Evidence of Perfection Oct 26, 2012

by Eric Pitsenbarger

With a preternaturally intimate knowing, Kidd Pivot hovers above us, maneuvering the set pieces of our bodies in a cribbed diorama exposition of Shakespeare's Tempest. Here we are, actors in the form of figure mannequins, manipulated and arranged to decode a universal language. With almost cold observation of the human body's ability to display emotion through gesture and nuance, our limbs are arranged and sculpted in marionette space, floating in-between life and indefinable magic. Magic is a key article of Kidd Pivot's repertoire. They wield magic as if it were common metal, utilized in function of a crisp theatrical production displaying the proclivities of human movement. "Tempest Replica" is evidence of perfection. Prospero arranging the movement of our world upon the stage, the sublime blending of meta space to subtle gesture; the details of life so richly displayed and harnessed to effect 'higher consciousness'. The artistry warmed by absolute correctness...I swoon. The next time Kidd Pivot performs in Seattle buy your tickets immediately!

The Tempest Replica