Devotion reviews Mar 11, 2011

by Jessica

Here's what Seattle critics are saying so far about Devotion:

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UPDATE 4/1: Another review was just sent our way. Check it out:

"Devotion" by Sarah Michelson - Dance the Sound

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Sarah Michelson’s Devotion

Sarah Michelson’s Devotion was a beautiful piece of art. It combined the works from other artists’ works and styles; is it not what every artist does but hesitates to admit? It is good that we combine what we have seen and experienced in our lives, including other articts’ works and influences, into our own worlds and arts. It is how it’s supposed to be and there is nothing bad about it. Michelson’s approaches on dance movements were more like from a visual artist. The movements were serieses of poses and images. The only thing not working so well for me was that the flow of energy was sometimes disruppted, even though the performers’ attention carried on.  The poses and their relations with the stage designs and lightings were gorgeously balanced. It seemed like Michelson was creating a poem made of images/movements; they were rich in variations and they evolve. The sequence of each movement/pose made it very interesting for me to watch. A bunch of scattered movements/poses was a different thing than serieses of deliberately designed movements/poses, even though they could similar at times. As I watched the dance I made a story for my left brain to feel more comfortable. In the beginning when the world was created, everything was nearly perfect and it was the gorgeous Nicole Mannarino dancing with her nearly perfect virtuoso. Next was her child Mary came with her young and spry life on the stage, so much with a naive ambition for her own being. After 20 minutes of running and spinning, Mary collapsed on the stage with her dancing partner while the other two female dancers came up like twin stars rotating and balancing with each other. After that, the current-century Adam and Eve were on the stage, continuing to reach to the spirit and energy that had been created from the beginning of the piece. Finally the spirit of origin came out as the recap. For me, each section was closely interdependent.  I enjoyed the evening very much and I am inpired that an artist can make a piece of work like this one.