"Something Weird This Way Comes"

Yesterday Brendan Kiley began trying to piece together Goebbels and what will be happening onstage this weekend:

Meet the conductor, Anu Tali

Anu Tali is a world-class conductor (she's got cred)  who has been travelling the world to lead Songs of Wars I Have Seen and is in town right now with Heiner Goebbels helping put together the show for this weekend.

"It's like we live in a real city"

Michael van Baker at the SunBreak posted a review of Icebreaker and a quick preview of Songs of Wars I Have Seen this weekend. How to sum it all up? How about this:

Songs of Wars I Have Seen in rehearsal

Our building is FULL of musicians and singers getting ready for the weekend. I can't think of a time that I've seen so many instruments and music stands out on the stage and know that a couple coworkers are thinking the same thing.

The Aesthetics of Heiner Goebbels

So you've read the beginner's guide to Heiner Goebbels. What next? A short essay on the aesthetics of this composer. Dr. Kersten Glandien delivered this paper at a School of Sound symposium in 2005 and then made it available online.

Songs about war - what's your favorite?

There are plenty of love songs out there, but how about songs about war? An about.com posting lists the following as the top 10 songs related to war: 1. Eminem - Mosh - 2004 2. Paul Hardcastle - 19 - 1985 3.

Looking back at the debut of Pacific Musicworks

Almost a year ago, Pacific Musicworks (then known as Pacific Operaworks) made a splashy debut in a high profile production of Return of Ulyssses that included partnerships with William Kentridge and South Africa's Handspring Puppet Company.