Seattle Chamber Players and Heiner Goebbels

Zach Carstensen posted some more background on how Seattle Chamber Players came to find Heiner Goebbels and why this composer is making important waves in the contemporary art scene:

War and Romance, Honey and Chickens

Last night, with so much to look at, listen to, and comprehend, I found myself ebb back and forth between both overwhelming curiosity and peaceful enjoyment. Listening to the music of Heiner Goebbels, performed by Seattle Chamber Players and Pacific Musicworks was a mind whirling treat.

Opera according to Bugs Bunny

I'd like to take the opportunity of having opera in our theater to post a few short cartoons that shaped my understanding of opera.


Yesterday morning I got a phone call from my mother. She had received word from Austria that her cousin, a woman I called an aunt, had died. In 1943 my mother was 6 years old. She and the rest of my family had been moved out to the countryside after an Allied bombing of Innsbruck destroyed their apartment building and killed her sister.

"Something Weird This Way Comes"

Yesterday Brendan Kiley began trying to piece together Goebbels and what will be happening onstage this weekend: