We s&*%, we f&$@, we kill, we die Mar 20, 2017

by Petra Zanki

While looking for a place where I could write about Jessica’s work, the one that would have a European feel to bring me home (something that is more than 100 years old, with wooden walls, brass fixtures, and high ceilings) walking up the hill, and then down the hill, and then up the hill, then down again, on a first evening in which the sun hiding

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Sideways: A Review of A Great Hunger By Jessica Jobaris Mar 20, 2017

by Imani Sims

We compose ourselves 


Adjacent to intimacy.


Shudder white against

Authentic skin undone.


Humor covers honesty

In shades of

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Temporary solutions—an addendum Feb 27, 2017

by Imana Gunawan

Who needs sci-fi and horror movies when the dystopia is happening right before your very eyes?

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Art, crime and survival: ‘Awaiting Oblivion’ seeks hope in hopelessness Feb 27, 2017


Originally published February 18, 2017 at 8:00 am Updated February 19, 2017 at 9:37 pm

By Brendan Kiley
Seattle Times staff writer

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Oil Pressure Vibrator Jan 30, 2017

by Koushik Ghosh

What liberty might we know if could collapse the duality of gender? Geumhyung Jeong’s hour-long exploration on this theme gives us Oil Pressure Vibrator. I am sure you will leave asking questions, or wishing that you could sit down with the artist or spend some time with her.

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CPR Practice Jan 27, 2017

by NKO Rey

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Colors and Queens: House of Dinah Dec 9, 2016

by Elissa Favero

“What do they know about colors?

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HOUSE OF DINAH Dec 9, 2016

by Michelle Peñaloza

Child, what could I say to you
so that you would understand?

This is and is not for you.

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On the necessity and defiance of queer people of color Dec 8, 2016

by Imana Gunawan

For a lot of queer black people, living is surviving.

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by Erin

Pictured: Brace Evans, Kathya Alexander, Adé Cônnére; photo by Naomi Ishisaka

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