receiving rouge.. a poetic response to Rouge performed by Julie Andrée T. May 4, 2012

by Mimi


receiving rouge


black & white it begins 

white rolls unrolled

on a black floor

stark a star without ambience

radiant off


the lights are submarines

dangling in space

no wings 

white tape winged out

little runways 

not straight


silver wires hung from heaven

kinkless shoots

a horizontal clothesline

a contrail cuts through


she julie arrives ado-less

silver & white almost stark not quite

with a pepper in hand red

she eats it her face is gone

her mouth a maw stretches inhabits it

only her eyes are bored up wrapped around


punch pink red dribbles down

over her white t-shirt skirt legs feet 

the nice white floor paper

red is the first mar

who said fertile



crisp i can hear it cold maybe

splat rain red mulching bits

a chipmunk she cannot talk

what is the red? what color is this?

wait wait it is in her

on her red


"what color is this?"

language begins

what is it what?

we understand answer

begin our language

our hearing in (tune)


she is not a dancer her body is a drupe

she is pear heavy flat-footed

she does not lift her body she drops it


we are the baby the audience

language the tissue 

wrapping disintegrating


the stage grows bright 

red drums the words

lose meaning

everything is domestic


they said a few items & artistry

this is the dollar store & everything

every stage we ever knew

or dreamt or saw or worried about


she is 2nd place red

crepe paper & yarn

the lights are spilling spinning searching 

the fans the music


her rosary is a strand of apples

how many times can we leave it eden

the "what color is this" religion?

on the phone the red phone 

red loses meaning

whatever it had is gone at last

it is a tone dial tone

everything nothing

meaning talking

waiting walking

the rules of language are changing

green becomes red

there is no chance not to be


we piss root red

we brush gum red

we play wait walk red

what is red red what is not red

male female in out word sound

movement stillness red


now that she is kneeling

now that she is hunched & heaving

now that she is in trouble

we care we care we care

is it too late?


disaster the lights the shadows 

this is what nothing produces

the effect of something

as stark produces red


you must stage banal

to emerge from it

to erect drama

drama is light speed

a graffiti outburst


here come the men 

the hormones

the hard hats the spray cans 

the canvases convulsing

the hockey gloves punching

the garden party brawl


this is a version of inversion

an adolescent rage

the noise of our oppressor

our minds our insides

the rush of blood

the screaming guitar

the i don't care


& after the noise

the flower girl picks up again

& strews red petals in a lane

her voice defames her defames you me us

herself her stupidity her wishes

her pace changes her sanctity


& out of the trunk still more comes

her chest her dowry what she was given to work with

a little white self a skeleton a child

set on her knee like a puppet

a dummy it answers "red"

what color is this?


she opens its skull

its brains are red

berries loss of speech

too much information not enough

brain juice stolen property

speak until you cannot speak

jam it in wittgenstein

"what can be shown cannot be said"

so change the rules


what does it mean now

fertility domesticity restriction

defiance sex prostitution

rage war death witchery?


we're back to the beginning

full unable to speak 

given to speaking being spoken to

head on skull on brain in pepper sprayed


a skeleton a child

holding a berry

a meme

a variation a mutation

puts out her hand

here now a reflection

a first reflection

she owns

a face

war paint distinguishes


i will be your host

will you be my host

give it back no

this is war war


at the wall

she regurgitates it

as she was taught to do

what is art but the process

that gets us there 



clifford the red dog

barks barking the same as us

a rough echoing red


she is dressing now

in twisted feathers

at war war now war

the music blips a subterranean wind

the red construction papers

are treaties broken

agreements made dropped constructed why?

a card in each hand overhead 

the red card penalty ref


the red metal medicine

poured out on her back 

red of course 

a death from inside 

a deep deep wound

a sputtering gargle 

a gurgle blood 


a native cry

a fountain



besparkled red a spirit

death or an interim

then night then velvet then

the street the snow

red light police


butt cheeks red taking abuse 

a zipper a comb everything quick him

high heels for her

slow that woman down

legs only high heels

hunting a horn a night a mate


if the answer is masturbation

the question is a dildo

language what color is

red she said red red red

the chant of sex

the answer of it

reality of it

deal with it


the party of the chair 

of the laugh of the crowd of the wicked

the car show the woman the whispering yes

the seen but unheard red carpet walk

the cackle of brass the wrap of trash

the caught up in call & response

the night club pump pulse beat

the scream yell crawl of it 

the emptiness of it


she is a silhouette

a bumper sticker

more powerful than ever


a competition an inheritance

a success a reproductive death


she is divining seeking

scratching the canvas

making thunder in the holler

the lights are bright the space is wasted

her feelers are walking sticks bowed 

insufficient bending sprung


there are band aids on her knees

not enough

a ball of yarn red 

pulled across her eyes

a victim what color is she is this?

higher & higher shouting

she is two women

her voice cracks

between calm & alarm

answering herself


she opens

a black sharpie applies

from fingertips to breast to waist

a skeleton shadow of bones

paints her palms & soles blue

balances balances

blue to her head

a new meme


until thick blue burbles

out her mouth

is this the end or the beginning

blue or the end of red


(written during & after the performance by A K Mimi Allin who agrees with Lane, Julie is a shaman)

language / meme / red