tEEth @ OtB

Inside you there is something uncivilized, miserable, hungry and to put it frankly-- grubby and no matter how much you try to paste a well-behaved pretty face atop it will always be there just under the skin screaming for attention.   Your ill-tempered, self-indulgent inner child so to speak.   tEEth let this part of themselves run the show from start to finish.

I was under the misconception this was a dance show, but really it is more of a multi-media musical theater piece.   tEEth has a lot of things going for them.   A physically diverse and courageous cast.

Thanks, google, for giving me a shot of randomness this morning

When searching for "Seattle + tEEth + Grub + On the Boards", one of the options Google gave me was this video of a hamster eating popcorn on a piano. What this has to do with tEEth, I'm not sure. And why Google didn't give me something more along the lines of this clip from tEEth's production Abracadaver, I really don't know...

tEEth and NW dance on KUOW

Seattle dance critic Alice Kaderlan talks up tEEth and some of the trends happening in NW dance at the moment (bonus - she also mentions OtB alumni, locust) on KUOW's Sound Focus program.

Listen to what's happening in dance around Seattle starting around the 34 minute mark.

Dirty Dancing with tEEth

From Seattle Magazine:
"This premiere work, Grub, promises to be no less eerie, and equally skillful and compelling."

Read what else they had to say about tEEth's upcoming appearance at OtB.

tEEth vs Coraline

This film...


...and this performance...

tEEth | Grub (2)  

...have something in common. Check the comments for the answer!

mEEt tEEth

Portland's tEEth is coming to OtB in less than 2 weeks. The up-and-coming company shocked and delighted audiences at the 2007 NW New Works Festival and we're thrilled to be bringing them back.

tEEth | Grub

You can learn all about tEEth on their website.

Kidd Pivot | <i>Lost Action</i>

Welcome to our review blog for Lost Action. Read our patron reviews, click on the Comments button to read the comments of others and post your own thoughts.

Kidd Pivot blog

The short of it: go see this show. If you love dance, this show will remind you why. If you don’t like dance, this show will make you say,  “okay, dance sucks, EXCEPT for Kidd Pivot. ” Go see this show.
The long(er) of it: Kidd Pivot’s Lost Action was the first show that I’ve seen at On the Boards in which I enter the theatre hoping that it’s going to be a specific something, and it turns out to be exactly that.