Artdish on Wynne Greenwood

Jim Demetre reviewed Wynne Greenwood over on artdish:

Despite Greenwood’s ability to establish some appropriate tonal variances, Sister never develops enough compositional traction for anything beyond the obvious nature of the allegory to emerge from the stage.

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The Stranger on Wynne Greenwood

Jen Graves reviews Sister Taking Nap, calling it "the event of this week." Read her thoughts over on Slog.

Seattlest on Wynne Greenwood - "5 Semi-Random Thoughts About Sister Taking Nap"

Jeremy Barker offered up 5 random bits about Sister Taking Nap:

1. Wynne Greenwood is a surprisingly natural actor...for a visual artist/musician. She even ad libs well. Someone needs to make sure their cell phone starts ringing during every performance just to see how well she takes it. (Okay, maybe not. Seriously, people.)

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Wynne Greenwood | <i>Sister Taking Nap</i>

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Should I Stay? Or Should I Go?

What follows is an early-morning conversation between Yoko Ott and Scott Lawrimore after a late-night outing to see Sister Taking Nap.   It was the opening night of Wynne Greenwood’s newest performance...

Yoko Ott: After pouring my first cup of coffee this morning, I was compelled to go to the refrigerator, open it, and look for jam.   I found two jars, Pele’s Poha Berry Jam and some peach preserves.   I haven’t used either in eight months.   Both were gifts.

Wynne Greenwood

I am NOT sure I'd recommend it to any friends that I can think of , but I was really into it.

I've been thinking a lot lately about how to engage in the present moment   and this piece was nothing if not an exercise in the present moment.

The CARE that Wynne and Gina take to craft these moments is what I think is so interesting. Not really the moments as they play out into a story - or the way they look on stage - and CERTAINLY not anything about what they mean...

Part of what I find refreshing about the piece is that the Meaning felt irrelevant.

Regina Hackett on Sister Taking Nap

From Another Bouncing Ball:

As presented in Sister Taking A Nap, [Greenwood's character is] a drain on everybody except the members of the audience, who respond to Greenwood's dry wit.

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Sister Taking Nap

I went to see Wynne Greenwood's piece, Sister Taking Nap, at On the Boards tonight. I don't know too much about her work other than the fact that I should know more. I saw video of her performance work (which is kind of fitting) as Tracy + the Plastics but that's the extent of it.

The set is minimal. Imagination: abundant. Humor is drawn from repetition and keen timing. In this piece she works with Gina Young, of TEAM GINA, who's arms are used by Wynne as both telephone and refrigerator door water dispenser. It's about change.

Blog Round Up | Wynne Greenwood

Here are some folks who are talking about Wynne Greenwood:

Young Creature:

Although many of us may have shed some tears knowing that there will never be another Tracy + the Plastics album, at least we can take refuge in the fact that Wynne Greenwood is still out there making art.

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