Truth and Reconciliation


I am not sure what to say- or how to say anything in a coherent way, so I won't try.
I'll just write.

Tell us what you thought about Te hare invencible con mi derrota

An essential part of the mission of On the Boards is introducing international innovators to audiences, so we’re particularly proud to bring this artist here. The show has already prompted a lot of conversation.

A note from OtB about Angelica Liddell

Angélica Liddell is a warrior artist. She sees the stage as a battlefield and employs any means necessary to make something beautiful out of difficult subjects, things most people would rather leave unsaid or unexamined. She describes personal pain and summons the spirit of a famous dead cellist for answers.

Seattle Times previews Angelica Liddell (and the season!)

Misha Berson at the Seattle Times got the skinny on Angélica Liddell from Lane Czaplinski as well as some teasers about other upcoming shows in the 11/12 Season. Read about our 11/12 performances in the Seattle Times.

5 things to know about Angélica Liddell

Angélica Liddell is making her North American debut at OtB next week. In addition to being the first time her work will appear on this continent, it’s also the first time this performance will be translated into English.

Behind the scenes with Temporary Distortion

Throughout the past few months Temporary Distortion has been filming around NYC for Newyorkland, a brand new work inspired by gritty cop movies of the 1970's, popular TV police procedurals, and real life cop stories.