Kidd Pivot | Lost Action Nov 22, 2008

by Tania Kupczak

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amazing, lovely, stunning, a

amazing, lovely, stunning, a pleasure

I thought the piece was

I thought the piece was amazingly boring and repetitive both with the movement and the music/clips. It was difficult to figure a coherent message, and my girlfriend (who is a dancer and loves everything at on the boards) fell asleep.

The movements reminded me of some french flow yoga, i was baffled at the standing ovation and as the dancers bowed one had to scratch his arm. "really was it that good?"

This piece got overly hyped and i totally fell into it, i heard pops and locks. The dancers we're talented but really this was not a very fine piece. GOOD JOB on the marketing though.

I'm sorry Peter, but some

I'm sorry Peter, but some people are just destined not to get it. Thanks for being a part of it though.

Some of the most astounding

Some of the most astounding dancing I've seen in a long time.

The opening of the piece reminded me why I got involved in this mess called modern dance in the first place. (Which of course is very hard to put into words - otherwise I would've been a writer).

The power and clarity of the impulse of the movements and the fluidity and "cleanness" with which they were executed was truly breath-taking. Thank you Kidd Pivot and On The Boards for making this show possible!