Overheard at The Sitting Room | Kidd Pivot Nov 21, 2008

by Jessica

People were buzzing at last night's karaoke shindig held at OtB's favorite post-show hang out, The Sitting Room. Check out what some attendees had to say:

 “It was amazing to start to see sweat come through the male dancers shirts towards the end of the piece. You saw so much dance that looked just effortless - it was a reminder just how hard they were working. ”

 “The fastest standing ovation I have ever seen at OtB ”

 “How rare is it that anyone who has the ability to work this hard actually does – the company went above and beyond the call of duty. ”

 “I have seen over 100 performances at OtB and have never seen dancers as good as those tonight. ”

 “Unpretentious and emotional dance - with hot ass moves. ”

 “the best single performance I have seen in 10 years. ”  


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