Visa watch 2011: Vivarium Studio Apr 5, 2011

by Jessica

One hour ago we received a miracle call: the visas for Vivarium Studio have been approved. We are not, however, out of the woods yet.

This message came after a long weekend in which we received news that the visas had been denied. After many hours, many phone calls and some incredible help, we were able to successfully get this decision overturned. Special thanks to the offices of Jim McDermott and Patty Murray!

Because this news has come so late, it’s only the first step of many to getting these artists into the country. The show remains on cancellation watch as we continue to pursue all efforts to ensure that they are here for next week’s scheduled performance.

We will have further updates on the status of the production by Friday, April 8.

Many thanks for the support and help – we’ll keep fighting!

vivarium studio