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Did you miss Temporary Distortion when they were here at OtB last November?  Want to re-watch the amazing performance The Stranger called "...seamless and gorgeous..."?  Well you are in luck!

Newyorkland review roundup

Here's a sampling of reviews from over the weekend about Newyorkland. Don't forget to also peruse the blogs for other audience reactions!

"...seamless and gorgeous..." - The Stranger

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Cops are people, too

The members of Temporary Distortion put on a beautifully-crafted show. They refer to Newyorkland as assemblage, not theatre, and experiencing their work is a bit like seeing a Rauschenberg Combine brought to life. Their aesthetic is unique, minimalist in tone but visually rich, and their method of fusing film and live theatre is impressively effective.

Seattle Times previews Newyorkland

Misha Berson wrote a front-of-the-arts-section preview of Newyorkland. Great insights and explanations of its connections to The French Connection, Law&Order, the NYPD and more.

5 things to know about Temporary Distortion

Temporary Distortion has never performed on the west coast, despite gaining considerable traction in their home, NYC, and abroad. Begin to get acquainted with these artists with these 5 things to note:

Graduation Day (aka meet the cast of Newyorkland)

We're about 3 weeks away from the US premiere of Newyorkland here at OtB. Here's your first look at the cast of performers who will appear on the stage as part this assemblage that combines gritty cop films from the 1970s, popular TV police procedurals, and real life cop stories:

Behind the scenes with Temporary Distortion

Throughout the past few months Temporary Distortion has been filming around NYC for Newyorkland, a brand new work inspired by gritty cop movies of the 1970's, popular TV police procedurals, and real life cop stories.