You Will Be Talking About Riding on a Cloud Hours After You See it - The Stranger reviews Rabih Mroué Jan 30, 2016

by Erin

Rich Smith at The Stranger reviews Riding on a Cloud:

...I had such a good time watching and thinking about Rabih Mroué's Riding on a Cloud at On the Boards last night. Since the show's only going to run today and tomorrow, I wanted to strongly encourage you to see it while you still can.

Riding on a Cloud has sort of a Krapp's Last Tape set-up: Yasser sits at a table downstage, and, using only his left hand, plays a bunch of tapes and CDs. Little videos project on a large screen, so you split your time watching the screen and watching Yasser watch the screen. Yasser narrates in Arabic (with English subtitles) and occasionally sings. As the vignettes play out, you piece together...

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No Such Words - Riding on a Cloud Blog Review Jan 30, 2016

by Petra Zanki

You have two hands and two legs what are you complaining about? Your head is on your shoulders, she said. Yeah, but, no, what are you complaining about, she stepped on someone’s brain when she was leaving the shelter, she stepped on someone’s spilled brain on the street, when she was thirteen and going out and almost fell, we don’t talk about the war, ok, change the subject, but, there is no “but”, she is alive and that’s good, and she is ok now, isn’t she? yeah and he told me when they went to visit their relatives in another city when they were already refugees, dressed in their best clean clothes that they had, they didn’t want their relatives to pity them for being poor, as if being poor was something shameful, they didn’t come there to be pitied, they just came to say hi, they said, we just came to say hi, and they were so hungry and when offered candies, a kid, he said no thank you, we ate at home, they lied and sat poor staring at the candies on a low living room...

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Narrative and Representation - Riding on a Cloud Blog Review Jan 30, 2016

by nko

Blogger/hiker/artist nko reviews Riding on a Cloud at the songsoutofthecity blog:

I went to see a great show at On the Boards last night. OtB is known in Seattle as the premier presenter of new theatre and dance works. Riding on a Cloud, by Rabih Mroué, fits squarely in the modern theatre category – featuring a single ‘actor’ seated at a table with various props (a cassette machine, a DVD player, a stack of DVD’s, some paper notes, a glass of water) and a large video screen. The piece seemed simple at first, even minimal, yet revealed its complexity in very satisfying ways...

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Before...and After...and Now: Raibh Mroué review at Memeteria Jan 30, 2016

by Thomas May

Thomas May at Memeteria on Rabih Mroué's Riding on a Cloud:

...anyone interested in the issues that theater is so ideally suited to explore should see this unclassifiable performance. Anyone interested in the paradoxical truce between fiction and reality that underlies the very impulse to make art.

The Beirut-based Mroué wields a beguiling mixture of provocation and poetry, using his medium to pose fundamentally human questions about the identities we invent and the stories we fabricate to make sense of our past and present reality.

In Riding on a Cloud Mroué turns to the story of his own family– specifically of the youngest sibling, Yasser. Near the end of the Lebanese Civil War, in 1987 (when he was 17), Yasser was shot in the head by an urban sniper. He survived improbable...

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"Breathtaking...magical" - Rabih Mroué Audience Reviews Jan 29, 2016

by Erin


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More about Rabih Mroué: OtB tumblr Jan 28, 2016

by Erin

Learn more about Rabih Mroué's work, read interviews, watch videos and more at our tumblr page.

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by Monique

Hey - we know sometimes it's hard to get to OtB Friday nights. Between construction, work-schedules and commuting across town, we get that traffic can be a bummer.

With that in mind, we’ve reached out to some of our friends in the area to try and help your Friday night experience at OtB. Come early, check into some of the alternative transportation options, and grab a bite to eat before digging into some OtB art.


Getting here. Our friends at LYFT have set you up! Grab a single ride FREE (up to $20). Just visit

Taking the bus or can’t find a place to park? Check our...

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Reconstructing Fragments: Rabih Mroué on Riding on a Cloud Jan 26, 2016

by Erin

Belgian curator (and former Walker Film/Video curator) Cis Bierinckx, Rabih Mroué discusses the relationship of Riding on a Cloud to previous works—including The Pixelated Revolution, a Walker commission—as well as to notions of fact, fiction, absence, biography, and language at the Walker website.

 Cis Bierinckx: Let’s start by talking about “double shooting,” a term you’ve used in relation to some of your video works—the idea of shooting, with a gun, and shooting a film. Can you explain this?

Rabih Mroué: Yes. I first addressed “double shooting” in The Pixilated Revolution, which I presented at Walker Art Center in 2011. It’s a work that was inspired by smartphone videos...

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