Reflections on last year was pretty sh*tty Nov 23, 2015

by Tina LaPadula

Begin with a brusque cinematic exposé of the male lead. Make it uncomfortably up close and personal. Zoom in on his apartment, his family, his drug use, his genitals. Invite a strong female director to make it. To make demands. I mean really order him around. Objectify him.

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Findlay//Sandsmark's "biograph, last year was pretty//sh*tty" Nov 22, 2015

by Andrew J.S.

38 weekends ago I lost my mind. A bad trip. I awoke in an elastic semblance of my life, one that was permeable, one in which I could peer into flexing interstices of space, the gaps between reality’s essential structures.

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PERFORMANCE REVIEW: Who Hasn't Had Nights Like That? Nov 20, 2015

by Richard Lefebvre

Who hasn't had nights like that? Where you go all the way down the rabbit hole, googling connections between war criminals running guns and 7-11 Redbox machines. I recently had no connectivity in Burien while I was briefly between homes, and I discovered Redbox: last chance for entertainment before Albertson's closes.

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PERFORMANCE REVIEW: Past Midnight Nov 20, 2015

by Petra Zanki

With its unsettling silence that permeates every sound, every word and gesture, biograph, last year was pretty//sh*tty is a wonderful work of art. 

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"Biograph" Audience Review Nov 20, 2015

by Steve Peters

It begins with a cinéma vérité-style video (or is it acting?) of a stereotypical "Bad Boy." A woman (playwright Young Jean Lee) directs him/orders him around. She asks him personal questions that he seems uncomfortable answering.

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