Ambassador Applications Due today! Jun 28, 2013

by Monique

The deadline for Ambassador Project applications is *today* at 5pm. We’re getting a lot of great applicants for this new program and couldn’t be more excited. Don’t forget to send yours in! 

Download your application here. 

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NW New Works, June 14-16, 2013, Mainstage Showcase Jun 18, 2013

by Mimi

NW New Works, June 14-16, 2013, Mainstage Showcase 

paul budraitis


when the curtains opened

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Sending Out a Prayer for the Dead Jun 16, 2013

by Eric Pitsenbarger

Second Weekend of the main stage NWNW and it's a full house of gleeful, performance hungry arts enthusiasts. A sardine tin of virtuosity and creative savoir-faire, the show’s already begun with palpable 'kid-in-a-candy-store' vibe bouncing around. Wade and I trade happy face with Dayna and Dave up in the peanut gallery. It's like ping-pong for tequila fueled semi-adults.

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NWNW Festival Weekend 2- Mainstage or How I Love Thee... Jun 16, 2013

by Gabrielle

I was a little frazzled immediately after I agreed to blog about last night's performances, as an artist involved in the festival (I directed a piece in the Studio showcase, weekend 1) I thought it would be difficult to respond to the work of so many artists that I know closely and I understand the particular experience of showing your work in this particular context...but as it turns out I rea

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there is no i in art - only love and death Jun 16, 2013

by Nikolai Lesnikov

if u place everything u c outside of yourself (in order to evaluate/normatize it perhaps) there will be nothing left inside to hold you together. senses, means, and ends. something important could happen between us if we can release the binds of convention and allow each other to stand in unabashed truth. a social compact for the arts? 

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Vlogging the NW New Works Festival Weekend 2 Jun 16, 2013

by Amy-Ellen

Amy-Ellen Flatchestedmama Trefsger vlogs about the NW New Works Festival after having slept on it.

Amy-Ellen's vlog about the Mainstage  

Amy-Ellen's vlog about the Studio  

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A Sestina for NW New Works Jun 15, 2013

by Evan T

People who are not afraid of dirt,

a man and woman, always moving,

come together to explain the universe.

"We all know it is expanding,"

and "we all know it is contracting."

Some say these ideas are singular--cannot combine.


But these ideas, they must combine!

They must roll their sleeves and dig up dirt,

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High traffic and parking today Jun 9, 2013

by Jessica

Traffic and parking around OtB and Lower Queen Anne is tricky this weekend with both Mercer Street closures and many graduations at Key Arena. If you are coming to the NW New Works Festival please allow yourself plenty of extra time if driving to the theater or plan for alternative modes of transportation.

Good luck!

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Vlogging the Northwest New Works Festival Jun 9, 2013

by Amy-Ellen

Amy-Ellen Flatchestedmama Trefsger vlogs about the NWNW Festival Weekend 1 after having slept on it. 

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by Vanessa DeWolf

I arrive via bus, I'm prepared for a variety of feelings, of sights and sounds. I'm excited.  Many friends will be there, many friends are sharing their work I've seen grow and develop and solidify and clarify and discussed over so many months.  The work has now become and I can't wait to be audience to it.

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NWNW Main Stage Jun 9, 2013

by Eric Pitsenbarger


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thankful Jun 8, 2013

by Marlo


I am left with a memory of one work in particular after leaving the 30th Annual NWNW….los samurai by Elia Mrak. 


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Ok, sports fans! Jun 8, 2013

by Doug

I enjoy watching professional sports as sort of a guilty pleasure. Any qualms about exploitation for my entertainment and crass commercialism are set aside when I step into hallowed OtB performance spaces.


Enter week one of NW New Works, the studio showcase:

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Fri - Sun (Jun 7 - 9) Studio Showcases are SOLD OUT Jun 6, 2013

by Jessica

Waiting lists will start on the day of each event and only in person at the box office. On Friday the waiting list will begin for that evening’s show at 7pm. On Saturday it will begin at 3pm.

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