Beginner's Guide to Young Jean Lee's Theater Company -- Untitled Feminist Show Mar 27, 2013

by Heidi

1. Young Jean Lee is . . . a total badass.  She has been named one of the 25 people who will shape American theater in the next 25 years by American Theater magazine and "one of the best experimental playwrights in America" by David Cote in Time Out New York.

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A Transparent Journey Mar 22, 2013

by Kyle Loven

Lighting. Illumination. How do we, as the storyteller, illuminate/reveal/share information? How do we, as the listener/viewer process that shared information? And how to we deal with that information we've processed? Do we need to see something in order to feel it?


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The Language of Light and Love Mar 22, 2013


by Amiya B

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APPEARING Mar 22, 2013

by Jessica Jobaris

We begin,
in paradox
we leave in paradox.

We begin with “true self,” somehow,
we create
“false self.” 
My “false self” got this from Wikipedia:

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A Matter of Percentages. Mar 21, 2013

by Ella Mahler

The common misperception – lighting is a supporting element of theatre. Costuming, set, music, etc…. something added to the end of a process  - to enhance, to carry out… often seen as perhaps not a “key player” in performance content. Or more so, not an element we can identify as obviously as other aspects of performance. 

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What did you think of How to Disappear Completely? Mar 21, 2013

by Jessica

We’d like to hear from you. What did you think about the show? How did the way he talked about lighting design impact his story? How did it make you feel?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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Beginner's Guide to Itai Erdal -- The Chop -- How to Disappear Completely Mar 14, 2013

by Heidi


The only way to introduce How to Disappear Completely is to tell the story of it's creator, so here I've written some cliff notes about Itai Erdal's journey into performance. How to Disappear Completely is showing March 21-24, bring tissues! Bring your mom! 

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Conversation Is Hard Mar 8, 2013

by Tim Smith-Stewart

Sometimes group conversations and public discourse about art (arts criticism, art education, art and activism, arts and commerce, etc) stress me out.

Probably because I’ve invested way too much of my time in those conversations, attending four years of art school and investing in grassroots activism (Occupy). 


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Writing about writing about talking about seeing what someone/s did. Mar 8, 2013

by Zoe Scofield

Its sort of funny writing about an event that is about writing. 


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Culturebot, Everyone's a Critic Mar 8, 2013

by Sophia

One of my favorite moments in Culturebot’s, Everyone’s a Critic, was when high school student, Olivia eloquently expressed how she came, through the process of writing, to be more interactive with what she saw.

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Master Class with Itai Erdal Mar 6, 2013

by Monique


Experience an in-depth look into the unique artistic process of renowned lighting designer Itai Erdal.

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