Vivarium Studio | Philippe Quesne Apr 15, 2011

by Tania Kupczak

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Delightful!  Terrific!  Still

Delightful!  Terrific!  Still thinking about it.  Very, very clever.  I'd see him again in a second!

Charming. Gentle. Funny.

Charming. Gentle. Funny. Poignant. The sort of theater that makes me want to keep going to the theater.

A Rare Wonderful Treat

Hands down, this was my favorite show that I've seen at OTB in years.  Other "import" shows have had the "hype", but this quiet, sweet spectacle was effortlessly more enjoyable to me, with a simplicity and some actual heart, which seems so lacking in many of the productions I had been seeing here; while many had intense performances and visuals, they seemed to lack a soulful core.  This little French gift was like enjoying a bon bon with the most surprising, nuanced center.  A hint of the whimsy from Jeunet films like "Amelie",  Phillipe's Serge was a sad, charming clown who found his own unique way to "connect" with others, though the distance he kept was palatable making even a pizza party bitterweet.  The evening was sublime. 

V S was a sweet gem of a

V S was a sweet gem of a show.  Dry like a tart wine with just a hint of irony in each mouthful.Philippe’s presence on stage is a magical moment. A bit Chaplin’s tragic clown a bit Woody Allen confounding sacred cows of artistic theory.  Worth seeing and possibly going back for another look in a Sunday or two….

Superb subtle funny brilliant

Superb subtle funny brilliant surface belies deep underlying questions of relationships between art and life, performance and audience. Easily one of the favorite shows we have seen this year. (And now I want some pizza.)

Charming Serge

What a delightful and whimsical production! It was a great reminder that sometimes in taking time for small magical happenings we get to experience simple, and yet profound joy and delight. In our fast paced world this production is a timely and useful reminder. I am sooooo glad they were able to come! Thank you, thank you for such a lovely evening (or should I say series of evenings)!