ArtZone recommends Transition

ArtZone host Nancy Guppy recommends Transition around the 22 minute Mark. Watch the video on the Seattle Channel site.

(and watch afterwards to see Waxie Moon!)

First opening night party of 09/10!

That's right - next week will be our first after-party of the year. It's an ongoing tradition that after the opening night of each NW Series performance we - OtB staff, the cast/crew of the show and you  - head down to the Sitting Room to celebrate and hang out.

More about Tommy Smith

Tommy Smith -  WA native, playwright, director and lip dubber - has had a history of collaborating with Reggie Watts that extends from the stage to video. Outside of that collaboration, he's worked on a number of his own plays, including:

Looking forward to 12 Minutes Max, October 25 & 26

We've been coming to 12MM for about ten years and were recently thrilled to be given the opportunity to co-curate a show. After a day of auditions, we worked with Olivier Wevers to put together an engaging show of dance, theater, and performance art. And we're looking forward to seeing it all again: an intriguing mix of stories, movement, music, sensuality, tulips and a harmonica.

- Chris and Michael Sannella

Young Jean Lee's Theater Company | <i>The Shipment</i>

Did you see The Shipment? Read patron and press reviews, click on the Comments button to read the comments of others and post your own thoughts.

Preview of THE SHIPMENT in The SunBreak

Jeremy Barker sat down with 2 cast members of THE SHIPMENT earlier this week for an interview. He just posted a preview of the piece:

Attention dancers: meet, greet and have a beer with Andrea Snyder on Monday!

The excellent and articulate Andrea Snyder, Executive Director of Dance USA will be in Seattle next week.

We're hosting a discussion with her about the state of the national dance community, survival tactics, current issues on your mind, and what Dance/USA is working on that has value for the Seattle Dance Community.
She will talk about:
- The current inter/national dance climate
- Emerging dance leaders (as per a Dance USA survey)
- International export of US dance
- Home season support
- Touring data compiled by Dance USA

It is great to have someone coming in who can off

Badminton on the blogs

Here's what a couple people had to say about our badminton tournament:

The SunBreak - OtB's Badminton Royale Won by Pottery NW Interlopers

Queen Anne View - On the Boards is having a badminton tournament to kick off their new season &