17/18 Subscription Series Announcement

On the Boards (OtB) is proud to announce our 17/18 Season. Art, Activism, Protest, History, Dreams and 100% More Chicken Suits than last year.

We continue our mission of innovation, equity, and artistic growth this year with our ongoing programs designed to build bridges across communities, including the Ticket Bankthe Ambassador Writers Corps ProjectStudio SuppersOpen StudioOntheBoards.tv, Performance Production Programand more.

On the Boards invests in leading contemporary performing artists near and far, and connects them to a diverse range of communities interested in forward-thinking art and ideas. The present is exciting and the future even more so. We’ll see you soon at OtB! 




Belarus Free Theatre | Burning Doors | SEP 28-OCT 1
Jody Kuehner/Cherdonna Shinatra | Kissing Like Babies: Part III of one great bright brittle alltogetherness | OCT 12-15
Graham Reynolds + Shawn Sides + Lagartijas Tiradas Al Sol | Pancho Villa from a Safe Distance | NOV 16-19
Kate Wallich + The YC | Dream Dances | DEC 7-10
Forced Entertainment | Real Magic | JAN 18-21
Tamara Saulwick | Endings | FEB 1-4
Evan Flory-Barnes | On Loving the Muse and Family | MAR 1-4
Bebe Miller Company | In a Rhythm | MAR 15-18
Alice Gosti | Material Deviance in Contemporary American Culture | MAR 29-APR 1
Frank Boyd & Libby King | Patti & The Kid | APR 12-15
Dani Tirrell | Black Bois | APR 26-29
Kaneza Schaal & Cornell Alston | JACK&JILL | MAY 10-13




Forced Entertainment | Tomorrow's Parties | JAN 21


Belarus Free Theatre: Burning Doors. Photo: Alex Brenner


17/18 SEASON

Burning Doors 
Sep 28 – Oct 1, 2017
Belarus | Theater 

Burning Doors shines a light on artists declared enemies of the state and expression as treason. Belarus Free Theatre is the first theater to survive, function, and flourish in exile and at home. They have been incarcerated for the art they make. To create this piece, the ensemble has combined forces with Maria Alyokhina of Pussy Riot. Back to top


Kissing Like Babies: Part III of one great, bright, brittle alltogetherness
Oct 12 – 15, 2017
Seattle | Theater

In this dance/theater piece, OtB audiences will explore the infantilization of the feminine, the conundrum of being, the amazing circumstances within which we exist, and the tie from birth to death and back again with the help of drag queen Cherdonna, a chorus of adult toddlers, and a seven piece brass marching band. Cherdonna Shinatra is a queer, fem, female, professionally trained contemporary dancer who uses dance traditions, clowning, drag, theater, comedy, performance art, camp, pop culture, feminism, absurdity, and subversive commentary to make art.  Back to top


Pancho Villa from a Safe Distance
Nov 16 – 19, 2017
Texas/Mexico | Theater/Opera/Music

Experience the legendary bandit, enigmatic general, and hero of the Mexican Revolution through the lenses of experimental opera and both sides of the border. Graham Reynolds is a composer and bandleader who collaborates widely with other artists. Lagartijas Tiradas Al Sol creates work that crosses borders and links work and life. Back to top


Dream Dances 
Dec 7 – 10, 2017
Seattle | Dance

Seattle dance it-girl Kate Wallich brings a new work featuring layered movement scenes and deconstructed dream fragments. Wallich is a Seattle-based dancer and choreographer, last seen at OtB with her piece Splurge Land in 2015. Back to top


Forced Entertainment: Real Magic

Forced Entertainment: Real Magic. Photo: Hugo Glendinning

Real Magic
Jan 18 – 20, 2018
England | Theater

Contemporary Performance luminaries Forced Entertainment present a part mind-reading feat, part cabaret act, part chaotic game show that features an abundance of chicken suits. Forced Entertainment is from Sheffield, England. Since 1984, they have made performance that inspires confusion as well as laughter. Artistic Director Tim Etchells received the 2016 Spalding Gray Award which supports this performance and its North America tour. Real Magic sees regular Forced Entertainment performers Richard Lowdon and Clair Marshall joined by Jerry Killick. Back to top


Feb 1 – 4, 2018
Australia | Theater/Music 

Award-winning performer Tamara Saulwick explores death’s strange intimacy through music. Saulwick has a long career of performance-making involving digital and analogue technology and experimenting especially with the role of sound in live presentations. Back to top


