Comments from Friday night of Kyle Abraham Apr 21, 2012

by Jessica

Here's a sampling of what the Friday night audiences had to say:

"Absolutely fantastic performance.  One of the best--if not THE best--of the year.  The crowd burst into a spontaneous standing ovation, which is fairly uncommon for a Seattle audience.


This show has it all--powerful and athletic dancing, compelling music, an engaging set, and outstanding choreography--which combined to take the audience on a journey that touched our hearts as well as our heads.  


Hopefully this is the future of contemporary dance."  




"This has to be one of the best dance performances I have seen in a very long time. The honesty from all the artist is amazing and wonderful to witness. We need more work like this to enter the Seattle area."



Only two more nights to catch Kyle Abraham's Live! The Realest MC!


 While I was excited to see

 While I was excited to see the renowned choreographer Kyle Abraham bringing hip-hop dance into the contemporary avant-garde performance, I’ve found “Live! The Realest MC” an unsuccessful mixture of the new (hip-hop) and the old (Merce Cunningham). As Abraham tried to set Cunningham-styled movement with hot-beat night club songs and outfits, the movements lost their depth and original visions that had been installed in them. The movements became irrelevant; as if it would no longer matter if Abraham was to set the mixture with Cunningham, Martha Graham, or Pena Bausch dance styles. The “heat” and rhythm of the pop culture overshadowed the more delicate and sensitive possibilities that one can usually expect out of a good contemporary piece. The parts of “Live!” were often repetitive and scattered. It seemed to me that the top priority of the artist was to entertain rather than to form a more thoughtful and through piece. Although I was impacted by the implied cultural and historical significances of Live’s individual elements, it is obvious that a more satisfying mixture of hip-hop and contemporary can be rendered by the talents in our community.