Caption contest | Day 2 | Congrats to... May 6, 2009

by Jessica


Her caption (for this image) - "Who was it that told me working out with the big balls would be easy?"

Read what other people had to say about yesterday's picture. Everyone who left a comment is now in the running for two 09/10 subscriptions.

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Caption Contest | Day 2 May 5, 2009

by Jessica


Sample caption - "He floats through the air with the greatest of ease.

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Caption Contest | Day 1 | Congrats to... May 5, 2009

by Jessica

...Ryan H!

His caption (for this image)- "I seem to have taken a wrong turn. Which way is the Eagle?"

Read what other people had to say about yesterday's picture. Everyone who left a comment is now in the running for two 09/10 subscriptions. Day 2's caption contest (another chance for a daily prize and entry into the larger drawing for the subscriptions) will be up soon!

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Late night TV and the good nightlife of Seattle May 4, 2009

by Jessica

How do you find a cast who will get naked, dance wildly, sing and create a spectacle? What does late night television have to do with the inspiration for a show titled  Orgy of Tolerance? And what does an international art star expect in his inaugural trip west of the Mississippi?

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Caption Contest | Day 1 May 4, 2009

by Jessica

je suis sang smaller  

Sample caption - "You've come a long way, baby."

Leave your own caption(s) in the comments and be entered to win 2 tickets to the opening night of Jan Fabre's Orgy of Tolerance.   The winner will be announced Tuesday morning.

Everyone who leaves a caption will also

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Welcome to your chance to win 09/10 subscriptions (and more!) May 3, 2009

by Jessica

Last week we teased that as we kickoff the countdown to the announcement of our new season, we'll also be offering the chance to win a Complete Series Subscription to 09/10. And it's true - we're going to give away 2 subscriptions on this blog. We're just that excited about what we've got in store for next year.

So how do you get these subscriptions?

Each day we'll be putting up 1 new image and inviting you all to make your own caption for it. All you have to do is write a quick caption and leave it in the comments.

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Help us countdown to next season! Apr 30, 2009

by Jessica

That's right - we're almost ready to let you know what wild things will be on our stages in 09/10.  We'll be announcing the full line-up soon, but while we wait for that day we'll be  giving away tons of OtB goodies on this here blog.  

Everyday, starting on Monday and leading up to the  day of the announcement, there'll be opportunities to  get  fabulous loot like:
-show tickets
-drink vouchers for our lobby bars
-OtB tshirts
-09/10 series subscriptions
-and more!

We can't wait to tell

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Artdish on Wynne Greenwood Apr 20, 2009

by Jessica

Jim Demetre reviewed Wynne Greenwood over on artdish:

Despite Greenwood’s ability to establish some appropriate tonal variances, Sister never develops enough compositional traction for anything beyond the obvious nature of the allegory to emerge from the stage.

Read more.

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The Stranger on Wynne Greenwood Apr 17, 2009

by Jessica

Jen Graves reviews Sister Taking Nap, calling it "the event of this week." Read her thoughts over on Slog.

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Seattlest on Wynne Greenwood - "5 Semi-Random Thoughts About Sister Taking Nap" Apr 17, 2009

by Jessica

Jeremy Barker offered up 5 random bits about Sister Taking Nap:

1. Wynne Greenwood is a surprisingly natural actor...for a visual artist/musician. She even ad libs well. Someone needs to make sure their cell phone starts ringing during every performance just to see how well she takes it. (Okay, maybe not. Seriously, people.)

Read random throughts 2- 4.

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