On Loving the Muse & Family
Mar 1 – 4, 2018
Seattle | Music/Comedy

Son of Seattle Evan Flory-Barnes has his first solo show at OtB featuring musings on Jung, Motown, and cosmic cats like Sammy Davis, Dean Martin, and Curtis Mayfield. Evan Flory-Barnes is a musician, artist, collaborator and loving citizen living in Seattle. Back to top


Bebe Miller Company: The Making Room

Bebe Miller Company: The Making Room. Photo: Derek Fowles

In a Rhythm
Mar 15 – 18, 2018
Ohio | Dance

Legendary dancer and choreographer Bebe Miller’s suite of new dance works is based on the dynamics of adaptation and translation. With nods to Gertrude Stein, Toni Morrison and David Foster Wallace, Miller is looking at the syntax of movement — how we apprehend meaning through the juxtaposed dynamics of action and context in time and space. Miller began creating performances in the late 1970s and is a four-time “Bessie” winner. Back to top


Material Deviance in Contemporary American Culture
Mar 29 – Apr 1, 2018
Seattle | Dance

This surrealist dance explores how capitalism confuses self-worth with the accumulation of stuff. Alice Gosti is an Italian/American transformer of space living in Seattle. She recently choreographed Awaiting Oblivion… at OtB. Back to top


Patti & The Kid
Apr 12 – 15, 2018
Seattle/San Francisco | Theater

A showdown in the future dystopian American West features a post-technological world, ghosts, guns, and references to Waiting For Godot. Libby King is an actor, writer, and mom who recently relocated to San Francisco from New York. Frank Boyd is a Seattle-based performer and writer. He was last seen at OtB in his piece The Holler Sessions in 2015. Back to top


Black Bois
Apr 26 – 29, 2018
Seattle | Dance

Femininity and toxic masculinity explored through a black person in a male body. Dani Tirrell is a Seattle-based dance artist, performer, choreographer and dance educator. He has performed in NW New Works and has been an OtB Ambassador for the past two years. Back to top


May 10 – 13, 2018
New York City | Theater

True stories of previously incarcerated people and their reentry into society through theatrical and movement-based vignettes. Kaneza Schaal and Cornell Alston’s mutual commitment to experimentation in theater brought them to their second long-term collaboration. Previous research considered the performance demands of being in prison, how these languages are stored in the body, and their effect on re-entry to society. Back to top


Special Event

Tomorrow's Parties
Jan 21, 2018
England | Theater 

Season artists Forced Entertainment present a compelling performance that imagines a multitude of hypothetical futures.

Tomorrow’s Parties is a playful, poignant and at times delirious look forwards to futures both possible and impossible. On a stage framed by colored fairground lights, this seemingly minimal performance soon reveals itself as a low-fi theatrical explosion. Two performers enjoy the pleasure of invention as their suppositions take them in different directions. From utopian and dystopian visions, science fiction scenarios, political nightmares and absurd fantasies, Forced Entertainment deliver a thought-provoking survey of hopes and fears as they speculate about what the future might bring. Back to top





Series Information


Belarus Free Theatre | Burning Doors | SEP 28-OCT 1
Jody Kuehner/Cherdonna Shinatra | Kissing Like Babies: Part III of one great bright brittle alltogetherness | OCT 12-15 
Graham Reynolds + Shawn Sides + Lagartijas Tiradas Al Sol | Pancho Villa from a Safe Distance | NOV 16-19
Forced Entertainment | Real Magic | JAN 18-21
Tamara Saulwick | Endings | FEB 1-4
Evan Flory-Barnes | On Loving the Muse and Family | MAR 1-4
Alice Gosti Material Deviance in Contemporary American Culture | MAR 29-APR 1
Frank Boyd & Libby King | Patti & The Kid | APR 12-15
Kaneza Schaal & Cornell Alston | JACK&JILL | MAY 10-13



Belarus Free Theatre  | Burning Doors | SEP 28-OCT 1
Jody Kuehner/Cherdonna Shinatra | Kissing Like Babies: Part III of one great bright brittle alltogetherness | OCT 12-15 
Kate Wallich + The YC | Dream Dances | DEC 7-10
Forced Entertainment | Real Magic | JAN 18-21
Evan Flory-Barnes | On Loving the Muse and Family | MAR 1-4
Bebe Miller Company | In a Rhythm | MAR 15-18
Alice Gosti | Material Deviance in Contemporary American Culture | MAR 29-APR 1
Dani Tirrell | Black Bois | APR 26-29
Kaneza Schaal & Cornell Alston | JACK&JILL | MAY 10-13



Projects in our season are curated by OtB's artistic director, 1-2 years prior to being seen in Seattle


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