Evidence of Perfection Oct 26, 2012

by Eric Pitsenbarger

With a preternaturally intimate knowing, Kidd Pivot hovers above us, maneuvering the set pieces of our bodies in a cribbed diorama exposition of Shakespeare's Tempest. Here we are, actors in the form of figure mannequins, manipulated and arranged to decode a universal language.

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What happens after a shipwreck? Oct 25, 2012


By Byron Au Yong

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Pivot's grand sea of unmanifested emotion Oct 25, 2012

by Ben Rapson

I'll be brief: after a few years of seeing Kidd Pivot's productions at On The Boards, I can officially confirm that there simply is no feeling like the rush of deep peace and joy while witnessing Crystal Pite's openly expressive choreography.

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Totally Crushin on Kidd Pivot Oct 24, 2012

by Ella Mahler

Hearts always flutter when someone says the name, "Kidd Pivot." We swoon and dream of these super hero dancers who I swear have more joints than our regular anatomy. 

The Tempest Replica makes your heart skip a few more beats. I realized my jaw was wide open for the first 20 minutes of the piece - and maybe I remembered to breath. Maybe.

Here is why.

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Kidd Pivot's The Tempest Replica Oct 24, 2012

by Brett Love

It was with great expectations that I made my way across the lake to take part in Kidd Pivot's latest adventure. Their last appearance at On The Boards, 2011's Dark Matters, was my second favorite show all of last year. That's a hard act to follow, but the prospect that it could be done had me very excited to see just what The Tempest Replica would bring.

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Fold again Oct 24, 2012

by Alice

Kidd Pivot

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Beginner's Guide to Teatro Linea de Sombra Oct 18, 2012

by Heidi

Our artistic neighbors from Mexico are bringing their beautiful culture, art, and point of view on border politics to OtB this Novbember 8 - 11.  I am personally so excited for the perspective this performance is going to offer us!  I really am.  Here are some basics, some background, about the company and it's director to lay some ground work for Amarillo.  

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Masterclass with Teatro Línea de Sombra Oct 17, 2012

by Monique

On the Boards Masterclass with the acclaimed Mexican multi-disciplinary theater company- Teatro Línea de Sombra

Sat, Nov 10 | noon @ OtB | $12 ($7 with ticket stub)
Participants will need to bring 2 objects with them to the workshop. Please read below.

The Poetics of the Object:

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Kidd Pivot's The Tempest Replica SOLD OUT Oct 16, 2012

by Charles Smith

All performances of Kidd Pivot's The Tempest Replica are SOLD OUT.

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Kidd Pivot Master Class Oct 15, 2012

by Monique

A master class with Kidd Pivot that will change your life!

Wednesday, Oct 24 from 1-3pm at On the Boards Mainstage Theater.

12 / $7 with a ticket stub or ticket. Limit of 30.

RSVP to sean@ontheboards.org

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NW New Works Informational Meeting: Oct 10 Oct 9, 2012

by Sean Nelson

Are you interested in applying for the 2013 NW New Works Festival and have questions?
On the Boards Regional Programs Director Sean Ryan will be available to answer any questions you might have in putting together a strong cohesive application & proposal for the 2013 NW New Works Festival.

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In the community! Oct 9, 2012

by Jessica

There’s a lot happening in the arts in Seattle right now. OtB is enjoying a couple quiet weeks after the one-two punch that was Gob Squad/Mark Morris Dance Group, so here are some events we’d recommend checking out by our alums and many others in the meantime.

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Back On the Boards! Oct 6, 2012

by Ariel

I've seen a few Mark Morris repertory works in the past, but never a world premiere - and never as close to the dancers as I got to be in OtB's mainstage last night. I'm very much a non-dancer, and just started taking dance classes for the first time (fun! Also, ow!). This was the first time I'd gone to a dance performance since my classes started.

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Back On The Boards Oct 6, 2012

by Caroline

One of my favorite things about seeing shows at On The Boards is the incredible sense of intimacy you have as a guest in the audience. With very few exceptions, there's not a bad seat in the house. Just over 300 people seeing some of the best performances in the world.

Seeing the Mark Morris Dance Group in this setting was phenomenal.

I loved:

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Half in Love with MMDG Oct 6, 2012

by Pete

So, this was my first time seeing Mark Morris Dance Group.

Quite an education.  Have to say, I liked half of the program.  From my limited exposure, the first piece and the last piece truly embodied the spirit and artistry of Mr. Morris.  The middle pieces . . . eh. . . seemed a bit expected and rote.

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Relearning Morris Oct 5, 2012

by Keely

As a young dancer, I grew up watching Mark Morris Dance Group and the White Oak Project; Mikhail Baryshnikov dominated my world in ballets, as a modern dancer, in movies, and as the face of a perfume. Thus, watching the MMDG last night was a blast from the past -- even though all but one piece were choreographed in recent years.

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Dating Dance - MMDG Oct 5, 2012

by Heidi

I had never seen the Mark Morris Dance Group before. During the first half of their performance, it took a while for me to settle in and trust them. I kept waiting for a disturbance along the lines of dog-bark-fighting, nudity, or someone reaching deep down their underwear and pulling their hand up covered in red paint which they then smear on their face, war paint style.

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We Were There When Oct 5, 2012

by Karena Birk

"We were there when Mark Morris returned to On the Boards!" is what 300 people will be saying tomorrow, next week, and years down the road.

In a way, it seems a bit superfluous to blog about the show. The Mark Morris Dance Group in 300-seat On the Boards. Mikhail Baryshnikov in a guest appearance. What more do you really need to know?

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Beginner's Guide to Kidd Pivot Oct 4, 2012

by Heidi


Here is a little info about Crystal Pite and Kidd Pivot to pique your appetite while we patiently wait for their performances, October 23 - 25!

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Mark Morris Dance Group Master Class Oct 3, 2012

by Monique

Modern Dance:  Advanced Level Class

$12 / $7 with ticket stub, Sat Oct 6 | 12 – 1:30pm at OtB

RSVP to sean@ontheboards.org  

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