Dinner Theater is another provocative and risky idea by Matthew Richter that promises to get people talking and thinking, and that’s why I love it. The intimacy of the evening and well-crafted presentation makes me feel like I just went through a rite of passage and now I am part of a secret club. I don’t want to comment too specifically on the food and accompanying narrative because that would spoil the fun. But I will say,  “yum! ”,  “pretty! ” and  “poprocks rule! ”. Put them in your wine and hold the glass to your ear and listen for a while, then guzzle it down—fun times people.

I won’t lie though, there are bugs to work out. Most notably, the pace. It is too fast, please slow it down. Each bite needs to be savored longer, thought about deeper and experienced on its own before being interrupted by the next storyline.

Yoko Ott recently started working in the education department at the Frye Art Museum after being the visual arts curator for Bumbershoot for the past five years. Her favorite superhero is Kikaida and she likes dogs, not cats.


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