Discount for The Pixelated Revolution

Did you know that ticketholders for Looking for a missing employee can get a special discounted ticket to the one night only performance of Rabih Mroué’s

SuttonBeresCuller: Sneak Peek of the Day

Yesterday SuttonBeresCuller began releasing an image of the day from their installation. You can follow along on the SuttonBeresCuller facebook page or check back everyday on the OtB blog for the latest photo.

Here's the very first image from last night:

Speak and Sing: The Practice of Everyday Living

So I asked Eric Fredericksen, host of next week's Speak & Sing at On the Boards on St. Patrick's Day for any information he can divulge for what will happen or what we can do to prepare for his lecture.

Songs to drink and sing to

In case you're interested in leading the crowd through an Irish standard or a drinking song at next week's karaoke event, we've put together a quick list so that you can get to practicing.

Last night at Speak & Sing...

Amy O with back-up dancers

Amy O'Neal belts out "Everything She Wants" with support from some very enthusiastic back-up dancers. Click on the photo for more images from the event on our Flickr page.

Singer to Critic to Curator to Karaoke Host

Regina Hackett lays out Eric Fredericksen's track from singing in the shower to becoming a karaoke host extraordinaire.

Read up on it at Another Bouncing Ball.

Nights in White Satin, or Eric Fredericksen + You Will Speak and Sing this Wednesday!

After performing and then working at On the Boards, I have to say that the amount of karaoke I have done has increased about 600%. Which is why I am so excited for Speak and Sing on Wednesday!

Some fond OtB memories for me include jamming into Seattle's Best Karaoke (SBK) with Hand2Mouth Theatre, then with Linas Phillips and Co.