Erin Jorgensen | Concert Five

The fifth concert in the series happened on Sunday afternoon in the rehearsal room over Memorial Day weekend.
Photos by Chelsea Williams and Nancy Guppy.
Scroll down for piece sources. 

Erin Jorgensen | Concert Three

The third concert in the series of six went down in the OtB wood shop on Christmas Eve at 11pm. Thanks to everyone who attended and made this a most excellent holiday experience. Photos by Chelsea Williams and Bruce Clayton Tom. Scroll down for piece sources. 

Erin Jorgensen | Concert Two

The second free concert in the series of six went down on Sunday, Nov 30th at 5pm. The audience was seated in the dark rehearsal room with the performance happening in the voms and back hallway. 

Erin Jorgensen | Concert One

The first free concert went off without a hitch on Sunday, Sep 21 at 5pm. Five more concerts to go - read more about the project and sign up for email notifications here. Photos by Bruce Clayton Tom.

Tell us what you think about Redemption?

Got thoughts about the music? The mise-en-scene? Leave them in the comments!


And now a few things about Steve Fisk

Believe it or not, you probably know more about Steve Fisk than you might think. His work throughout the music industry is legendary. Check out this list of thiings to note about Steve and see why.

A few things to know about Erin Jorgensen

This weekend's world premiere comes courtesy of Erin Jorgensen and Steve Fisk. Here are a few things about Erin to help you get acquainted with her before the show this weekend!

OtB staffer releases an album

OtB’s Erin Jorgensen has released an album! Listen to samples from Cet air-la or buy it (only $5!) on her bandcamp site. Here’s what Stranger writer Brendan Kiley has to say about Erin and her marimba: