Due to the fact that Tessa Hulls is cycling around Ghana on a grand adventure, it is my task to find a worthy co-responder for the next couple of On The Boards performances. For zoe | juniper’s performance BeginAgain, I was lucky enough to have Sierra Nelson (poet, performer) agree to help me. To set the stage for our collaboration, Sierra referred to the Wonder Twins: “I'll be form of an ice cube/words. You be form of an eagle/drawing.”

Much to our surprise, the twin prompt fit eerily well, albeit somewhat tangentially. After discussing our awe of the stage and lighting design, we went on to discuss different aspects of the performance that resonated with us the most.

Sierra: The idea of twins kept recurring -- in the way the dancers often paired up to mirror one another, playing with shadows and symmetry -- and echoed by the twinning silhouette patterns...

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Untitled Painting Responding to the Visual Condition and Stimulus of a Performance, No.1 Apr 3, 2014

by Dani Dodge

BeginAgain. Begin again. Begin. Again. Overload, release. Chaos, release. Pressure, release. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

We can relate to the over stimulation, or over work, or over expending. It takes energy. And you have to find a way to recharge yourself. For you. I took a lot away from BeginAgain. Mainly reflection. I’ve had a recent series of events in my life that has allowed me the pleasure to begin again, and I’ve gotten dirty in the process. Sometimes it feels lonely, that others can’t relate to our journey through the ‘organic replenishing earth’. However, finding others, in the same place on a similar journey, isn’t too hard.


As an Army brat born in Germany, and raised in the ‘States Dani Dodge can finally call Washington her home. Planting here in Seattle has been electric for inspirations and motivations regarding herart. Dani's work is colorful, unlike the sky out...

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Master Class with Marcus and James Apr 2, 2014

by Monique

Master Class

Playing at Talking with James Long and Marcus Youssef of Theatre Replacement and Neworld Theatre.

Studio Theater | Sat, Apr 26, 2014
Noon @ OtB | $12 ($7 with ticket stub)


Join Marcus and James in a series of text generation exercises, including a participatory version of Winners and Losers. Participants will work together to investigate the role of the game in creating text, what it means to play "oneself" onstage, as well as questions of presence, spontaneity and improvisation. This class is open to all artists.

Please RSVP to sean@ontheboards.org - class size is limited.

James Long, co-artistic directs Theatre Replacement whose work (WeeTube, BioBoxes, Clark and I Somewhere in Connecticut, among others) has been seen across North America and Europe. James also works as freelance director, writer and actor with Rumble, urban ink, The...

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