What you need to know about 12 Minutes Max at Washington Hall Nov 28, 2012

by Jessica

We’re taking 12 Minutes Max back to the legendary Washington Hall. The first lineup is amazing and we’ve got two more editions yet to be curated that will happen in early 2013.

Since this will be away from our usual location, here are some tips to help you out:


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Studio Suppers - the review! Nov 14, 2012

by Jessica

Our new-this-season Studio Suppers have been sold out affairs each time. We've had great chefs (Cormac Mahoney! Michael Hebb! Johnathan Sundstrom!), great food, beautiful tables by Matthew Richter and some really fantastic company all around the tables.

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Authentic Journeys in Amarillo Nov 10, 2012

by Spike F

Teatro Línea de Sombra's Amarillo isn't a piece for Americans per se, it's only being performed in four American cities on its tour, but when contextualized in a place like Seattle, it is suddenly about people looking for the life that the audience has.

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Making the invisible visible Nov 10, 2012

by Anna W

“Yo miro al norte, pero el norte no me mira a mí.”  “I look north,” says the migrant everyman in Teatro Línea de Sombra’s Amarillo, “but the North doesn’t look at me.”

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The dividing line or frontier Nov 9, 2012

by Danielle

Border - the dividing line or frontier between political or geographic regions 

I use this definition because it articulates with a word that place we find ourselves facing all too often if we were to open our eyes. How many borders must we cross to get where we are going?

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Sanctuary Nov 9, 2012

by Eric Pitsenbarger

Nothing less than the total sacrifice of your identity, your past, the joys of family and comfort of any success. With only a desperate hope (and somewhat naive understanding of what lies ahead), armed with only the steel resolve of a soul's innate knowing, effecting nothing less than a complete evisceration of what is known, plunging into the dark across a sea of impossible change.

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Beginner's Guide to Kyle Loven Nov 5, 2012

by Heidi

Kyle Loven is coming to On the Board's Studio Theater December 5-9 where he will take us on a trip into the world of Loss Machine.

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