12 Minutes Max

After roughly 36 years as a reliable and fairly democratic entry point to OtB’s programming, our dear performance lab, 12 Minutes Max, will take a hiatus this season as we experiment with a new way to give artists a flexible and evolving platform for testing new ideas in front of audiences. The Open Studio program will morph and shape-shift to allow for a range of projects to occur: a shared bill of dance, a new music cabaret, visual artists making a performance installation, three sets by three bands, a really long piece of performance art, or six to eight artists each performing twelve minutes or less of material. All projects must be self-contained and technically constrained. We’ll turn the lights on and off; artists must be prepared do the rest.

Open Studio dates and project descriptions will be posted throughout the year on our website.



Feb 11 - 14 | Cinema is deconstructed before the audience as the theatrical performers are filmed live onstage. 

Feb 16, 7pm | Hearts, sweets, cocktails and BINGO! Drinks start at 6, game starts at 7.

Mar 3 - 6 | Devastating physicality. An alter-ego of stereotypes. A wish for yellow hair.