Videogame controllers and books May 4, 2010

by Jessica

The set is still coming in and now the videogame controllers are being unpacked. Check it out:

gamecontroller and book
[Photo by Lane Czaplinski]

The book, Rimini Protokoll: Experts of the Everyday, contains essays and background info on Rimini Protokoll. Fun trivia from the book: they stumbled onto their name when a director of a theater festival demanded that they come up with a way to reference themselves. The process of doing this entailed commissioning a pub poet, finding inspiration in a bar bill and "long nocturnal discussions that had vaguely to do with German tourists in Italy and the riots in Genoa."

best before / Rimini Protokoll / theater


PS - that image is from one

PS - that image is from one of Rimini's first performances. The show featured elderly women driving tiny remote control toy cars.

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