Because you've been wondering

Here are some FAQ's about our upcoming karaoke party.

Q What songs are available?
A Check out the online songbook

Q Are slots being reserved for VIP’s?
A Nope! We’re working on a first-come, first-served basis.

Welcome baby Maddox!


Our Production Manager Mark and his awesome wife Rosa had Maddox Lee yesterday, Feb 18. He weighs in at 7lbs 10oz and has pretty amazing eyebrows. Mama and baby are doing well. We can't wait to hang out with the newest kid in the OtB posse.

Posted by Tania

Eggplant recipe from "Hey girl" actress Sonia Beltran Napoles

Hey Girl's Sonia Beltran Napoles is not only a captivating performer, but an excellent cook. On Saturday night she made an Eggplant Parmesan that was to die for.

Forkin' Gnocchi w Hey Girl


Check out this short video on YouTube of Societas Raffaello Sanzio schooling us in gnocchi-making. Be sure to come see their other talents at the performance of Hey girl! this week at OtB.

Posted by Tania

Yay for Dayna!

Congratulations to OtB alumna Dayna Hanson (last seen here in October 2006) for being selected for the Northwest Film Forum Start-to-Finish program! Read more about her new feature film "Rainbow" here.

Posted by Tania

Some days, my job is awesome.


On the freakishly warm day earlier this week, I took the weather as a cue to get outside and finally update the logo painted on the outside of the building, next to the admin door. This is a picture, mid-job. I really liked the unfinished look, with the brushstrokes still evident and wanted to leave it like this. It's all finished now, of course, so you'll just have to come by to have a look.

Posted by Tania

In the Community

We all know Seattle  is full of great art happenings - the in the community page of our website aspires to spread awareness about some of these events, so that when you're not  coming to OtB - you can  find some other inspiring events to attend.  

Most often we list performances by people who are OtB alumni...

Travel notes: Bergen #2

I'm listening to the new Radiohead album in a bar named Legal in Bergen, Norway. Philip Roth keeps describing the creative act as "amplification" in EXIT GHOST and Tom Yorke's voice is the perfect example of this. Off to dinner before my Norwegian colleague Sven Birkeland drinks me under the table.
bergen 2Posted by Lane

Travel Notes: Bergen #1

Just arrived for the BIT Festival in Bergen, Norway-The sister city of Ballard, complete with fishing boats and rain.


Posted by Lane

Super freaks

ERS karaoke

Lane gets freaky with Gatsby, Myrtle and Jordan while singing and slummin' at Ozzie's in West Egg.

Posted by Tania